indian wedding attire


Scott had a photo shoot this weekend with a couple who were getting married on Sunday, but wanted to get some pictures in traditional Indian wedding attire in honor of the groom’s heritage the day before the wedding (his brother and sister were also in the wedding party). I took these iPhone pics to capture the day, while Scott took “real” photos. It was a lovely, brisk morning at the University of Washington Arboretum. The groomsmen are all in the Air Force and planned to wear their dress blues for the wedding ceremony. But Saturday was a time for a little more fun. And boy did they have fun. We even ran into another couple getting some pre-wedding photos who wanted to share in the joy. It was a good day.

i’m done with the posts that are about indian weddings or generalized ‘south asian weddings’ yet only feature north indian wedding traditions and attire…again as if the rest of south asia does not exist? 

Her outfit😍 love the colors! And her rani haar (long necklace) is to die for🙌! Another picture of this bride coming soon!