I’ve never been in love, but is that a bad thing?
I can play all these chords but I never know what to sing.

concept playlists i

walking back from a lover’s apartment, it’s 1 am, and you don’t know how to say you’re not in love. the sky is purple and you sit down on a bench outside. 

it’s between autumn and winter, the skies are gray, and the leaves are golden and crimson. the boy you love brushes your hand. you want to lay in his bed and listen to the wind. 

you’re an expat in paris. you drink coffee at a cafe on the seine and watch beautiful parisian women stroll by. the air is crisp and sweet. 

concept playlists ii

it’s two in the morning and he’s helping you down from a cold marble counter-top so you can dance around the kitchen floor. a kettle is whistling and rain drums on the windows. this is the first time you feel truly wanted.

you’re in the car with someone you love, driving towards the ocean. the sun is shining behind you. everything has a warm glow and, for once, the only thing that matters is how you feel. 

you’re laying on the hood of a car with music playing on the radio. the windows are rolled up and it sounds like you’re listening from inside a fish tank. you feel like you’re miles away.

concept playlists iv

love through the seasons

i. autumn: for when leaves fall only after you do. for when it’s 2 pm on a thursday and you can’t tell if the chill running down your spine has to do with him or the breeze. for when he feels more like home than pumpkin pie. for when every moment is suspended in amber.

ii. winter: for when the only warm things are your heart and his hands. for when the earth is forgotten under an abundance of white snow and you can’t tell how many hours have gone by since you crawled into bed with him. for when the cold that nips your heels and reddens your cheeks makes you think only of him, and the cutting winds and falling snow remind you of kisses.

iii. spring: for when love is new. for when your heart feels like it’s sinking deeper and deeper into your chest. for when their name is sweet on your lips and their face is fresh in your mind. for when it could so easily slip through your fingers but if you hold on too tight it could crumble. for when the feelings are delicate as new petals, but with roots that reach deep into the earth.

iv. summer:  for when your legs tangle together in the back of a car with the windows rolled down. for when the air is hot and heavy and feels like an embrace. for when you’re both barefoot and happy and running through shallow  water. for when each moment together feels like you’re already looking back at a polaroid. 

concept playlists i

concept playlists ii

concept playlists iii