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birthday presents for isis ishtar

  • from yuugi and the gang: a lovely and expensive coffee table book on the archaeology of japan, plus a small photo album of their trip to egypt, filled with messy, but effusive thank-you/birthday notes singing her praises
  • from rishid: a soft blue silk scarf, because it matches her eyes, and she definitely kind of lingered over this one at the open market for a while, and he firmly believes she deserves nice things
  • from kaiba: the complete, entire, top-to-bottom funding of her next archaeological dig, from travel and lodging for every undergraduate research assistant looking for summer course credit to the survey equipment to the jeeps to the notebook she uses to take notes on pieces of pottery, you’re welcome, don’t mention it, ever. no, really. do not.
  • from malik: a moment of fuckgin %$!! PEACE AND QUIET !!!! also: a promise to stop walking around the house in his dirty, ashy motorcycle boots, and a promise to clean his dishes instead of dumping them in the sink for her or rishid, and a promise to turn his music down when she’s trying to write funding grants and answer emails from the british museum, and a promise to stop ‘borrowing’ her jewelry without asking first, and a promise to pay her back for all the make-up she bought for him last time she was in paris, thanks sis, you’re the best, have i ever told you how much i love you, sis? i love you. happy birthday
  • he also gives her an indiana jones hat, because he finally saw indiana jones, and he didn’t really like any of it (UM, INACCURATE) except the hat. isis NEEDS that hat.
  • isis loves that hat.

the adventures of young indiana jones rewatch
↳ love’s sweet song, london 1916


L: John Norton (b: 1760s Scotland?- d: after 1826?) Adopted by the Mohawk; Iroquois Warrior during the War of 1812. R: Lee Pace. 😁

Someone sent me this “interesting” little tidbit for some reason while Mr. Pace was hanging out in Scotland of all places (which I was informed he has Scottish blood). If he has Native American (like Mr. Norton whose father it is believed was Cherokee), I think we’re looking at a relative. If for just EYE CANDY: Lee is a dead ringer for John and John is a dead ringer for Lee. I think it’s the ears, lips, nose and brows that give it away, @leepacesweetfantasy.

Indian name (Norton): Teyoninhokovrawen. Married a woman named Catherine in his 30s, a woman from one of the six Iroquois nations. Current known ancestor on the Men’s side: Peter Norton, known for Norton Antiviral Software (which, full disclosure: is my absolute favorite). I want to go on a treasure hunt now…there are times when having a Master’s Degree in History is kinda fun. ☺️ I’m interested in Catherine (and I just got a huge clue on that one–I really need to fall asleep; thought this would help) to be honest…I love a challenge. I did find my father’s Great great great grandfather, Alexander (1799). Didn’t have to use Ancestory dot com. Too expensive when most of the stuff on there is often available for free at your State Archives. 

(They don’t call me Indiana Jones for nothing).

Project for another day–and I’m looking for a history to do–after the other two (one might be animated–still thinking). Off to deal with the other long haired warrior:

No wonder he’s so good at swinging those blades, @fortunatelyclevercandy and @storytimeteller1

andy: “you’ve gotta respect indiana jones-”

me: “do i”

andy: “wait i haven’t made my case yet”

me: “OH?”

andy: “instead of getting injured he just. loses more clothes. and since it’s a chase film, he never stops to get more clothes, he’s just. running around in booty shorts and part of a shirt.”



    She produced million-dollar blockbusters with Spielberg; now she’s pulling in billions for Star Wars as president of Lucasfilm. But don’t let the dollar signs fool you: This powerhouse is one of the greatest storytellers in Hollywood

    —Seth Plattner (Elle US, Nov 2017)

    As with every Jedi in the Star Wars universe, the ascension to Master doesn’t come without some prequel. For Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy—who, in 2012, became one of the most powerful executives in Hollywood when George Lucas handpicked her to succeed him as head of the biggest, most profitable, most rabidly fan-consumed movie franchise ever—the same holds true.

    The daughter of a theater actress and a judge, Kennedy grew up in Redding, California, a small town “where I didn’t actually see a lot of movies.” Nevertheless, she began honing her producing skills by managing her high school’s talent shows. As a telecommunications and film major at San Diego State University, she immersed herself in various media jobs: camera operator at a local station; news desk assistant; morning talk show producer. “At the time, they simply interested me,” she says. “They were the jobs you do when you’re just starting out. And they all kind of coalesced into what I wanted to do with my life once I met Steven.”

