hospital themed starters

  • “ stop messing with your IV. ”
  • “ hey there - you gave me quite a scare. ”
  • “ this IV itches. ”
  • “ i think my nurse is trying to kill me. ”
  • “ i don’t want to have another surgery. ”
  • “ i’m tired of laying here in this stupid bed. ”
  • “ this medicine makes me feel so out of it. ”
  • “ i just want to go home. ”
  • “ i’m not leaving this room. ”
  • “ i feel so tired all the time. ”
  • “ i’m pretty sure this place is haunted. ”
  • “ i keep telling them i’m fine. i can go home! ”
  • “ you’re not fine. you need to rest. ”
  • “ it’s just a few more days, then i’ll take you home. ”
  • “ will you stop playing with the bed settings? ”
  • “ they said i might need another surgery. ”
  • “ the doctor said it could be worse. ”
  • “ the doctors are still running some tests. ”

            FEMALE MUSES ARE VALID TOO.           just a little psa to let all of you know that          if you don’t even bother replying to a female muse’s starter       or are only interested in writing with         male muses           then you honestly need to check yourself.          for muns with a multi - muse who’s female muses get ignored       ,     it’s discouraging.         female muses deserve good and awesome plots just like male muses.       female muses deserve emotional plots like male muses do.          female muses aren’t just here to fill up a void.         female muses are valid too          and it’s time for people to realise and respect that.

hey cuties !! ♡ i haven’t seen a lot of representation for dyslexic muns around here. it seems like people rarely understand or discuss the issues and struggles we face. so i thought, instead of being a frustrated little bean, i would make a small post about some things to bring awareness and maybe even encourage others to accommodate those with dyslexia and eyesight issues. now i’m as much trash for aesthetics as the next pal, but there are some common trends in the rpc that are hard on those with varying visual disabilities.

  • small sup text: it’s extremely difficult to read and can actually hurt the eyes of those with varying visual impairments and disabilities. of course, i’m not demanding people never use this. but maybe check in with partners? i gave up on trying to ask people to refrain from using it because everyone always forgot after one reply. it was really discouraging and a little hurtful. so please, please do what you can to remember the needs of your disabled partners. 
  • fancy theme backgrounds: everyone loves a beautiful theme! but please keep in mind for some people, busy graphics are difficult to look at and overwhelming. i still have so much trouble finding menus on really crowded themes. again, i would never tell people they need to change their aesthetic drastically. but perhaps, if it’s possible, find a way to make your menu options a little bigger or give them more obvious spacing in the graphic of where the menu toggles are located.
  • over formatting: super small text, paired with extra spacing and bolded and/or colored words. it is cute !!  but for some people it’s too much. all these things blended together at once is like a recipe from hell for some with visual disabilities. it puts a lot of strain on us when we’re trying to read replies, it makes comprehension difficult because we’re working so hard just to simply look at the text, our brains can’t even process what we’re reading. again, not saying you should stop using this. but some willingness to compromise for threads with specific partners would be wonderful. 
  • dark/busy/small graphics: this is just something i would like to explain. i once saw a post where people were reblogging a comment making fun of someone who was complaining about how small icons were getting. it kind of shocked me because no one took a moment to consider maybe this person wasn’t hating on anyone, but they generally were having trouble with how tiny everything in rpc is getting. please, please when you see complaints about things consider that it might come from a place of disability. the tiny icons are kind of hard to deal with for some. super intricate graphics can be difficult to look at. extremely dark images aren’t very easy on the eyes either. 

please keep in mind there are people with genuine struggles, not everyone is trying to shame you for your aesthetic tastes. sometimes people are just frustrated because rpc isn’t really very friendly towards the disabled. a lot of us have to work a little harder to be able to write. of course, i know no one is trying to be inconsiderate. i understand most people don’t even know the difficulties dyslexics and the visually impaired face in the rpc. so that’s why i decide to make this post! i’m not trying to police anyone or create guilt.  i simply want to spread some awareness towards visual disabilities! please be considerate towards your disabled partners. ♡ it would be so lovely if you could take a moment to reblog this to help increase awareness and discussion. and if anyone else has some rpc disability struggles feel free to add to this post! 

