The melancholic yet eccentric hues of the sunset never fails to amuse me. It reminds me of the significance of both sorrow and happiness, how the perfect blend of distress and joy, bad and good, downs and ups create a beautiful life.

  1. Dancing Song by Little Comets
  2. Good Morning, Sunshine by Shortstraw
  3. Everywhere I Go by Junica
  4. Actor by Max and the Moon
  5. Days Like This by Lily
  6. Way Out by Kaptan
  7. Rub Away by Clubhouse
  8. Wait for Me by 20 Eyes
  9. Good Life by Anthem Academy
  10. One and Only by Royal Tongues
  11. Awkward by San Cisco
  12. New Friends by Kid Cadavar
  13. Cornerstone by Kid Astray

Tape Waves - Nowhere

Tape Waves are Jarod Weldin and Kim Hart Weldin, they hail from Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Nowhere is taken from the album Here to Fade, released on 29th July, on Bleeding Gold Records.

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