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the adventures of young indiana jones rewatch
↳ love’s sweet song, london 1916

Episode titles for LWA 16-19 got listed by Netflix:

16. Pohjola’s Trial
17. Amanda O'Neil and the Holy Grial
18. StanWarship
19. Cavendish

Episode 16 should feature that one tower that appeared in episode’s 11 vision. 17’s title is an Indiana Jones parody and also pretty self-explanatory. 17 is definitely a Constance episode; Constance’s little robot is called Stanbot and the titular ship follows the same naming scheme. As for episode 19, I’m expecting it to be a more serious episode focused on Diana’s emotional problem, the title being her family name definitely hints it will be about how she has been suppressing her true feelings; kinda thinking it will end on a negative note before Akko and Diana finally open up to each other on episode 20 or 21.

Tonight on The Adventures of Young Indy and Marion:

Decidedly-scruffy-and-exasperated-grad-student!Indy and annoying-but-also-inexplicably-cute-and-alluring-teenager!Marion. You know; chillin’.

I really honestly don’t know why I’m suddenly on such an Indiana Jones kick forgive me.
(Also how do you draw Harrison Ford I give up)

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9., 13, 14, 26, and 27

Filling this out for the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

9. Most disliked character(s)? Why? 

The Flash: Lewis Snart. I think the reasons why are obvious. 

Legends: Nate, do not like, do not want. Frat boy. Who hates history despite having his PhD in it on a time travel ship. Like, okay, then you’re doing it wrong. Tell Mick what history won’t miss or place that fires started in history (you want to rob the Tuilleries before they burned to the ground in 1871? Because no one’s going to miss that stuff and you can start fires to your heart’s content. You want to start fires and help people? San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. You want to rob the Library of Alexandria and just happen to have found the lost artifacts in it? Please do, Mick, please do, then Mick, Ray and Nate can pretend they are Indiana Jones)  He also convinces Ray to make fun of Sara acting like a captain with a very misogynist remark. He also convinces Amaya away from the life or death mission at hand by being a dicknugget. I just don’t like him.

13.  Unpopular opinion about XXX character? Leonard Snart. I prefer him as the anti-villain/anti-hero/villain Leader of the Rogues, then what they were increasingly pushing him towards at the end of Legends season 1. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like post-Oculus!Len back. It just means I would like him to go back to acting like nothing’s changed, just now he has less murdering and more people he considers teammates, and with a better understanding that Mick is really, really important to him.

14.  Unpopular opinion about your fandom? Iris as she is portrayed by fandom is awesome. Iris as she is written is not, and owes almost all of her badass to Candice Patton’s wonderful acting. But she still has about as much storyarc as Cosette in canon. (I think she would have more storyarc if she was with Eddie and if she isn’t being used as a prop to have Barry have emotions (and that she would be a stronger character for it)). The reasons to ship her with Eddie and not Barry are not racist. And jumping down people’s throats (in general, but particularly with accusations of only racists don’t ship WestAllen) when they don’t ship a ship is a thing this fandom does that really needs to stop (unless the person doesn’t ship them because they are in fact racist, which I have seen every so often). But don’t accuse everyone who doesn’t ship a ship of racism, when there are other reasons to not ship them.

26.  Most shippable character? Barry or Len by fandom. But particularly Barry. Little black dress of fandom award goes to Barry, who flirts with everyone. 

27.  Least shippable character? Stein is with his wife and no one else.

birthday presents for isis ishtar

  • from yuugi and the gang: a lovely and expensive coffee table book on the archaeology of japan, plus a small photo album of their trip to egypt, filled with messy, but effusive thank-you/birthday notes singing her praises
  • from rishid: a soft blue silk scarf, because it matches her eyes, and she definitely kind of lingered over this one at the open market for a while, and he firmly believes she deserves nice things
  • from kaiba: the complete, entire, top-to-bottom funding of her next archaeological dig, from travel and lodging for every undergraduate research assistant looking for summer course credit to the survey equipment to the jeeps to the notebook she uses to take notes on pieces of pottery, you’re welcome, don’t mention it, ever. no, really. do not.
  • from malik: a moment of fuckgin %$!! PEACE AND QUIET !!!! also: a promise to stop walking around the house in his dirty, ashy motorcycle boots, and a promise to clean his dishes instead of dumping them in the sink for her or rishid, and a promise to turn his music down when she’s trying to write funding grants and answer emails from the british museum, and a promise to stop ‘borrowing’ her jewelry without asking first, and a promise to pay her back for all the make-up she bought for him last time she was in paris, thanks sis, you’re the best, have i ever told you how much i love you, sis? i love you. happy birthday
  • he also gives her an indiana jones hat, because he finally saw indiana jones, and he didn’t really like any of it (UM, INACCURATE) except the hat. isis NEEDS that hat.
  • isis loves that hat.