plots based on actual encounters i’ve experienced

  • my internet isn’t working so i called customer service and you answered and instead of sitting in awkward silence while things load you strike up a really funny conversation with me and now i don’t want to hang up?
  • you came into the store i work at looking for something and i had no idea where it was so we bonded over this impromptu scavenger hunt and now you’re always out shopping for something just to see me
  • while waiting outside our classroom i asked what the homework was to which you replied “we had homework!?” and now we always wait outside the classroom together… also you always copy my homework
  • we volunteered to sell sandwiches to raise money for the school and i know we literally just met but you’re the most adorable dork i’ve ever met that laughs at all my stupid jokes and i could probably stare at your smile forever i think i’m in love with you??
  • you’re the funniest (and cutest) guy in class so one day i strike up a conversation with you in the corridor only to realize you’re actually very sweet and sensitive and you write poetry??? roses are red, violets are blue, i think i may be in love you
  • you’re this really cool, hot chick in class who’s also super smart and artistic and i’ve been pining over you for weeks and now we’re partnered for a project and you’re actually super fucking funny??? but you have a boyfriend so instead we just become best friends and now i’m honestly so glad i was stupidly gay for you that one time
  • you’re this really funny blog i follow that’s super fucking popular and i made a post about you and you actually responded??? i’m deceased??? now we’re best friends that talk every single day and we might even be a little gay for each other and i can’t even believe i was merely a follower of yours once
  • you’re this fairly popular viner/youtuber and i ran into you while on vacation and when i offered you a handshake you gave me a hug and followed my twitter so now we dm each other and every time i visit your live streams you always excitedly greet me and i feel so special!!!!
  • we were in a really long, slow line and i see you reading a book so i peek over your shoulder and ask you what book it is and you whip around just to excitedly tell me all about it and now we’re talking about our favorite books, movies, music and both our groups of friends are tired of us but we don’t care also did i mention you’re ridiculously cute???


