soccer and cricket! way to go!


i mean honestly i try so hard not to get suckered in by nike’s ad campaigns but i am so weak!!! every goddamn time!!! STOP IT cries my superego, YOU’VE READ NO LOGO, YOU KNOW HOW ADVERTISING WORKS. “fuk u” says my id, “it’s deepika padukone and the indian women’s cricket team.” really what chance did i ever have

Is Ganguly hoping for a Comeback ??

After the dismal performance by the current Indian squad , selectors are in a tight spot . According to our sources ex-players like Saurav Ganguly , Anil Kumble , Javagal Srinath , and even Ajay Jadeja can make potential comeback to the Indian team (as a player of course … DUHHH !!!! )

This is what the chief of Selectors had to say , “We are really disappointed with the performance of the young team , We are thinking of roping in some of the ex-Indian players for the 4th test … We need to win it , The good thing is that Dhoni is back in form ”

Our correspondent also asked him if Duncan Fletcher was a right choice of coach for the team and he replied “What is done is done and nothing can be changed now”

Earlier today we found Saurav Ganguly at a book launch party (You guys dont need to know what book it was) , he seemed to be in a very cheerful mood. When asked what he thinks about his possibility to represent India again , he had only one thing to say — that he is has his fingers crossed :)

Is the Bench strength of India is so Poor ?? Are T20 making the young players vulnerable to test conditions ??

These are some questions that still doesnt have any clear answer …

Lets wait and watch how the story unfolds

my dad is really worked up about how the indian cricket team played tonight.

i just went to ask him a question and he was like:

look just leave me alone ok i’m in a horrible mood!!!! the indian cricket team is a damn disgrace and my life totally sux!!!!!!!!!!

oh dad

in two weeks we’re going to see the india vs. australia (i think) cricket match.

if india doesn’t win, my dad might will have an emotional breakdown right there.


You got your first 100! 

Ahhh :) Glad to think that somehow my best wishes to you the other day, might have somehow helped hahaha. 

So so happy right now, even though this match isn’t going anywhere.

Really promising future of the Indian Cricket Team that’ll only be even more great  if we continue to introduce some more of our younger boys. Bring on the ODI’s!