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Seafair Pow-Wow 2015


pow wow dancers, mixed tribal


So last year I was the Calgary Stampede Indian Princess. What that means is that I attended 350+ events in the city of Calgary, around Calgary, Germany (twice), Toronto, Pendleton, and Regina (2014 grey cup) all to promote my unique First Nations culture and the connection of the stampede and the Indian Village for one whole year. It was an unforgettable year and I met so many great people, travelled to beautiful places, and learned so much more about my culture. This year, it happens to be the 50th anniversary of the Indian princess program! It’s also the last year that the Village is in the same location. Next year it’ll be on the opposite side of the park. So with that, I’ll be back at it for the 10 days of the 2015 stampede and I couldn’t be more excited! This time around, most of the princess alumni members will attend events together, or divide into groups and attend multiple events, making it more exciting because it’ll be a first for the program to have more than one princess there. So starting with Canada day up until the 12th, I’ll be all around the city celebrating my culture and western heritage. I also may post more about it on here as the days go by. If you see me in the parade (July 3rd) feel free to give me a wave as I ride by! :)