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This is a map from The Blaze that shows what NFL team dominates your region by county. This map shows America says fuck the New York Jets because they didn’t win even one county.


National Football League teams and their stadium (inspired by x)

The real mockery of national anthem was by Vice President Mike Pence

A mockery was made of the national anthem all right.

But it wasn’t by the San Francisco 49ers.

Vice President Mike Pence turned the anthem into a prop Sunday, co-opting it for a stunt that served no other purpose than to sow division, further enrage the administration’s conservative base and try to cow NFL owners. That it likely deflected attention from yet more neo-Nazi protests in Charlottesville was all the better.

Please, though, tell me again how it’s the players who are so disrespectful.

Pence was so incensed by the sight of several 49ers kneeling during the anthem at Lucas Oil Stadium that he left immediately afterward. Not so incensed that he wasn’t right there with a carefully crafted statement to let the world know of his outrage, however.