indian festive wear


Tales of Patan | A visual ode to the handwoven textile of Patola made in Patan, Western India

Outfits | Gaurang Shah

Concept and Styling | Who Wore What When

Photography | Karan Nevatia

Models | Naomi Janumala and Poulomi Das


As the last figure disappeared into the darkest depth
Brandishing his turban’s trail.
A war cry resounded against the garden’s weathered walls.
A most valiant brand of men, lay resurrected in spirit of a nation
that readied itself to wreck its shackles;
Readied itself for the glory, the upheaval for

“The Mutiny 1919”

Shantanu and Nikhil | Men’s Couture FW 2016


Jahanara by Good Earth | Festive trousseau wear with rich embroideries evoking the exuberant style of Jahanara, daughter of Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan. Weaves of tonal embroidery on luxury fabrics like silk, mashru and handloom chanderi, bring her regal elegance and charisma to life.

Models | Priya Jain and Tridisha Baruah