Indian Remy Hair for the Best Hair Extensions

Indian Remy hair is one of the best wigs or you can say the hair extensions that are present in the market and also in the online stores. With the Indian hair, you will find various textures that really blend well. It is most preferred for its appealing nature and also it is popular for the texture and versatility. Indian hair extensions are considered the most versatile type of products offered in the market today.

Almost all types of hair are processed with chemicals, but not the virgin hair. This is the reason why it is called virgin hair. If this hair is well maintained, then it can last for many years. These are considered of the highest standards because they are cut from a single individual. This is the reason it looks even, realistic and perfect in every manner.

A number of women around the world today wish for the Indian Remy hairdue to its versatile nature. This is the prime reason why such hair is so popular and also you can choose from different textures like tight curl, slight body wave, straight, loose curls and much more. The hair gathered from a single person is known as Remy hair.

The Indian hair extensions will work and last longer if it is equally well maintained and cared. If you have any kind of requirement related to the hair extension, then the Remy hair is considered the most suitable one. Specially, the Indian hair is in huge demand due to its unlimited benefits and features.

Indian Remy Hair – Best for Anyone Looking for Natural Wig

Indian Remy hair is the best available option for those who are looking for natural wig or hair extension. Today many people are using these products and it’s not at all bad to use them. There are a number of companies and stores available in the market and also over the online world that can offer you a variety of products. But you must choose the best so that you don’t have to compromise with your style and attire. Today it is very much possible to get the necessary information about any product you want to purchase. 

Indian Remy hair is one of the most popular and favorite options available for the people when they go for the extension of hair. The complete procedure of the Remy hair includes a number of steps. The hair that is cut from the head of the donors is kept under special cells and it is specially checked that cuticles remain undamaged. The cuticles are the main difference between the common hair extensions and Indian hair extensions. This process is also popular because they never use any kind of chemicals and the things used are hundred percent natural. Due to this quality, such hair is also known as the virgin hair. These are also very smooth and beautiful in their looks.

You will find a number of differences between Indian hair extensions and the normal ones that are offered in the market and the best thing about Indian hair is that it doesn’t plait or twist because the cuticles are equal and intact.

Do You Know The Exactly Black Hair Extensions?

You dont have to envy your preferred raven-haired celebrities, you can look similar to them with the help of black extensions, but with so much choice and quality differences, can you be sure which black hair extensions to settle on?

First of all, you need to know what black hair extensions actually are, how they are made and consider some of the best types to choose to be able to make the correct purchase decision. To start with, not all black hair extensions are the same. This means there are varying textures, styles lengths and in some cases shades. Not every black is equal, there are natural black hair extensions, blue black extensions and so on. First analyze your individual hair needs and find the perfect black to match your natural tones. You ought to ask for samples and do a comparison to your natural hair color to make the right choice, though black tresses are a lot easier to blend it within your natural black locks without anyone noticing the gap.

There are different types of hair found in black hair extensions: human hair, synthetic hair and a mix of human and synthetic hair. Hair extensions can be styled just like your natural hair, meaning you may blow dry, straighten, curl, wash and dye them. This can be accomplished with extensions that use Completely human hair, and they will provide the least developed results. The human hair moved through a shaving, boiling and selecting process, so its quite obvious that all this work put into making the hair extensions will mean that the pricing is more elevated. You can find natural indian hair extensions in beauty stores together with the adhesives and shampoos necessary for attaching and removing, with regards to the type of extensions you buy. With synthetic extensions you will get artificial fibers and less natural results. Naturally these are a lot cheaper and might be washed but cant be heat styled because the artificial strands will be damaged.

The coloring process is yet another thing. The hair goes through a procedure that is the same for all hair colors. It can be colored with fabric dyes that happen to be stronger than the usual hair dyes used on natural locks. By moistening the end of your finger and rubbing the strands, you can examine the strength of the dye. If it rubs off, this means you need to find some black real hair extensions of better quality.