‘  don’t invite any jackasses.  ’
‘  ninth grade skirt in an eleventh grade body… perfect.  ’
‘  my pants ripped. this is literally all i had.  ’
‘  these are my back-up back-ups!  ’
‘  seriously though, cover up. like, i’m trying to drive here.  ’
‘  how about i relax your face?  ’
‘  i did not think that through.  ’
‘  any excuse for a fight, right?  ’
‘  i don’t start fights, okay? i only finish them.  ’
‘  no one should treat a girl like that, especially if that girl is you.  ’
‘  never great to hear your childhood crush say it’s super gross in your pants.  ’
‘  seriously?! you wanna go down that road?!  ’
‘  i just played out the whole sexist conversation in my head and it always ended with me sounding like a dick.  ’
‘  that skirt is ridiculous.  ’
‘  i am upset. dude touched my lady-bump.  ’
‘  did she say anything about me?  ’
‘  did you tell her about my cute dimples?  ’
‘  i can’t believe you actually gave him your number.  ’
‘  i think i’m gonna go out with him… unless you think i shouldn’t.  ’
‘  my heart is beating so fast.  ’
‘  you can be so sweet when you want to be.  ’
‘  is my butt too big?  ’
‘  you’re way too good for him.  ’
‘  i heard he’s got three nipples.  ’
‘  are you kidding me? i live for this shit.  ’
‘  i’m sorry i stood you up. i really did want to go out with you.  ’
‘  he told me that it wouldn’t be smart if i showed up for our date tonight.  ’
‘  he’s been going around asking all of the guys not to ask you out for awhile now.  ’
‘  no boobs are worth a broken nose.  ’
‘  my boobs are fantastic. some would say breath-taking!  ’
‘  you still got a lot to learn, kiddo.  ’
‘  if you were here, i’d beat you with my shoe.  ’
‘  it is not your job to monitor my dating life, do you understand me?  ’
‘  your days of controlling my life are over!  ’
‘  i’m not gonna get on that thing like one of your make-out girls!  ’
‘  okay, so like 95% of them make out with me, but that is clearly not what’s happening here.  ’
‘  no, you won’t see me there because i told you not to come to the party!  ’
‘  better get used to disappointment!  ’
‘  sorry i ruined your make-out sesh.  ’
‘  she kind of tasted like cheetos anyway.  ’
‘  oh my god, that was savage!  ’
‘  you’ll love this! it tastes like pink!  ’
‘  between us, he basically does whatever i tell him.  ’
‘  are you– are you a girl princess or a boy princess?  ’
‘  you were about to strip on the pool table in front of a bunch of guys and then go skinny dipping.  ’
‘  i carried you out before too much of your clothes came off.  ’
‘  oh, and you threw up on your dress.  ’
‘  i’m assuming this means you saw me in my underwear.  ’
‘  i said stop wiggling!  ’
‘  aren’t you forgetting something?  ’
‘  just get out, dork.  ’
‘  never let me drink again.  ’
‘  put your shirt on and get out.  ’
‘  i told you to stop telling me what to do.  ’
‘  i know we don’t really see eye-to-eye on things, but i’m desperate.  ’
‘  wow, the independent (name here) who doesn’t want to be told what to do by anyone is begging somebody else for help?  ’
‘  it is what it is.  ’
‘  i just thought that it’d be nice for you to do something for people who care about you.  ’
‘  everyone just saw that, didn’t they?  ’
‘  oh my god, kill em now.  ’
‘  oh, come on. relax. it was just a kiss.  ’
‘  was it? was it just a kiss?  ’
‘  if you can’t tell your best friend about something you’re doing, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.  ’
‘  i cannot just be another one of your conquests.  ’
‘  is that what you think of me?  ’
‘  you are the only girl who doesn’t fall at me feet and it’s driving me crazy.  ’
‘  it’s one of the things that i like about you… you’re sweet, but you’re not afraid to call me out on things.  ’
‘  i don’t know what any of this means.  ’
‘  did that clear anything up?  ’
‘  i’m still mad at you, but i am cold as shit!  ’
‘  and you are taking me home. now!  ’
‘  you know, i meant what i said.  ’
‘  i’m crazy about you.  ’
‘  you’re cute when you’re bossy. you’re really, really cute.  ’
‘  you’re cute when you’re bossy.  ’
‘  you’re really, really cute.  ’
‘  it’s not like anyone’s going to think i have a girlfriend or anything.  ’
‘  oh yeah, god forbid anyone actually thinks you’re in a relationship.  ’
‘  i was watching porn.  ’
‘  we’re all fucked up in one way or another.  ’
‘  you think i can change?  ’
‘  i don’t think there’s much you can’t do.  ’
‘  is there something going on between you two?  ’
‘  you were never meant to find out this way.  ’
‘  you’re trying to tell me that you two have not slept together?  ’
‘  so you really have just been fucking my brother and lying to me.  ’
‘  this is bullshit.  ’
‘  you’re acting like a hurt, little bitch.  ’
‘  please don’t leave like this.  ’
‘  the only thing i had that he didn’t was you… and now he has that too.  ’
‘  you cannot pin this all on me.  ’
‘  just leave me alone.  ’
‘  no matter how mad you are at your best friend, you have to forgive them if you give them ice cream.  ’
‘  i wanted to apologize. about everything. i shouldn’t have let it happen. it was all my fault.  ’
‘  i’m not sorry that it did happen or the way i feel about you.  ’
‘  because i love you.  ’
‘  i can’t keep hurting people that i care about because of you.  ’
‘  nobody wants us to be together.  ’
‘  what do you want?  ’
‘  i love you and i always, always want to be close to you.  ’
‘  being my best friend doesn’t give you the right to tell me who i can love.  ’
‘  i’m saying that i love you and i want you.  ’
‘  i’m sorry if that hurts you and i’m so sorry that i lied to you before.  ’
‘  i’d be lying to you again if i didn’t tell you that i love him with every bit of my heart.  ’
‘  if you just can’t accept that then maybe you can’t be a part of my life.  ’
‘  i was going to leave, but i decided i had to see you one last time before i went.  ’
‘  thanks for staying a little longer.  ’
‘  i want to know what it was that you had to tell me.  ’
‘  i’m saying i love you.  ’
‘  that is way too cheesy and romantic. even for me.  ’
‘  you wear superman boxers?  ’
‘  look! you’re blushing. how cute!  ’
‘  i save you and now you’re trying to blackmail me?  ’
‘  sounds so tawdry when you put it that way, but yes.  ’
‘  i think she might even let me play with her boobies later.  ’
‘  you’re picking boobies over my awesomeness?  ’
‘  boobies. my answer is always gonna be boobies.  ’

really cute ‘opposites attract’ plots i really want:

