RAC is all geared up for a slew of festival dates soon, and in between that, all the remixes he thrills our ears with, and the production work he does on other acts’ music, Andre Anjos is unleashing a fabulous new original on us, too. Revel in the rich synthpop opulence of Can’t Forget You, which features guest vocals by Los Angeles based pop starlet Chelsea Lankes, also a much IHM praised talent. Chelsea Lankes and RAC is a heavenly union, delivering a weightless and slick blend of dance rock and electropop to soundtrack the memories left behind from summer’s glorious run. Snag the tune now, on iTunes.


CultureMUSIC: “Here” Alessia Cara (2015) 

End of summer pop/soul jam. For the wallflowers. 


George Clanton - It Makes The Babies Want To Cry

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Fine Print are back with another fine one. This time around, the UK duo drop a grooving jam named Really, and it’s really really good. Their lusciously smooth electronic pop is infused with sexy R&B and funk. Upbeat and snappy Really is off the duo’s self titled EP, just released on B3SCI and available on 10″ vinyl or digitally


If it’s radiant and bright, catchy and effervescent synthpop music you crave, then it’s prime time to lose your heart to City City’s new music video and second single Moving Through Life. City City says that the song captures the essence of their self titled debut album, “a pull between nostalgia and an urge to move forward, detailing a tipping point between complacency and restlessness”. On the single, the band explores the fact that as we get older, we just “move through life” on autopilot. They’ve successfully encapsulated those thoughts and emotions on the lavish yet sentimental song with its lush synths and wistful lyrics. The video for Moving Through Life uses color and movement to symbolize the deep meaning of the song. City City’s debut LP is available now on iTunes.

Not only has solo Alaskan project Avid Dancer announced a new tour, but he’s also unleashed an incredibly catchy and terrific new single named I Feel It to follow up on his excellent debut album 1st Bath from earlier this year. On I Feel It, Avid Dancer reflects on a girl he was dating and the love he was experiencing from her, proceeding to write and sing as openly and honestly about the situation. It’s about as personable as it gets when an artist reveals such depth of emotion on a song, and it’s palpable on the glowing song, a synth tinged alt pop jam that literally beams with pleasure and contentment. Avid Dancer will be touring across the US this fall.