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Get your half up half down style quick and easy!

anonymous asked:

I tried to find an answer on the internet but didn't really get one and I understand if you don't know the question or want to answer since youre not a hair professional and you said you have fine hair but I have really thick coarse hair... for a white girl anyways. and everyone I hear talking about having extensions usually has thin hair but I was wondering if you think extensions will blend as nicely with thick hair? I dont need it for the volume more for the length.

You’re actually in HUGE luck then bb!!

 I don’t know how thick you hair is, but if you have darker hair, you can actually do Indian hair which is a lot cheaper then European hair extensions. I would still TRY not make sure they are virgin and can be heat styled. A lot of beauty supply stores in African American neighborhoods have Indian hair you can like… check out if it works for you. Even if you can’t do Indian finding hair extensions will be a lot easier and cheaper. 

The one cost that will be more is you will probably need MORE hair. So it might even out. I would still not do any fusion (hot or cold) or micro link extensions because even with thick and coarse hair, it’s extremely damaging. So I’d say your options are tape ins or a weave, both are reasonably priced. If you do get a weave, get someone with experience. And weaves are uncomfortable at first but on black girls or girls with thick hair, they look fucking AMAZING. 

I’d say one of the best, most luxurious, hair extensions I’ve EVER seen was a mixed girl who got tape ins on top of her head, and then had a weave so it all blended perfectly. It’s a bit more complicated, and you might need to see 2 people for that, so if that interests you I would start with one or the other first. 

TBH I mean not only am I jelly of girls with thick hair (because mine grows but damn it is thin, basically see through), I’m jelly because it’s actually easier to get beautiful hair. I’m lucky I have a great and helpful salon, but it took YEARS of me trying to find a place and I finally gave up for a while. 

Good luck on your hair journey!

Also, as a side note, Brazilian Blowouts make thick hair SO LUSCIOUS but they’re pricey and they don’t last long. Japanese Straightening Treatments are also doable with thick hair (they fuck up thin hair) but with those, you literally CANT curl your hair because you’re changing the chemical makeup of the cuticle

Inserting Clip on’s to create a high pony

God day,

Today we’re inserting Lizelle Lenvi Clip on extensions to create a high pony hairstyle,

You will need:
One Lizelle Lenvi full clip on extensions set (3 pieces) including two 18cm width hair and one 25cm width hair.
Hair brush
Sectioning out hair ties or clips

Step 1: Brush your hair thoroughly

Step 2: Start off by measuring out a curved line just above your ears, measure that your 18cm hair will fit the line UPSIDE DOWN and section out hair below and tie up.

Step 3: About half way up your head, section your hair into a curved horseshoe. Measure the line to see if the 25cm clip on extension will fit the sectioned line also UPSIDE DOWN, then tie up both hair sections. This will be your second section

Step 4: Then right in the front, section out another curved line that will fit in between the big horseshoe line and measure your 18cm line so that it fits the right way round. In the end you will have 4 sections.

NB* you must leave enough hair on the sides and the front to cover the tracks of the hair.

Step 5:Starting at the bottom, untie the sectioned hair allowing you to clip in the 18cm clip on extension UPSIDE DOWN. (If your hair is fine, you can tease your hair a little bit only at the points where the combs are to clip in)

Step 6: Then Untie the middle section and using your 25cm width Clip on extension, clip in the hair UPSIDE DOWN. (If your hair is fine, you can tease your hair a little bit only at the points where the combs are to clip in)

Step 7: Untie the top section and insert the last clip on in the right way round.

Step 8: Starting at the top start by collecting the hair extensions only and then brushing your own natural hair to cover the tracks, tie your hair up into a lovely pony.

And there the have it, you have just created a high pony look in a few Quick and Easy Steps.

Do check out the how-to video tomorrow morning at 11 on Lizelle Lenvi TV, YouTube.

100% Indian Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions, raw bundle hair non process it has the ability to last a longer lifetime and can be fully bleach, colored and curled with hot irons.
Deep Curl

14" $50
16" $60
18" $70
20" $80
22" $90
24" $100
26" $110
28" $120
30" $130

Order via website or call and text (323) 439-4446

Local pick-up also available.
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