    Spielberg, that is. Inspired after seeing Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Kennedy moved to L.A. in 1978 and began working as the secretary to Spielberg’s friend, screenwriter John Milius. In short order, Spielberg poached her to be his own assistant, and a few years later, he was so impressed by her ideas and willingness to voice them that he gave Kennedy, then 29, her first producer credit—on E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. “I spent a lot of that time blinded by terror,” she says with a laugh. “But fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s always a good place to start.”

    From there, Spielberg, Kennedy, and her future husband, Frank Marshall, formed Amblin Entertainment in 1982; a decade later, Kennedy and Marshall—who now have two daughters—started their own company, The Kennedy/Marshall Company, which continued to work closely with Spielberg and which Marshall runs solo today.

    Through those years, Kennedy oversaw one record-breaking blockbuster after another— Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull—as well as Oscar-crushing dramas—The Color Purple, Schindler’s List, Lincoln. In total, she’s produced 70 films, which have racked up 125 Academy Award nominations (eight of which have her name on them) and grossed more than $11 billion worldwide.

    Since taking over as president at Lucasfilm, Kennedy has shepherded 2015’s The Force Awakens to a more than $2 billion global box-office gross and made stars of the film’s newcomers, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. Rogue One, the first stand-alone spin-off in the franchise, hauled in $1.1 billion the following year, and industry insiders speculate that next month’s The Last Jedi, the eighth “episode” in the now 40-year-old saga, could pull in even bigger numbers. But it’s not all about money: “Kathy told me, ‘Rian, it’s just more zeros,’ ” says Rian Johnson, whom Kennedy boldly hired to direct The Last Jedi (despite rumblings that he was too green to take on a project of Star Wars proportions). “ ‘It’s making a movie, telling a story, just with more people and sets.’ There’s an easygoing confidence with Kathy. Her whole thing is having close relationships with and supporting filmmakers. She gives you a safe space to work and play in.”

    In line with her commitment to spot and foster fresh onscreen talent with diverse perspectives, Kennedy cast Ridley, a virtual unknown, as The Force Awakens’ Rey, the first female lead in Star Wars history. “I have and still do feel supported through all parts of my life,” Ridley says. “I was recently struggling in a job, and she sent some wonderful emails reassuring me it would turn out well. That’s what makes her so special.”

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    Episode titles for LWA 16-19 got listed by Netflix:

    16. Pohjola’s Trial
    17. Amanda O'Neil and the Holy Grial
    18. StanWarship
    19. Cavendish

    Episode 16 should feature that one tower that appeared in episode’s 11 vision. 17’s title is an Indiana Jones parody and also pretty self-explanatory. 17 is definitely a Constance episode; Constance’s little robot is called Stanbot and the titular ship follows the same naming scheme. As for episode 19, I’m expecting it to be a more serious episode focused on Diana’s emotional problem, the title being her family name definitely hints it will be about how she has been suppressing her true feelings; kinda thinking it will end on a negative note before Akko and Diana finally open up to each other on episode 20 or 21.

    greencities  asked:

    F, T please

    F. A movie you love from your birth year

    Oh, no contest. Indy will forever own my heart.

    Originally posted by agirlandherfeels

    T. A short film you love

    Answered it here!

    janebeatthereaper  asked:

    How did you find your art style? And how long did it take you? Your style is so awesome and distinctive and consistent, and I just can't seem to find something that works for me.

    I had to wander through an ancient temple kind of like the one in Indiana Jones… after navigating several deadly boobytraps I found an ancient monk who asked me three riddles and after defeating him in single combat he replaced my original right hand with one that could draw. The drawing ability is nice but I can’t do the finger whistle thing anymore.

    No that’s a lie, I actually have all my drawings produced by a South Korean firm. I pay ₩1000 for every drawing… the lead times are kind of long.