Indy doodle dump.

I just really wanted to draw her in a bunch of her different Nuka Cola outfits. Of course, that desire fizzled when I was about halfway through. Anyway, here they are, including Indy carrying Hancock because he needs to rest up after taking a few bullets/explosions/deathclaws for her.

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Headcanons for visiting Vegas after a mission with the boys? I'm mainly interested in Ratboy Genius and DJ Frogger over there, but feel free to throw in some Cowboy if you feel like it. Also: Of course no Vegas request is complete without waking up Hangover style and realising you got married, so OF COURSE Id love reactions for that too.

y e s  y e s (i’m also putting headcanons in 2nd pov now cuase idk i’m tryin to figure out what I like best)

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Don’t miss Sundance Film Festival’s Power of Story Panel featuring George Lucas and Robert Redford tonight at 6 PM MST! Not at Sundance?! Watch the Live Stream of the Panel right when it starts:

Kicking off Art of Film Weekend, a program celebrating the craft of filmmaking, join Robert Redford and George Lucas – two iconic filmmakers who epitomize the spirit of independence in American cinema – in conversation with critic Leonard Maltin. Distinctive as storytellers, their pioneering visions have also yielded innovative enterprises and institutions that cultivate creativity and imagination, advance technology, and push the realm of possibility.

  • Robert Redford is recognized the world over for the roles he has played and the projects he has directed or produced throughout a distinguished stage and film career. He is an environmentalist and advocate for social responsibility and political involvement and has nurtured countless innovative voices through his nonprofit Sundance Institute and Film Festival.
  • Filmmaker George Lucas’ devotion to timeless storytelling and cutting-edge innovation has resulted in some of the most successful and beloved films of all time, including the Star Wars saga and the Indiana Jones franchise, while also pioneering new digital standards for sophistication in film visuals and sound and inspiring generations of young people to follow their imagination and dreams.
  • Leonard Maltin is best known for his annual Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide and 30-year run on Entertainment Tonight. He has served as President of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, votes on the National Film Registry, sits on the Board of Directors of the National Film Preservation Foundation, teaches at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and is a prolific author. He holds court online at and on the weekly podcast Maltin on Movies.

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So my friend galahadsgurl and I were chatting (she writes the UALP, aka the fic with ALL THE RENNERS. ALL OF THEM). We got onto the topic of Irish people and pubs and she concluded that against all science, tiny!Steve would be able to hold his alcohol very impressively. When he gets drunk, he becomes the most cuddly affectionate thing ever. And climbs Bucky like a tree and curls up in his lap and just clings. Like a tiny koala Steeb.

A Bitty Steve ‘Verse Side Story

This is set presumably after the team starts running around trying to prove Bucky’s announcement that - yo, Avengers, you have MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES ON YOUR SHIELD PLANE and yeah, that guy who looks like an Old Evil Version of Steve, yes, Tony, I know he’s SECDEF, that’s my Handler and I hate him and I want to slice him up into pieces for siccing me on my precious Bitty Steve.

So remember Tony has had JARVIS sift through SHIELD’s dirty secrets from way back in the Avengers? JARVIS finally found the Winter Soldier file.  So Bucky’s telling the truth.  And okay, the team’s made plans and now they’re in that space where they just have to wait things out.

So because this is a Good Idea, Nat proposes that they all, currently, just get very, very drunk.  Because AUGH MOTHERFUCKING HYDRA SNAKES IN SHIELD!!!

Everyone goes for it. 

And then, Tony, of course, makes the mistake of saying that maybe we ought to keep Steve away from the liquor because, hey, look, bitty.  Might get drunk real fast.  Also sick.  Bad Idea, right?

“Dem’s fightin’ words, Stark Junior,” Steve tells him. 

“DON’T CALL ME JUNIOR!” Tony bellows. Also, Indiana Jones reference, yes, Tony, we can schedule a movie night AFTER everyone recovers from the hangover.

Also - drinking contest time!

Thor is excluded by virtue of unfair godlike advantage but he is made the judge, much to his amusement. 

Natasha gets the drinks out.  Pick your poison. 

Bucky has an impressive poker face.  He just sets Steve down next to Tony and then starts taking bets with Sam.  Steve’s a true Irish boy. Despite the bitty size, he actually does know how to hold his liquor. 

So he actually drinks Tony under the table. 

But he does get drunk.

And drunk Steve is a tiny, affectionate ball of adorableness who suddenly remembers his Irish accent.  He kisses Nat on both cheeks, Russian-style and tells her, “You’re one hella classy dame, Romanoff.”

