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Teen Wolf

  • favourite male character: Stiles
  • favourite female character: Lydia
  • least favourite character: It’s used to be Peter. But now I don’t know. … Scott’s dad?
  • prettiest character: Lydia!
  • funniest character: Stiles!
  • favourite season: 3!
  • favourite episode: Ooo. I don’t think I’ve seen all the episodes enough to have a favorite.
  • favourite romantic ship: Stydia!
  • favourite family ship: Stilinski(s)! Papa (Stilinski) & Stiles! Stilinski feels!!! 
  • favourite friend ship: Scott & Stiles!
  • worst ship: Sterek! 

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Ben/Leslie Ship Ask!

thank you! 

(I just now realized i reblogged the wrong post but whatever!) 

when I started shipping it if I did:  Immediately! I say the first scene I ever saw was Leslie telling Ann Ben bought her an eclair, but i think i actually saw him give the speech in the restaurant during road trip first, but either way, i was instantly sold.
my thoughts:They rule my life and I do no like them one bit. 
What makes me happy about them: Everything. Mostly the fact that they are the the second couple I’ve shipped that ended up happy and together.
What makes me sad about them: I still can’t watch the break up arc. If I do, I have to watch the smallest park kiss first to gear myself up.
things done in fanfic that annoys me: Any fic that has Ben talking down to Leslie, or ones where she is sexually naive. ALSO STOP USING FOLDS TO DESCRIBE PUSSY, PEOPLE. 
things I look for in fanfic: In character, well written. doesn’t contain any of the above things. 
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: No one. 
My happily ever after for them: They got it! 
who is the big spoon/little spoon: They switch. 
what is their favorite non-sexual activity: Hahahaha. probably playing with the kids, because really there is no such thing as a non sexual activity for them.

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Hello! Just wanted to say I love your blog, made my day seeing all the snowing/gosh things <3. I was wondering if you have time would you be able to recommend some Snowing fanfics?

thank you. your comment made my day <333333

anything by misscamthenorwegian​, snowthelostgirl, icingsfanfic​ is amazing and i recommend them 100%

here’s a list of some of my favorites:

you can also check my fanfic tagthis and this masterposts for more.