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DAY 3231

Jalsa, Mumbai                      Feb ½,  2017                   Wed/Thu 12:03 am

Birthday - EF - Kashmira Nikhilesh Mehta … Thu, February 2 .. and all our greetings to you for this very special day .. love from the Ef ..

I am fascinated by the art work of my Ef .. and wish to not just compliment them that create them, but also to be given some guidance in learning this craft .. will I be able to ..? would someone teach me on the net ..? Do you think it would be too extenuating for me to derive any kind of artistic pleasure or capability if I were to ..?

SO answer me .. 

And for them that send up their prayers for Vasant Panchami, or Basant Panchami, my greetings and wishes to all .. may the Goddess of Learning and Education, Saraswati give us all the acumen to learn to pass on what we do, to educate them that shall never have access to the basics of an education ..

the flowers that we find on the floor of the pathway are those that drop at the drive way of Janak .. and the image of Saraswati is the one that is established at the ‘mandir’ of the office .. tastefully done, and with the prayers the hope of peace and prosperity for this Basant Panchami .. also the birthday of Abhishek according to the Hindu calendar  .. but the day to be celebrated is the 5th ..

Is there a superstition on outcomes of events or victories at a game, or the success of a project, or just about every moment of our lives ..? Many believe in it and follow regularly with amazing zeal and belief, its unfolding in various forms .. 

The Indian Cricket team sits at a place at a game, and if matters are going well, are guided and cajoled into continue sitting at their place else bear the consequences of a loss of the game in progress .. or so I heard from Sachin, and a few others as well .. Viru Sehwag who was the commentator for the Hindi version, when interviewed on the field before the start of the game, disclosed that England would win the game and hence the series .. and quick to counter that was the colleague commentator, who informed us on Tv that whenever Viru guesses outcome of a game in the favour of a particular team, the opposite happens .. so rightfully in true national and patriotic allegiance he predicted that England would win tonight and leave the Indian shores with a series win for the T20 format .. happened did it not .. we won and superstition or whatever it may be called, proved correct  ..

Cross your legs in a particular fashion, a wicket falls .. of the opposition .. keep that position you dumb-nutted idiot AB .. if you change that, we may have a selection crisis in choosing the next .. !! Left over the right thigh and runs coming in the droves .. a break, a shift in the position .. and we lost a wicket .. never mind another one coming .. and so on ..

BUT .. with so many onlookers and viewers wishing and expressing mentally the success of our team, does the vibration of so many millions not proceed to give relevance to what we have been discussing .. the sheer deliverance of energy, psychic or any other to the other ..? would it not be distinguished enough to enable, I would presume, a competent enough devise, a method, to form another group, another party another conclave ..?  

Strength of a will or a pulse or a hidden energy is often spoken of, and often provoked in cases of want .. why, pray, does this thought even enter our minds and systems .. will it, and it shall be they say .. many have done so and faced success, or countered rejection …

There must be an explanation to internal energy - one that gets hidden by nature .. deliberately. Deliberately ! yes indeed for it is required to be made protective and unknown. Harnessing it though would be such a delight to those that have lived through it .. and a disaster for the others that do not .. 

The world of ‘do nots’ .. and the world of the ‘have nots’ .. the world of the haves and the world of the have nots .. of the world of the will, and will to be not .. how do they ever get to access all this scientific clarification.. there is a science is there not ..??

Gosh .. from cricket to Saraswati .. !!

The Gods must be turning in their respective heavens .. !!

Amitabh Bachchan , and thank you all for the gorgeous art work, even though its printing here does sound a bit narcissistic .. but I do believe that the sooth sayers and the astro scientists of the East particularly have designated the flower ‘ narcissus ‘ to the astrological sign of the LIBRA .. the NARCISSUS being of such dimensions :


via Latin from Greek narkissos, perhaps from narkē ‘numbness’, with reference to its narcotic effects.

Narcissus |nɑːˈsɪsəs| Greek Mythology

a beautiful youth who rejected the nymph Echo and fell in love with his own reflection in a pool. He pined away and was changed into the flower that bears his name.

(grateful thanks to Mr Google .. not pronounced as the English Goo_ gle .. but the Marathi ‘Goog_le’)


I’d really like to make myself a some friends.

So hey peeps! 

I’m kinda ambiverted and I read a lot. I have a tendency to not text people first because i feel like i bore them.

Also a sucker for various genres of rock music.

And I support Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. I think Kaka and Thomas Muller are absolute sweethearts. I love the Blackcaps and Trent Boult,, Tim Southee and Adam Milne. and  the  INDIAN CRICKET TEAM.  I also like Liverpool. And I love Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray.

My ships are Malec, Klaroline, Destiel,  Percabeth, Naley,  Mia thermopolis and Michael Moscovitz, Solangelo, Adrian Ivashkov and Sydney Sage, Sizzy, Haleb, Spoby, Caskett, Katniss and Peeta, Wanda and Ian, Sussanah and Jesse,  and……. many more.

So, hi!

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