indian sword

A khanda broadsword from Rajasthan, Northern India, in the mid-1800s, with a couple of extras in the form of a katar punch-dagger and a single-shot percussion pistol. Decisions, decisions, which one to use first?

In fact given the Indian swordsmiths’ fondness for tucking away a hidden sting in the tail, there may even have been a version of this with a stiletto that screwed up inside the grip. Rather like these…

And the katar dagger could have been enhanced as well…

Indian weapons are a great source of inspiration for writers and artists who want something a bit OTT but with the realism that comes of having actually existed.


Gemsona weapon ideas part 10

in case you didnt already know. I’m steven universe trash and i love helping people with making stuff.

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The Pata gauntlet sword is Indian and similar to the Katar but more sword-like

The Kaiser blade is a landscaping tool. but if ninjas have taught us anything, its that farming tools can be excellent as weapons.

The Sonic Shotgun is from the movie minority report. its hard to describe so just see this video that shows how the gun worked in its unfortunately short screen time. just know it shoots non-lethal sound waves and is really freaking cool.

Now i’m sure many of you know about the chakram, Indian throwing rings. well here is a variant that can be split apart and used as a melee weapon rather than a throwing one.

The Predator from the similarly named movies has a plasma gun over his shoulder for hands free shooting.

The Chain sickle is what i think Alexandrite’s fusion weapon is. a blade and a weight connected with a chain.

this is a riot shield, but this one has flashbang grenades built into the front to disorient enemies while leaving the user unharmed.

The Bola is two or three weights around a small rope that can be thrown at opponents. or you can throw them at their legs to tangle them up and prevent them from fleeing.

the Gaderffii stick is a weapon used by the Tusken Raiders from Star Wars. usually consisting of two ends, a club and a mace, each with a huge spike on it.

and finally there is the trench knife, for when you cannot decide if you want to punch or stab.

good luck with oc creating.

Gemsona weapon ideas

coming up with a gemsona weapon can be hard if you want to use something unique rather than the basic medieval weapons everyone knows about. so here are some interesting weapons i have found for anyone to use.

This is a Khanda, an Indian sword with a flat tip that can be used with either one hand or two hands.

This is a Mere, calling is a club would be misleading. it was used by Maori warriors and is made mostly from gemstone.

the Chinese Three barrel pole gun is one of the earliest guns to ever be made.

The Kanabo is a club used by samurai to crush things. 

The Bhuj is sometimes called “The Axe Knife” since it is just a knife on a short handle. it also holds a small blade hidden in the handle.

the Atlatl & Tlacochtli is basically a giant arrow connected to a short stick that lets you throw it farther and more accurately.

The Iwisa is a wooden club use by the Zulu warriors of southern/eastern Africa

The Burda is a Celtic club used to smash things, that’s all.

Emei Peircers are tiny spears attached to rings that allow it to spin around, often used with one on each hand.

the Roman scissor is really just turning your arm into an axe

the Wushu Whip Chain is like a whip but made of metal.

and lastly we have the Zhua, which is just a metal claw on the end of a huge stick. i cannot find any good pictures of this so this sketch will have to suffice.

Grand Duke Alexei received as a gift from chief Spotted Tail an Indian wigwam and a bow and arrows. The Grand Duke took them back to St. Petersburg. At present they are kept at the museum in Tver. In memory of his adventures in the America, the Grand Duke organized every year a special entertainment. The actors arrived to a village of tents in old carriages drawn by heavy horses. On the palaces lake there were “Indian” pirogues. Men with swords and tomahawks danced with women dressed in long old skirts. The performance was supposed to give the attendance an image of the American Old West.
- Source

Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich poses for a photograph during his visit to the United States, 1871.


State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Releases April 28 for Xbox One

State of Decay was one of the gaming highlights of 2013 (and much of 2014). A persistent, open-world zombie survival game, with base-building, resource management, and perma-death? Heck yes! It was unique and addictive – the kind of game that is different for every player, yet with a cohesive, universal feeling and message. And soon, State of Decay fans and newcomers alike will get to experience the post-apocalyptic adventure in a whole new light in State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition for Xbox One.

State of Decay puts you in the center of a zombie apocalypse in Trumbull Valley. With an ever-growing band of survivors under your control, you have to figure out a way to stay alive long enough to escape. In Year-One Survival Edition, along with the base game, you get both DLCs: A more open-ended, “how long can you survive” experience (Breakdown), and a more structured experience (Lifeline) that includes a different location (Danforth) and you playing as a military unit, Greyhound One. Year-One Survival Edition comes with all three for $29.99 – which is an insane deal.

For its Xbox One upgrade, State of Decay gets a fancy new coat of 1080p paint. New textures add an increased level of detail to the world, and the lighting changes make day more vibrant… and night more treacherous. The increased draw distance lets you see zombie hordes coming from way down the road, giving you more time to prepare (or panic).

But State of Decay is really about the people, and developer Undead Labs made improvements to them as well. New animations make both humans and zombies move more fluidly and realistically, while an improved interface makes it easier for players to manage items, equip weapons, and make snap decisions during an intense horde attack. On top that, some of the characters from the Lifeline expansion are now playable in the Breakdown expansion.

Oh, and you’ve got a knife now – a sweet, sharp-ass knife. So if your melee weapon breaks, you can go all Michael Myers on the zombies instead of kicking them to death.

For the loyal State of Decay fans, Microsoft and Undead Labs are sweetening the deal: Everyone who already owns the Xbox 360 version receives a 33% discount on Year-One Survival Edition when it hits Xbox One later this year. On top of that, returning players receive a new exclusive character, the sword-wielding Indian-American badass, Gurubani.

Year-One Survival Edition is truly impressive, and definitely closer to the vision that Undead Labs had for the original game. State of Decay was an ambitious project – and it’s exciting to see it on hardware powerful enough to really handle its apocalyptic scope.