indian wedding photograph


Ah words can’t describe how much I loved this getting ready session with Maham from the summer. The lighting, the ambiance, the amazing MUA, and such a perfect bride <3 
Can’t wait for our next bridal session later this month! :D

Charlotte’: “Dinle bak , hep balayı olarak kalmalı sürekli (…) sonsuza kadar, ikimizden biri ölene kadar. Başka türlüsü olamaz. Ya cennet, ya cehennem: Bu ikisi arasında doğru yol, erdem, utanç ya da pişmanlık gelip yakamıza yapışıncaya kadar rahat, huzur ve güven bekleyeceğimiz bir Araf yok ikimiz için (…) İki insan arasındaki aşk ölür derler. Bu doğru değil. Aşk ölmez. Eğer ona layık değilsen, seni bırakır gider. O ölmez; ölen sen olursun.”

William Faulkner -  Çılgın palmiyeler

Görsel :  Blaine Harrington -  Women working, Amber Palace, India

From my recent shoot with Surbhi of HeadTilt. Second look !  💖

Wardrobe: Matsya



So I know a lot of my work here now is portrait based but I have to share this beautiful henna work from a pre-wedding ceremony that I photographed last week. Indian culture is so enchanting and beautiful and I’m so grateful to have had a chance to participate in this, even if it was just on the sidelines.

© Fabiola Photography


- mayun

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This Wedding Sari image was taken on the Ghat at Varanasi.  Indian weddings are a site to behold, totally over whelming with drums singing and large crowds gathered around the lucky couple.  There are so many colours with both the men and women dressed to impress.  I was luck enough to be able to get this image with out anyone else in the frame.  Everything just aligned beautifully.


Varinder <3 Amanjot

Wedding day - Viah aala din - Outdoor Shoot

And the idea struck that we should not shoot inside the palace under artificial light and rather go out and click some pictures. I asked groom’s mother for the same and she said, “15 min ch vapis aajeo” & then I asked Bride’s brother and he sent driver to get the car. 

Varinder & Amanjot are shy and cute at same time, we had hard time to get them unconscious about photographers running around them with lenses pointing out at them, and we were back in exactly 14 minutes on my watch.

Varinder later told me that those 14 minutes were the best of time that day ofcourse after Anand Karaj.