indian woman tattoo

anonymous asked:

every slang word, the 70's culture, 80's culture, 90's culture, all started by black woman. door knocker earrings, dreadlocks, box braids, cornrows, all black woman. gelled down baby hairs and overlining lips? black and latinx woman. white girls didnt start shit ever. body modification? african and indian woman. tattooing? polynesian woman. white girls aint shit. all you do is steal WOC culture and slap your names on it.

You dumbshit. I’m Filipino/Chinese. Tribal tattoos aren’t limited to African culture; although I doubt you give a fuck or know jackshit about that kind of thing since dumbfucks like you just LOVE to slap the “this is black only” label on damn near everything.

You want to play the racist game? Who’s the fuckhead that just erased my ethnicity by implying I’m white? Oh it’s you.