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15 comics about queer witches of color, created by 17 women, demigirls, and bigender people of color.

POWER & MAGIC is a comics anthology about queer witches of color for teens and adults ages 14-and-up. The book is over 160 pages long, black and white, and contains 15 original stories blending fantasy, drama, humor, and romance.

On January 27th, I asked if any women of color out there were interested in making comics about queer witches of color, an archetype near and dear to me… The answer was a resounding yes. POWER & MAGIC is brought to you by a team of 17 women, demigirls, and bigender creators of color.

The witch is an icon of power. She represents transcendence, healing, insight, defiance, feminine monstrosity, and a sacred relationship to the self, the community, and the universe. From the euphoria of holding the stars in your grasp, to the sacrifices we make to reach them, POWER & MAGIC explores what it means to be a person of power in all its complexity.

After 7 months of hard work to complete the anthology, we’re ready for your orders! Every dollar we raise here on Kickstarter goes toward covering print costs, paying the creators, and rewarding you with limited-edition extras and ever-increasing book quality! Read below to learn more about our backer rewards and about our system for paying creators.

POWER & MAGIC is edited by Joamette Gil, a queer Afro-Cuban cartoonist and founder of P&M Press. You can learn more about P&M Press, our mission, and our journey at

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Cultural Appropriation Print #1 via Native Realities Press

“Think that headdress is a good accessory?  Think again!

Captain Paiute, the Indigenous Defender of the Southwest, tells it like it is in this one-page illustration created exclusively for INC Comics!  

Printed on glossy cardstock, this print is a great way to show your support for authentic representations of Native and Indigenous people.

The first in the series, this collectors item will be retired at the end of 2015.  So get your copy while you can!”

Print available at

Meet the Cartoonists Bringing You POWER & MAGIC This Fall!

Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology is bringing women of color, demigirls of color, and bigender people of color together to create 15 original stories with one thing in common: 

Queer witches of color as the leads.

Follow us here on Tumblr for progress updates, behind-the-scenes production work, and interviews with the creative team as we make our way to the official Kickstarter launch by summer’s end!

Without further ado, Power & Magic Press proudly presents the coven: 

AATMAJA PANDYA (Cartoonist: Travelogue, Baker’s Dozen, Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers)

ANN XU (Cartoonist: 3 AM Anthology from Dandelion Wine Collective)



FYDBAC (Cartoonist: i.pity.mé, RAW: Hannibal/Will Fanthology from Bad Influence Press, Monster Anthology Volume 2: Demon Edition)

Gabrielle Robinson (Writer) & Hannah Lazarte (Artist: Weird: A VCU Comics Anthology, Rebels: A VCU Comics Anthology, Emanata Presents: Kin Volume 3)

JEMMA SALUME (Cartoonist: Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 2 from Archaia, Broken Telephone)

JOAMETTE GIL (Cartoonist, Editor, Publisher:, Sweaty Palms, Dates: Queer Historical Fiction Comics from Margins Press)


MARIA LLORENS (Writer) & DEVAKI NEOGI (Artist: Curb Stomp from BOOM! Studios, Mumbai Confidential from Archaia)



NIVEDITA SEKAR (Cartoonist: Mermaid, Mehndi)

VERONICA AGARWAL (Cartoonist: Elements, Tiny Chef, and Magical Girl Problems, Magical Girl Solutions)

VEXINGLY YOURS (Cartoonist: Forgotten Roots)