the wig is almost done!!! i might re-hem the top since it’s still a little long for my liking (i rolled it up here), and i need to deal with the heel portion of my sock things. other than that, we’re almost there!


TG: ayyyyyy

TG: since it’s distri’s last day visitin we thouhgt we mite open up the askbox u kno

TT: She* thought. It’s hard to argue with her once she’s broken into the liquor cabinet.

TG: omg stfu kahlua doesnt even count as liquor

TT: How the fuck does alcohol not count as alcohol?

TT: Just because you ran out of vodka on New Year’s, doesn’t mean you aren’t getting plastered.

TG: lmao yea tru

TG: ne way hit us up w questions

TT; Please god just give me a distraction from the incoherent rambling.