    I dunno something like twenty, twenty-five years of drawing on a near daily basis I guess is the main thing that made it develop over time… A book called How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way by John Buscema and Stan Lee kind of set the foundation for me in early elementary school and reading cool comics, playing cool video games, and watching cool shows helped…

    I think the most recent big thing that made my art shift into looking like it does now was losing my computer that had photoshop on it in 2012, which made me start to use ink a lot more, and I started to try to pattern my artwork after etchings and late nineteenth/early twentieth century ink illustrations… more recently I’ve been trying to get into European comics and I bought a couple books by Marcos Mateu-Mestre called Framed Ink and Framed Perspective hopefully to tighten the screws on my style more, as I’ve always sucked at perspective/backgrounds.

    Getting good at art requires a lot of practice, and in my experience at least the key to developing an original style is to draw inspiration from diverse sources… and also practice a lot

    Just keep at it basically

    and also practice

    daughterofscotland  asked:

    9., 13, 14, 26, and 27

    Filling this out for the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

    9. Most disliked character(s)? Why? 

    The Flash: Lewis Snart. I think the reasons why are obvious. 

    Legends: Nate, do not like, do not want. Frat boy. Who hates history despite having his PhD in it on a time travel ship. Like, okay, then you’re doing it wrong. Tell Mick what history won’t miss or place that fires started in history (you want to rob the Tuilleries before they burned to the ground in 1871? Because no one’s going to miss that stuff and you can start fires to your heart’s content. You want to start fires and help people? San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. You want to rob the Library of Alexandria and just happen to have found the lost artifacts in it? Please do, Mick, please do, then Mick, Ray and Nate can pretend they are Indiana Jones)  He also convinces Ray to make fun of Sara acting like a captain with a very misogynist remark. He also convinces Amaya away from the life or death mission at hand by being a dicknugget. I just don’t like him.

    13.  Unpopular opinion about XXX character? Leonard Snart. I prefer him as the anti-villain/anti-hero/villain Leader of the Rogues, then what they were increasingly pushing him towards at the end of Legends season 1. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like post-Oculus!Len back. It just means I would like him to go back to acting like nothing’s changed, just now he has less murdering and more people he considers teammates, and with a better understanding that Mick is really, really important to him.

    14.  Unpopular opinion about your fandom? Iris as she is portrayed by fandom is awesome. Iris as she is written is not, and owes almost all of her badass to Candice Patton’s wonderful acting. But she still has about as much storyarc as Cosette in canon. (I think she would have more storyarc if she was with Eddie and if she isn’t being used as a prop to have Barry have emotions (and that she would be a stronger character for it)). The reasons to ship her with Eddie and not Barry are not racist. And jumping down people’s throats (in general, but particularly with accusations of only racists don’t ship WestAllen) when they don’t ship a ship is a thing this fandom does that really needs to stop (unless the person doesn’t ship them because they are in fact racist, which I have seen every so often). But don’t accuse everyone who doesn’t ship a ship of racism, when there are other reasons to not ship them.

    26.  Most shippable character? Barry or Len by fandom. But particularly Barry. Little black dress of fandom award goes to Barry, who flirts with everyone. 

    27.  Least shippable character? Stein is with his wife and no one else.

    Waking up and not knowing at all where he was, was not high on Luke’s list of priorities. In fact, it was probably at the bottom of his list; right next to go back to Tatooine. He really hoped neither would ever happen. Yet, here he was.

    His blue eyes first took in everything he could without moving his body. He felt the bed. It was a lot softer than most he had ever been on. The ceiling was old and flaking off material he did not know the name for. It was white though.

    Next, to attempt to move. He recalled the horrible crash landing he had to do. The smoke, the burning, this system’s star’s heat beating down upon his bleeding form. It was all too much. And then he remembered the man. Han. It had to have been Han. The similarities were too great. The only other way it could be someone else was if it was Han’s twin brother. Being a pirate down to his core, Han always kept most of his past and personal life secret from Luke and Leia. There was a big possibility that Han’s brother ended up on planet Earth. Perhaps he was running from his past just like his twin smuggling brother…

    Inspired by this amazing Indiana/Luke crossover fic! I am loving this shit, holy shit. This is an ongoing story, so PLEASE go and subscribe to it. The authors are wonderful people and I am 1000% sure i will be drawing more from this fic!


    Indy doodle dump.

    I just really wanted to draw her in a bunch of her different Nuka Cola outfits. Of course, that desire fizzled when I was about halfway through. Anyway, here they are, including Indy carrying Hancock because he needs to rest up after taking a few bullets/explosions/deathclaws for her.