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I first introduced here a few months ago, and it looks like they have grown their collection of free eBooks from those great classics to include indie author published works as well.

Now as part of their campaign to encourage new writers, they are now offering a free editorial review for those who submit their eBooks on the site.

I think the challenge for many independent authors, especially first time aspiring writer is the lack of feedback they get on their works. We all know that the only way to improve your writing skill is to keep writing, learn and re-write in the process. So this service they provide seems very useful to them.

If you are selling your eBooks on Amazon, B&N etc and you don’t want to release your entire book for free, you can always just publish a few chapters as excerpt to gather readers interest.

The website also allows serial publishing so you can keep publishing chapter by chapter to get your readers engaged and hooked, or run a “give-away” by releasing the entire book free on the site for a certain period.

It seems like they are doing an awesome job helping indie authors and just any casual writers promoting their works. So go follow their instruction here and try it out.

Brainfood Bookstore, the only bookstore in the world that stocks exclusively independently-published literature, is raising funds for indie-lit-dispensing vending machines. Although Brainfood already has a coins-only vending machine, it is impractical for books priced more than $2. By purchasing vending machines that accept credit and debit cards and placing them in laundromats and bus stations, Brainfood hopes to make independent literature more accessible to more people. 


Hi, my name is Jackson Nieuwland. This year I plan to curate, edit, and publish a print book of writing and visual art titled LEFT. This book will be the first in an annual series.

I will be assessed on the planning of this project for the Creative Enterprise course that I am taking this year, but this is not just something that I am doing for school. I have been thinking about this for a long time and plan to continue with it after I finish my degree.

With this tumblr I hope to make the process of creating LEFT as transparent as possible. I have never undertaken a project like this before. I don’t really know what I’m doing and I have a lot to learn. This will be a journey for me and I would like you to be able to come along on it with me.

LEFT is not a money making endeavor. One of my goals is to recoup my initial investment so that I can use those funds to publish another collection next year, but producing a quality product is a higher priority for me. LEFT will be funded by the Course Related Costs portion of my student loan. This sets a cap on the budget at $1000. I am committed to paying my contributors. At this point I will only be able to afford a small sum, I’m guessing around $10.

For the foreseeable future LEFT will be a one man operation. This means that the contents of LEFT will be determined solely by my taste as a reader (I will detail the sort of work that excites me in a future post, but if you are interested in getting a better idea right away you could browse my blog Fuck I Love Poetry). That being said, I am not going to try to disconnect the art from the artist. I don’t want to ignore the cultural context that this work is coming from. I don’t just want to publish privileged white dudes. Setting strict ratios for the demographics of contributors I choose to publish in LEFT doesn’t seem very useful to me at the moment, but equal representation is an important concern for me.

I expect to publish around 20 people in LEFT. Some of these people will probably be my friends. I don’t view this as conflict of interests. With many of these people I was a fan of their writing before I got to know them as friends. I also have friends who are writers who will not be included because their work doesn’t fit the aesthetic I’m aiming for. Some of the contributors will be solicited, but if I ask someone to send me work I will not necessarily include it in the publication. In addition to soliciting work LEFT is also open for submissions. Send work to at any time. Also feel free to email that address if you have any questions about this project or if you want to chat.

Thank you for reading this long ass post. I love you.

when i get a few blocks from work i stop my bike. get off. i lean against a telephone pole sprouting up from the gutter. if i smoked cigarettes that’s what i’d be doing. but since i don’t i just lean. and think about getting back on my bike and riding as fast as i can in the opposite direction. wind in my hair. laughter trailing behind me like smoke from a fire.