@_indicube 設計公司創作總監 @ruth.chao 畢業於University of Bristol並主修心理學,曾於英國版《@Vogue 》工作,其後回港於@LaneCrawford 及 @ithk 擔任平面及網頁設計工作。小時候已非常沉迷王家衛執導之電影,並留意到張叔平這個名字,成為了她心中最具份量的美術大師。

「非常幸運地,經 @claudinelaurenying 的穿針引線下認識了張叔平先生,當時他正為姜文的電影《一步之遙》擔任服裝造型及美術指導,有機會在北京與張叔平先生工作,從他身上學習到很多,記得他對我說:『沒有人會把一件masterpiece立刻完成,因為設計的過程你必須經過不斷嘗試、修改及進步』這亦是我成立#Indicude 之後,不停提醒自己的一點。」#whoareinvited84 photo @simon_c hair @cooneylai makeup @chichili

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I miss Cudi's old music style. Nothing will ever beat MOTM and MOTM2. Still love him though.

I know a lot of people miss his “old style” he got it, he’s just got a lot of style to play with. But yes those albums are life. Indicud is amazing too.

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U think it's a good idea for me to get into kid cudi before rodeo comes out? What are some of his best songs/albums?

Getting in to kid cudi is a great idea. Give it time though. Please please listen to all of man on the moon 1 AND 2.
On indicud listen to cold blooded, solo dolo part 2, burn baby burn; and on satellite flight, listen to troubled boy, balmain jeans, and too bad I have to destroy you.