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All the underwater scenes in this show are so beautiful, they constantly make me want to go swimming in the ocean - and for someone who lives nowhere near the ocean, this is a constant problem. Yet I keep coming back, time and again, to watch the mermaids swim. Mermaids, magic, and the ocean; what more do you need out of a tv show?

My Overall “Throne of Glass” Fancast

This is not based on acting ability, just physically who fits what I picture. Organization based on pairings.

*****Since the last time I posted this, I’ve edited it to adjust some fancasts, changes are noted*******

1.  Aelin Ashryver Galathynius: Indiana Evans

2. Rowan Whitethorn - Galathynius:  Marcello Alvarez (But with silver hair)

3. Dorian Havilliard: Matt Daddario

(The ToG show is Hulu, they can work with his “Shadowhunters” schedule for now since Dorian is relatively small Books 1 and 2, and I don’t see “Shadowhunters” lasting much longer than a couple seasons)

4. Manon Blackbeak: Fan BingBing

5. Lysandra: Ashley Callingbull

6. Aedion Ashryver:  Christopher Mason (Changed from Alex Pettyfer after seeing @tog-trash post)

7. Elide Lochan: Odette Annable

8. Lorcan Salvaterre: Yannis Tsimitselis

9. Chaol Westfall: Harry Rowles

Changed from Batuhan Karacakaya after @westfallsbitch posted about this gorgeous man.

10. Yrene Towers:  Chrishell Stubbs

11. Nesryn Faliq: Samira Mahboub

Changed from Oviya Kalavani after seeing @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos fancast

12. Sartaq:  A young Godfrey Gao

13. Nehemia Ytger: Fatima Siad

Shoutout to: Sonam Kapoor (again, thank you @a-court-of-beauty for telling me Maas has previously liked this actress for the role of Nehemia, she just doesn’t fit what I picture)

14. The Golden Couch: This one I found on google