Sun, sun, sugar, wheeee, ack, sugar, nope, “this is the BEST day ever”; that pretty much sums up our day - Ransoms first trip to the #indianastatefair . He asked if we can do this every year. We said yes 😁💕😂😍🌈

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Tomorrow is Ransoms first day of school, so today we are having one last date of Summer at the #indianastatefair -his very first state fair! Get ready for a bunch of ridiculously adorable Ransom pics!

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What’s Your State Fair Personality?

It’s the Year of the Farmer at the 2015 Indiana State Fair! The Fair has something for everyone whether you’re a foodie, history buff, or a thrill seeker. Find out what your state fair personality is by reading our top picks to make the most of your fairgrounds experience!

The Foodie
You have to try this year’s signature food of the fair (and Gary Brackett’s favorite): the Indiana Pork Association’s Smoked Pig Patty. Are you wondering, “What will they deep fry this year?” You can also get your hands on the other signature food entries including the deep-fried sweet corn, Munster grilled cheese, deep-fried apple pie bites, maple walnut waffle sundae and s'mores shake. Wash down your meal with an expanded selection of local beer and wine at the Indiana Beer and Wine Exhibition. Then, head over to the Purdue Extension Ag/Hort Building for foodie exhibits such as The Edible Journey, Hoosier Market (get local product samples!), Honeybee Exhibit, and the famous American Dairy Association’s giant Cheese Sculpture.

The Seedlings
Do the kids need a day out? The fair provides endless fun and educational opportunities for you and your family. In the Harvest Pavilion, learn about the science, history and culture of corn with the Amazing Maize, then visit Seed Survivor which teaches kids about plants with games and a sunflower planting station. Head over to the Family Fun Park which is packed with live shows, animals, and hands-on fun, including the famed Little Hands on the Farm. Be sure to check out the Children’s Stage, Indiana Bicentennial Train, and child-sized rides at the Kiddieland Midway!

Love watching performances that leave you on the edge of your seat? The Xpogo Stunt Team is the best extreme pogo performance team in the world. Watch the team fly nine feet in the air on next-generation pogo sticks while doing incredible tricks and flips. If you love stories of knights and castles, catch the Knights of Valour, a show of jousting, horsemanship, bravery, and chivalry in true medieval style. The Acrobats of Peking is an exciting performance of China’s finest gymnasts, jugglers, cyclists and tumblers that leave you with your jaw on the floor. Finally, the Great American Wild West Show is a thrilling show of Cowboys & Indians, Hollywood Heroes and Daredevil Riders combined into an unforgettable spectacle. Check the program for performance dates.

Music Fanatic
With live music offered daily, you can hear more than rollercoaster screams and livestock at the State Fair. The Shane Co. Concert Series headlines stars like Meghan Trainor, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, Garrison Keillor, and Jake Owen. If you’re on a budget, watch performances on the Subaru Main Street Stage or catch big names such as the Indigo Girls, Lennon & Maisey of “Nashville”, and Big & Rich on the Free Stage.

Speed Demon
Feel the need for speed? Test your driving skills on the Go-Kart track or head to the Midway with a $30 Ride Survival wristband for a day of unlimited access to thrilling rides! Watch horses battle it out at the harness racing and then watch the Bulls and Broncos rodeo to see who’s boss. If you aren’t impressed by bumper cars, watch the demolition derby and feel the rumble of the Lucas Oil Monster Truck Battle for an exciting motorsport experience.

The Naturalist
To celebrate Year of the Farmer, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the people who bring you your food, including an Indianapolis urban farmer, corn and soybean growers, livestock farmers, and even fish producers. Then head over to the livestock barns to see their animals and be amazed by the world’s largest boar and the champion sow and litter! Watch the exhibitors preparing to show their animals or catch a livestock show in the Indiana Farmers Coliseum. Be sure to stop by the Glass Barn to learn about the future of agriculture in Indiana or catch the Roving Naturalist to hear shocking information about poisonous spiders, Indiana snakes, animal pelts, geodes and more!

History Buffs
Stop by Victorian-era Hooks Drug Store Museum to order an ice cream soda from an authentic old-time soda fountain, shop for penny candy, and admire the antique pharmacy supplies covering the walls. Then go through the Pioneer Village and immerse yourself in Indiana History while you watch old-timey demonstrations such as churning butter or vintage machinery in action. Walk over to the Bicentennial Train to enjoy the onboard bicentennial exhibition, which explores 200 years of the state’s past through the lenses of transportation, land use, talent and community.

Figured out what you want to see? Now decide if you should Drive, Pedal & Park, or take the Indiana Transportation Museum’s Fair Train to begin your state fair experience. Not sure which day to plan your visit? View the program for event details or check out the promotional days and deals to save money!


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