Witchy Mood Music

I responded to a post about chants and music to help raise energy (for hausofsageandcrystals & ace-of-pentacles) before or during practicing magic, and I thought instead of just helping that person, I’d just make a master post to help anyone who might be looking for a list like this.

Each artist is listed here with a link to an example of their music… I would 10/10 recommend all of these artists to anyone with a taste for the medieval/pagan/witchy feel. I will do my best to define the genre of music they all fall under for you guys. 

I hope this list is helpful for people! These are just some of my favorites, if there is anyone you think I should add to this list, message me! :)


Winter Playlist

since it’s finally starting to feel like winter outside, I put together some songs to listen to when the days get darker and the weather colder. a mix of alternative, indie folk, and acoustic. 

1. blue moon - beck
2. black flies - ben howard
3. promise - ben howard
4. people help the people - birdy
5. winter white hymnal - birdy
6. blood bank - bon iver
7. the emotion - børns
8. northern wind - city and colour
9. christmas lights - coldplay
10. oceans - coldplay
11. delicate - damien rice
12. youth - daughter
13. the ice is getting thinner - death cab for cutie
14. kiss me - ed sheeran
15. i see fire - ed sheeran
16. black water - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes
17. hypnotized - fleetwood mac
18. syndicate - the fray
19. mad world - gary jules
20. picture frames - georgia fair
21. days go on - greg laswell
22. call me in the afternoon - half moon run
23. sedated - hozier
24. cinder and smoke - iron & wine
25. when we were on fire - james bay
26. in your atmosphere - john mayer
27. a bad dream - keane
28. one day - kodaline
29. stormy weather - the kooks
30. lamplight - lewis watson
31. windows - lewis watson
32. the yawning grave - lord huron
33. frozen pines - lord huron
34. buzzcut season - lorde
35. stubborn love - the lumineers
36. breathe - matt corby
37. winter winds - mumford & sons
38. align - nina nesbitt
39. dirty paws - of monsters and men
40. always - panama
41. chasing cars - snow patrol
42. sad beautiful tragic - taylor swift
43. back to december - taylor swift
44. out of the woods - taylor swift
45. red eye - vance joy
46. my kind of man - vance joy
47. unsteady - x ambassadors
48. hypnotic - zella day

Taye’s Top 5s: KDrama OSTs

While most KDrama OSTs contain at least one or two songs I like, this list is reserved for those soundtracks that not only perfectly complement their dramas, but I enjoy enough to listen to, in full, on repeat.

5. Boys Over Flowers (2009)

[Listen Part 1] | [Listen Part 2]

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the soundtrack to this hot mess of a drama is one of the most iconic in KDrama history. If don’t sing-scream “almost paaaaaraaaadiiiiiiiiiiiiiise” every time you hear it are you really even a KDrama fan?

4. Age Of Youth (2016)


Certainly one of the more English-heavy OSTs I’ve heard, although I think that matches well to a drama that is very Western in a lot of ways. Soft, bright and feather-light, this soundtrack almost sounds like it could belong in Life Is Strange.

3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)


Like the drama itself, this OST is soft, sweet, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

2. Cheese In The Trap (2016)


Say what you will about the drama itself, there is little fault to find in its choice of music. Perfectly matched to the tone of the drama, with an indie-ness (or maybe just the presence of Tearliner) that is reminiscent of the Coffee Prince soundtrack of years before. Which brings me to #1….

1. Coffee Prince (2007)


The Best Drama should have The Best Soundtrack, right? Luckily for Coffee Prince, it’s OST is able to stand on own legs as a masterpiece. Equal parts uplifting and poignant, every track is perfectly complements the raw emotion of this masterfully made drama.


autumn - a playlist by luma (coulpesasia)

asked by anonymous (hey anon thank you for the request! i hope you have a good time listening to this. the playlist it’s full of acoustic songs and some chill r&b so just make a hot coffee, put on some old clothes and enjoy your day 🍂🌹🌿)

hyukoh - burning youth / hyukoh - 2002worldcup / the solutions - all that you want / south club - liar / bolbbalgan4 - grumpy / bolbbalgan4 - x song / 10cm - my eyes / mamamoo - love / ciki - baby crush / iu - now / ideadead - 써 / day6 - hi hello / day6 - i’m serious / offonoff - cigarette (feat. tablo, miso) / offonoff - moon1204am

so indie - edsheervns

1 atlas hands / benjamin francis leftwich
2 heartbeats / josé gonzález
3 hold back the river / james bay
4 all i want / kodaline
5 same mistakes / paper aeroplanes
6 the first day of my life / bright eyes
7 generator (first floor) / freelance whales
8 home / gabrielle aplin
9 riptide / vance joy
10 devil on my shoulder / orla gartland
11 bones / lewis watson
12 sos / ashley frangipane
13 waiting for the fall / tommy ashby
14 you always make me smile / kyle andrews
15 featherstone / the paper kites
16 lilo / lauren aquilina
17 neopolitan dreams / lisa mitchell
18 put on, cologne / donovan woods
19 play with fire / vance joy
20 skinny love / birdy
21 windows / lewis watson
22 the ground / orla gartland
23 as we are now / saint raymond
24 another love / tom odell
25 pictures / benjamin francis leftwich
26 how to save a life / the fray
27 i’ll keep you safe / sleeping at last
28 out on my own / gabrielle aplin
29 bruises / tommy ashby
30 turning page / sleeping at last
31 the river / saint raymond
32 youth / daughter
33 lost / gentle bones
34 bloom / the paper kites
35 5 years time / noah and the whale
36 heirloom / sleeping at last
37 dancing song / little comets
38 gracious / ben howard
39 favourite day / bombay bicycle club
40 generator (second floor) / freelance whales
41 butterfly culture / benjamin francis leftwich
42 jupiter / sleeping at last
43 cold snap / tommy ashby
44 cough syrup / young the giant
45 give me love (the live room) / ed sheeran
46 turning back around / rhodes
47 do you want it all? / two door cinema club
48 we are (live at the cluny 2 newcastle) / ed sheeran -

Lisa Mitchell

“Valium” - Lisa Mitchell

Sometimes your love is so pretty
I just want to sink in
Sometimes your heart, oh its so pretty
I just want to live there

Subject matter: Love is as powerful as having the physiological impact on the body as the drug valium, sometime so precious one wishes they could bottle it up and consume at will. 
Sound: Minimalist indie folk with psychaelic and dreamlike currents.