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I feel terrible whenever I hear my parents talking to each other about our household’s income. We only own a South Asian store, where we sell like spices, henna, frozen Desi foods, hair products, skin products, daal, etc (typical Desi store stuff). That’s our only source of income. It used to be okay-ish back in elementary and middle school, but ever since these American stores started to sell some of these things (at prices higher than their worth), less people have been shopping at our store, hence our income declining.

Please, I’m begging y'all, support your local South Asian stores, and shop there if you need any of those “South Asian” items (if there is a South Asian store near you). At least 60% of the owners are likely going through the same as my parents. Also, I can almost guarantee you’ll save money shopping at the local Desi stores as opposed to stores like Safeway, Vons, Krogers, etc.

young women in brown culture

In the brown community you literally can’t make no mistakes as a young woman because aunties will insult you as an ‘slut’ and your izath (family name) will be gone.

But one thing they don’t realize is that they’re holding us back from what we aren’t supposed to do. If you are holding us back, we are gonna do it anyways. We are young, we experiment and we make mistakes. The mistakes shouldn’t you define as a person. 

But with brown aunties, once you make a mistake. It is with you the rest of the life. When boys do it, its literally no problem because they’re boys.

We need to make mistakes in order to get our lives on the right path. These mistakes makes us an adult. In order to tell our future kids about all the life lessons we had, we have to experience. Our parents can hold us back, but if we don’t make mistakes, what are we gonna tell our kids about? Are we gonna be like the old generation?

We are young, we are growing and we make mistakes. But it shouldn’t define you in the rest of your life.

For my brown girls out there, live your life, don’t fear to make mistakes because one day u will be the woman u always wanted to become.

Difference between pakistani and indian dramas
  • 1 episode of indian show : couple makes eye contact
  • 1 episode of pakistani show : couple meet fall in love parents dont approve of their relationship separate them couple runs away parents accept them confusion arises between the couple couple separates girl have a child guy about to move on finds out he has a child gets attached to the child the new fiancée wants to kill the girl