  • the cute and sweet girl in school who sits in the back next to the bad boy of the class who turns his ugly graffiti into art on his desk after he leaves class so he comes back to flowers in stead of knives
  • the happy florist who delivers one flower to the boss of the hardcore law firm across the street everyday, just to make their day a little bit brighter
  • the neighbor who sings with her dogs in the morning while getting ready, thus annoying/charming the grumpy neighbor bartender/dancer/security guard/etc, who just came home from their graveyard shift
  • a music teacher in a local kindergarten who always brings the cool, and kind of scary, science teacher baked goods whenever she does cooking classes with the kids
  • the happy go lucky professor always asking that one student who sleeps during their class period to stay back and help them catch up on what they slept through, without fail
  • a grizzly police officer constantly coming to the aid of a soft sweetheart who’s scared of practically everything, yet they can’t seem to force them to stop calling them

◜ get to know the rp & rph mun ◇ ask memes ◞

  • { ⊼ } —- what’s your favorite thing about rp? 
  • { ⊽ } —- link some of your favorite partners! 
  • { ⊾ } —- favorite rp memory? 
  • { ⊿  } —- talk about your favorite character!
  • { ⋀ } —- talk about your favorite ship! 
  • { ⋁ } —- describe a muse you want to play, but haven’t yet.
  • { ⋂ } —- describe a ship dynamic you really want.
  • { ⋃ } —- favorite fandom to rp in?
  • { ⋋ } —- favorite group experience? 
  • { ⋌ } —- favorite fc? 
  • { ⋍ } —- favorite 1x1 and/or indie experience? 
  • { ⋈ } —- what’s your favorite thing to do as a rph?
  • { ⋉ } —- favorite resource blogs? 
  • { ⋊ } —- favorite thing about the rph community?
  • { ⋎ } —- favorite thing about the rp community? 
  • { ⋏ } —- show a little love! mention a favorite rph or rp partner and give them the affection they deserve.  
  • { ⋐ } —- underrated fc you like? 
  • { ⋑ } —- underrated ship you like? 
  • { ⋒ } —- biggest rp pet peeve?


(NOTE: some starters contain cursing & nsfw connotations)


  • “tonight we are victorious”
  • “all my friends were glorious”
  • “it hurts until it stops”
  • “i’m a killing spree in white”
  • “my touch, is black and poisonous”
  • “i know you need it, do you feel it?”
  • “fifty words for murder, and i’m every one of them”
  • “turn up the crazy”
  • “living like a washed up celebrity”


  • “who are these people?”
  • “i just woke up in my underwear”
  • “no liquor left on the shelf”
  • “i should probably introduce myself”
  • “you shoulda seen what i wore”
  • “memories tend to just pop up”
  • “don’t think i’ll ever get enough”
  • “this night is heating up”
  • “if you go on you might pass out in a drainpipe”
  • “don’t threaten me with a good time”
  • “i wish i could find my clothes”
  • “how did we end up in my neighbour’s pool?”
  • “i usually don’t fall when i try to stand”
  • “i make these high heels work”
  • “i’m not as think as you drunk i am”
  • “i think we’ve had enough”


  • “show praise with your body”
  • “if you can’t stop shaking, lean back, let it move right through you”
  • “i got caught under the covers with secondhand lovers”
  • “the time for being sad is cover”
  • “you miss them like you miss no other”
  • “being blue is better than being over it”
  • “i was drunk, and it didn’t mean a thing”
  • “i love the things you hate about yourself”
  • “no-one wants you when you have no heart”
  • “you’ll never know, if you don’t ever try again”
  • “say your prayers”


  • “welcome to the end of eras”
  • “done my time and served my sentence”
  • “if it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine”
  • “you might just see a ghost tonight”
  • “i’m taking back the crown”
  • “i see what’s mine and take it”
  • “i am so much more than royal”
  • “heroes always get remembered”
  • “you know legends never die”


  • “do i look lonely?”
  • “people have told me, i don’t look the same”
  • “i’m playing hooky”
  • “i’m walking the long road”
  • “how could i ask more?”
  • “i’m cutting my mind off”
  • “am i the best you’ve ever had?”
  • “share one more drink with me”
  • “smile even though you’re sad”


  • “you’re so normal that you just disappear”
  • “if crazy equals genius, then i’m a fucking arsonist”
  • “you don’t seem to change when you stuff all of your feelings with drugs”
  • “you can set yourself on fire, but you’re never gonna burn”
  • “darlin’ you know how the wine plays tricks on my tongue”


