Kid Cudi

Spent the last month feeling bad ‘bout myself
I couldn’t speak anything of real hope

And the day came when it hit me like lightning through my veins
A sudden change in my groove, in my walk

I got my lion heart and electric flowing through my brain
Shocking waves make me feel I can float

It’s like the city is mine and the dark is my cave
I can’t explain this sudden peace in my walk, I sure hope

The Signs As Kid Cudi Songs

Aries: Just What I Am // Indicud

Taurus: Erase Me // Man On The Moon II

Gemini: CONFUSED! // Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven 

Cancer: Pursuit Of Happiness // Man On The Moon I

Leo: Marijuana // Man On The Moon II

Virgo: The Prayer // A Kid Named Cudi

Libra: King Wizard // Indicud

Scorpio: Day ‘N’ Night // Man On The Moon I

Sagittarius: Immortal // Indicud

Capricorn: Soundtrack 2 My Life // Man On The Moon I

Aquarius: Embrace The Martian // A Kid Named Cudi

Pisces: Man On The Moon // A Kid Named Cudi

Goodbye (Prod. by WZRD) - Kid Cudi
Goodbye (Prod. by WZRD) - Kid Cudi

The angels they protect me, from the horror in my dome. I don’t wanna have to tell you again friend. Please, leave a real nigga alone 🔥