He does the same to Clint and goes, “Nice arms there, Barton.”

He studiously ignores the growl from his suddenly grumpy husband.  He waves a hand at Bucky and goes, “Wait there, baby.”

“Try to remember you’re a married man, is what I’m saying,” Mrs. Rogers reminds him sternly. 

Steve pets Bruce’s hair and says he’s so “floofy” which makes Bruce laugh. 

Thor and Sam both get Steve glomps and a “You fellas are all right.”

And finally, Steve just staggers on to Bucky, regards him with those big blue eyes for a moment and there it is, that happy sunshine smile, that’s guaranteed to take Bucky out at the knees.

“Unfair, dorogoi moy,” Bucky protests but Steve isn’t done. 

"See, baby, there’s something I been wanting to do and I don’t have to wait until we’re behind closed doors.”


Steve climbs him like a tree.  Bucky’s arms curl automatically around his husband, who is doing a remarkable impression of a koala and he doesn’t do a lot of protesting when he first gets nuzzled and then treated to a really hot kiss that has Clint and Nat wolf-whistling.  And then Steve is happy to stay there, snuggling into Bucky’s neck for the rest of the night.

Turns out, there’s something good to come out of that Zola knock off super soldier serum.  Bucky doesn’t have to put his bitty punk down at all. 

- end (of the side story!) -


Why I consider “The Test” one of greatest episodes of Steven Universe season 1

Im rewatching Steven Universe. Thats really all there is to say on the matter.

start of episode is so cute. C´mon, Gems playing game with Steven? Yaaas.

Pearl trying to understand children game with super complicated rules…
they way she tried to make sense of it…Thats how i felt sometimes while trying to make sense of Homestuck when i got lost (which was quite often) :D

And how Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst congratulates Steven for winning game is just plain great. So sweet of them! ((how can anybody say they´re here for him just because her half-gem? Would they throw a birthday party for him if they didnt care, huuh?)

And then Steven finds Sea Spire statue. He´s clearly sad and feels guilty about making mistake and making it fell apart. And what do Gems do? they reassure him, tell him its alright. which is awesome

and Pearl makes such a funny face when she realises she said it was test mission for steven XD

Also as always…Pearl is terrible liar XD and i love noisies she did in this part of episode. “eeeeewww” XD XD Deedee is great voice actor

and they just go and agree on Steven´s “Test meeeeee”. They create a freaking dungeon

and that cool sequence when doors open? woooooow

Once again, music composers proved themselves that they´re briliant at music.

the little star baloons at ends of chambers? cuuuuuuuuute!! All so Steven is more happy
lets talk about chambers.

Amethyst is random. running before ball aka Indiana Jones reference? Heck yes. Also her chamber is best decorated. Hands down because it totally is.
Pearl´s room is cool. I love Steven´s sentense “Oh, a musical puzzle. Must be Pearl´s room. only she would make me think.” XD XD so funny line. And then BAM. Pearl´s room is like “ Ok Steven. you can think swiftly, but can you MOVE swiftly as well?”

aand Garnet´s chamber is just….quite hot. Now, what else were you waiting from Garnet? Pretty rad.

and they put safety everywhere. Not because they dont trust Steven, but because this test isnt about him proving his abilities to Gems. Its about givinng him confidence.
(i cant just…dat feelsy musiiiiiiiiic)

and then we have my favorite part of episode.

Gems, standing in finish, waiting for Steven. They want best for their boy. Steven needs to remain confident, thats for sure. Lapis went away, Peridot just showed up, he lost his healing powers…hard times came, Its important for Steven not to went into despair. So this is why they´re doing it. For him. They are only ones who can teach Steven how to be gem and protect humanity. So they need to be parent figures for him. But they´re aliens. They arent familiar with taking care of someone younger, they already started existing as adults, never living through growing up process.

What´s more, Steven is only half-gem. Garnet said it perfectly. “There´s never been anything or anyone like Steven. We don´t know what he needs.” Gems struggle so much to be good parents to Steven, even through they themselves feels…lost. Their leader Rose, one who gave them all reassurance…is not here anymore, and its been only 13 years since she passed away…for someone who lived for thousands of years, thats only tiniest fracture of time…and can hardly heal grief. Its like if you lost someone mere minutes ago.

So yeah, they´re lost. And what does Steven do? They tricked him, again. He has right to be angry. But…our Ste-man is much more brighter. He plays along. In the end…its Gems who get reasured, who gain confidence…in being parents for Steven.

and it all end with hug. what a way to end episode

So yeah, thats why i consider this one of best episodes of season 1. Its not that much of plot-related  episode.and yet…its something amazing.