  • “you got two black eyes from loving too hard”
  • “i wouldn’t change you”
  • “wouldn’t ever try to make you leave”
  • “always on the hunt for a little more time”
  • “couldn’t ever try to make you see”


  • “i found a pile of polaroids in the crates of a record shop”
  • “forever younger growing older, just the same”
  • “all the memories that we make will never change”
  • “we’ll stay drunk”
  • “let the love remain”
  • “time can break your heart”
  • “but it’ll take the pain away”
  • “right now, our future’s certain”
  • “i won’t let it fade away”


  • “truth is that it was always going to end”
  • “all of the good girls act so good”
  • “if you wanna start a fight”
  • “you better throw the first punch”
  • “make it a good one”
  • “don’t think i’ve ever used a day of my education”
  • “there’s only two ways that these things can go”
  • “all your friends won’t hold any grudges”
  • “i got the final judgement”


  • “the lonely moments just get lonelier”
  • “i don’t want to be afraid”
  • “the deeper that i go, it takes my breath away”
  • “is this taboo?”
  • “we built this house, on memories”
  • “promise me a place in your house of memories”
  • “i think of you from time to time”
  • “you were just too kind”
  • “i was too young to know”
  • “i was a fool”
  • “those thoughts of past lovers will always haunt me”
  • “i wish i could believe you’d never wrong me”
  • “will you remember me in the same way as i remember you?”

                  PICK - UP LINES SENTENCE MEMES     !

     these are all sent in to me on whisper after i’ve received them , so be prepared     !      some can be nsfw     ,     so be warned.     i’ve changed the pronouns    /     genders to make it so they’re possible to use with any gender.     some are only for specific genders since i can’t change all of them.

  1. ❛ i’m sorry , i lost my house … wanna take me to yours ? ❜
  2. ❛ my couch pulls out but i don’t. ❜
  3. ❛ are you the sat ?   because i’d do you for three hours with a break in the middle for snacks. ❜
  4. ❛ on a scale of one to america , how free are you tomorrow ? ❜
  5. ❛ your name must be gilette , cause you’re the best a man   /   woman can get. ❜
  6. ❛ i’d offer to take you to a movie , but the sign says no snacks allowed (; ❜
  7. ❛ why pick you up ? i would rather lay you down. ❜
  8. ❛ roses are red , violets are blue. how the hell do i marry you ? ❜
  9. ❛ my cock died. can i bury it in your ass ?  ❜
  10. ❛ i’m a rugby player. would you like to play with my odd shaped balls ?  ❜
  11. ❛ roses are red. violets are purple. i can’t rhyme for shit. potato. ❜
  12. ❛ my doctor says i’m lacking vitamin u. ❜
  13. ❛ except being sexy , what are you doing in your life ? ❜
  14. ❛ hey i lost my number , can i have yours ? ❜
  15. ❛ need a warm tongue between your thighs , baby girl ? ❜
  16. ❛ i’m having a sale in my bedroom. my clothes are 100% off. ❜
  17. ❛ did you sit in a pile of sugar ? because you got a sweet ass. ❜
  18. ❛ are you my phone charger ? because without you , i’d die. ❜
  19. ❛ i want to bend you over the bed , kneel down behind you and tickle your ass with my tongue. ❜
  20. ❛ let me clean your seat   … ❜     *   wipes face   *
  21. ❛ if you were words on a page , you’d be the fine print. ❜
  22. ❛ there are trees that can grow more than one kind of fruit , and they’re called fruit salad trees. ❜
  23. ❛ you remind me of someone. you remind me of the girl of my dreams. ❜
  24. ❛ i’m a muggle on the streets , but a wizard in the sheets. ❜
  25. ❛ is your body from mcdonalds , because i’m loving it. ❜
  26. ❛ are you australian ? you seem to meet all my koalafications. ❜
  27. ❛ are you from tennessee , because you’re the only ten i see. ❜
  28. ❛ hey girl , wanna f_ck ? i’m just missing u. ❜
  29. ❛ kiss me if i’m wrong , but dinosaurs definitely exists … ❜
  30. ❛ fuck me if i’m wrong , but isn’t your name (     insert name here     )
  31. ❛ are you busy today ? cause i’d like to be on your to do list. ❜
  32. ❛ hey i’m writing a phone book and i need your phone number to complete it. ❜
  33. ❛ i have food and i’ll share it with you. ❜
  34. ❛ are you from france ? cause ma’damn !  ❜
  35. ❛ are you a major minor 7th chord ? because i want to resolve you to major d. ❜
  36. ❛ they say disneyland is the happiest place on earth clearly they never stood next to you. ❜
  37. ❛ hello i’m bisexual. i’d like to BUY you a drink and then get sexual.  ❜

Wanna re-write our story? No problem!

