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What do you know about " the MS hug"?

Well I know the MS hug sucks. heh. fore mentioned apology for my incoherence should be placed here too. bed time meds have been taken. keep that in mind.

I know a bit but only minor knowledge from personal experience.

The ‘MS hug" I get sometimes, that 18 inch belt closing in on you that seems to be full of electrodes and small knives stabbing you every second making it difficult to breathe, stand, move body parts,  My experience with this is not generally abdominal  (where most experience it) but more in the upper back area through my neck or around a leg or wrist. It squeezes and for me feels like electric shocks hat the go through the rest of my body. IT makes it difficult to stand, focus on anything other than the pain unless you stop what you’re doing and leave yourself time to rest (which still means sitting a feeling the pain). For me it has more random onset or comes after a highly stressful few days. Don’t know much to get rid of it other than riding it out. For a good friend of mine, this is her daily 'times up’ monitor" Her body tells her she’s out of energy/ability when it comes on during the day, While it happens daily, its intensity is somewhat varied based on her daily activities. I know its hugely debilitating for her ( and myself really when it happens). And as far as I’ve been advised and read.. its something that won’t necessarily go away.

Having learned that MS is so very different for every person suffering It seems important to remember that while we share symptoms they function differently for each of us. To my friend her banding or MS hug is the main 'symptom indicator’ that you’ve gone beyond your physical limit for the day. i haven’t asked her how she deals with that when it happens but I can definitely do that if you’re interested,

For me the MS hug, or banding as i’ve heard it called, isn’t as regular. on top of the serious fatigue we can all relate to, Banding for me comes and goes. My daily indicator, on the other hand,  that i’ve over done too many things today is the residuals of optic neuritis symptoms. This happens almost daily despite my having a good day or a bad day. General attempts to fight fatigue and function as much as possible, leave me with a pretty high level of blindness in my left eye.  When things get stressful (more so than normal) i lose sight in both eyes…According to my neuro not much can be done for that. Gotta get  used to it.

Banding seems to be a common symptom that once it begins turns into almost an energy/ stress indicator ya know? The symptom that comes back when you do too much or when things are stressful or you’re just having a bad day. Just like my optic neuritis. I’m not sure if this is helpful.. If there is anything more specific you want to know i’m happy to ask around. I hope you feel free to ask more questions. I like the ability to share experience and knowledge with others through this process of living MS. we can all help each other. I hope your “hugs” aren’t too bad at the moment.  Sending you healthy (restful at the very least) thoughts. Please keep in touch.