indie polish


Esponjado com Holográficos by Penélope Luz
Via Flickr


And now for something a little different!

Okay, I am a bit of a nail polish fiend, so when a local friend who makes her own amazing polish (which I wear all the time) said she was going to open an Etsy shop, I proposed she make me an official WTFBadRomanceCovers set. These are the results, based on lots of our recurring themes here and of course the most popular WTFBRC post of all time.

You can pick them up here, and Nail Tisane was nice enough to even gave me a promo code, WTFRC, so you can save 5% on them if you decide to pick them up! She’s selling them individually, as well as in sets that get you a little bit of a discount. (There may even be a secret bonus polish if you order the whole set.)