Role-playing can become quite tedious at times. You have all the inspiration in the beginning & suddenly the muses have an established relationship and all we write is the same, or nearly the same stuff over and over. I don’t mind. But others might lose muse over it. They crave variety. If you ever want to just drop an already existing relationship, re-write a period or an entire story of our muses’ lives, feel that it would help your creativity— I’M OKAY WITH IT!

And if we wrote 5 different scenarios that were all born from 1 mutual plot we started a year ago- It’s different experiences. And that allows our muses to experience all kinds of emotions and grow. Maybe one story ended badly and it left you without any ambition to continue and yet you liked the general storyline but didn’t foretell it might end that bad. NO PROBLEM! We will simply re-write it. I am a-okay with it. We don’t have to stick to lame stories, threads that bore us…

…let’s re-write our story!

We are compiling a list of safe space blogs for various fandoms across this wide Tumblr universe. We’re looking to add MARVEL  role-players who have blogs that are SAFE SPACES for all races, sexes, genders, etc. We are looking for tolerant, accepting people to be added to our MARVEL MASTERLIST. This list is open to multi-muses, original characters, sideblogs, and canon characters.

Please like or reblog if your blog meets this critera and you’re interested in joining the list!

ok so hear a sister out… i want an actual  HEART WRENCHING  celebrity  &  non - celebrity thread. like muse a meeting muse b in the most random place and muse b  KNOWS  muse a is famous but they’re not gonna say anything but on the inside they’re secretly freaking out. but they get to talking  &  muse b kinda forgets that they are because they’re just so normal and they have so much fun talking to them,  and muse a has a rich lifestyle  &  is the most popular person in the world,  yet the only thing they wanna do is be with muse b. but dating the most famous person ever comes with the  DISADVANTAGES.  i want the ugly stans drilling them over dating their favorite star,  i want the paparazzi making up stories about muse b  &  giving the constant break up  -  conspiracy’s,  i want the late night drama filled phone  -  calls about  “ maybe this is just too much for me  “  &  muse b seeing muse a in a new picture released with  ANOTHER  apparent love interest,  and i want new songs released by muse a that’s a little  T O O   emotional to just be a careless piece of work.  i just want the constant back  &  forth between them  &  them wondering if their love is strong enough to overcome the difficulties or if all they are is a love that was never meant to last.


  • muse a is a nervous person and the thought of moving away to university terrifies them. they end up living in shared accommodation and muse b is in a flat across the hall. they chat online in a group chat for the flat/building for a while then begin to talk privately, and muse b soothes their nerves about moving away and having to meet now people (cute things can pursue)
  • “hey i’m late on our first day and oh no, the only free seat is next to you. wait do you have a pen?”
  • “i’m an avid lover of ??? and this society means everything to me and during a meet up you ten up halfway through and wow okay you’re pretty sweet”
  • “we got paired up for a presentation but we’ve never really spoken and you’re pretty nice despite what other people say”
  • “so i totally didn’t spend that entire lecture doodling/on my phone and i had no clue what i was being taught pls help”
  • “it’s 3am and the library is pretty empty but you’re sat there stressing at your laptop, so i brought you a coffee and a bag of chips from the vending machine”
  • “my card won’t work in the card machine and it’s a busy lunchtime, wait… did you just buy my lunch?”
  • “you came over to hang out but i fell asleep while you were playing video games and two hours later you’re still here”
  • muse a and muse b are on the same course and can’t find the room for one of their first lectures so instead they bunk off and explore their new city/town together and have a good day and it’s really fun and cute
  • “wow my lecture sucked ass, i’m stressed asf and here we are at the on campus bar at 11:59am waiting to buy a drink because it’s been that kind of a day already”
  • “hey, it’s 2am and i can’t sleep so i’m messaging you randomly… wait you’re awake? come to my flat and we can cuddle”