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camisado // panic! at the disco

You know what sort of movie I want to watch?

I want to watch a movie where an Indian Sikh girl with cerebral palsy discovers her bisexuality and falls in love a Pakistani Muslim lesbian who is totally blind and I want this relationship to be depicted with grace and sensitivity and complexity. I want this to be a coming of age story where the main character learns of her own self worth. I want this to be a heartwarming story of family and love and the trials of being someone society considers “different.”

I know it seems impossible, but actually this movie already EXISTS.

It’s called Margarita With A Straw. It’s in Hindi so watch it with subtitles.

So go watch this movie because it’s fucking beautiful. This has been a PSA.

|| Good Mornings ||

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pairing: donald trump x yoongi

word count: 636

genre: fluff

summary: No mornings could go wrong without Yoongi waking up next to his beloved husband, Donald Trump

A/N: no one asked for this lmao but here y’all have it cuz #Yoonald is fucking real


It was a great morning for the two of them. Yoongi had the day off, meaning he could rest and spend his time with his fat husband Donald. Donald was kicked out of the Presidential Campaign due to his shitty state, which meant he could spend his small loan of a million dollars with his sugar baby Yoongi. Yoongi’s eyes slowly opened, adjusting to the light which came through their big expensive 10$ window. Yoongi felt something touching his back. He turned around and saw his husband, soon to be ex husband, Donald Trump, caressing his back. Yoongi loved waking up to this. He was very busy due to his job and music, which he dearly loved. His eyes started watering at the thought of him losing Donald.

“Morning babe” Donald interrupted his thoughts while looking at him lovingly. Yoongi didn’t say anything and cuddled Donald close to him. “I’m scared.” Yoongi whispered “Why are you scared baby?” Donald shifted back to see Yoongi properly and slowly started caressing his cheek “Look at us. I barely even have time to be with you. I even regret being an idol. I’d rather be with you all day. I’m scared that one day you’ll leave me for Boris Johnson or something. I don’t deserve yo-“ Donald cut him off by kissing him passionately on the lips, while still caressing his cheek. Donald got on top of him this is not a smut and his hands started roaming around Yoongi’s body, showing him how much he loves him.

He pulled out saying “Baby, I don’t care about your time for me. We have this whole day for ourselves only and we are going to spend it like we never did. I love you, stop saying all those things. We deserve each other and that’s how we are going to stay. How about I make you breakfast on the bed, then we’re going to watch those dramatic cringy Indian movies while we cuddle, hm? Does that sound good to you?” Yoongi softly smiled “Yes, that sound very good” Donald then gave him a peck “Good, now follow me to the kitchen.”

Donald got up from the bed and went straight to the mirror, grabbing his brush and brushing his hair with it. He had a frown on his face which made him look cute. He then pointed his fingered at himself through the mirror and complimented himself saying “You are great”. Yoongi softly smiled his gummy smile which Donald loved so much and grabbed his hand, going to the kitchen.

As they got to the kitchen, Donald made Yoongi sit on the chair and watch him cook breakfast for the two of them. Donald gave him a little peck on the lips and turned around to get the eggs, the bacon, a pan and some oil. Yoongi then thought about all the times he spent with Trump and wondered how lucky he was to have such an amazing person next to him. Yoongi drifted off into his thoughts and Donald saw that. He smiled at Yoongi and went back to his eggs.

After a couple of minutes, the breakfast was ready, which made Yoongi wake up from his thoughts. Donald placed the food on the table and Yoongi could have sworn about the fact that his husband was so beautiful. As Donald sat on the chair next to him, Yoongi placed his hand on top of his, seeing how orange Donald was compared to him. After they ate their breakfast, Donald quickly washed the dishes and took Yoongi to the living room, where a couple of bad Bollywood movies were placed on the table. Donald placed Yoongi next to him on the couch, cuddling him close as he kissed his stomach

“I love you baby”

“I love you too, Donald.”


This is the most romantic shit I’ve ever written omg this is everything


FANGIRL CHALLENGE | favourite Shahrukh Khan songs (no specific order) 

I just need to rant for a second ok. I knew I was a lesbian when I was 6 years old so 13 years ago. As a 6 yr old Muslim, Pakistani girl, I did not understand why I felt the way I did (I had a puppy crush on a girl in my class) so I just ignored it. Give it another few years so like 10 yrs old maybe, I hang on to every word any girl ever says to me and I want them to notice me more than anything. Then I’m 11, just started secondary school/high school and changes in everybody’s bodies are starting to take place and I notice things about girls, I become quite flustered in the changing rooms, my mind wonders what it’s like to kiss a girl rather than a boy and I got scared. My “friends” at the time (also Muslims) were openly against homosexuality and I went along with it due to our upbringing so like I did when I was 6, I ignored it and suppressed it and tried a little bit too hard to agree with my “friends”. For another four years, I stayed in the same state of denial. There was a day in yr 10/9th grade where out loud I said to myself “I’m gay” and I wanted to puke so I never done it again. I left that high school for the last two years and went somewhere else for junior and senior year. Junior year I slowly allowed myself to start thinking about girls again and at the beginning of senior year I finally embraced myself and had support from friends. Things went wrong when the cliché, lesbian falls for straight best friend happened - twice, and I accidentally came out to my homophobic parents in a state of desperation. I self harmed, I would look in the mirror and say spiteful things to myself, I’d write insults all over my arms and hands, I didn’t sleep, I became mentally unstable and literally begged for my former best friend to come back in my life, my grades dropped, I was kicked out of my history course because I wasn’t doing my coursework, I was on track for Russell Group universities but had to deny all my offers (I got every single one I applied for) because I wasn’t going to get the grades they asked for, my mother didn’t trust a word that came out my mouth and assumed my anxiety and depression was me crying for attention. I was falling apart and I wanted to just go, maybe even die. That summer after senior year, my relationship with my mother was the worst, we argued practically everyday - there would be insults and crying and doors slamming and so much emotional abuse from both sides. At that moment in time, I truly believed my life was going nowhere and I would be stuck at home for the rest of my life. I had to get out, I had to go university, I couldn’t live like that otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here today. On results day I made the decision that I’d call every uni and beg them to give me an offer.

Now here I am, turning 19 at the end of the month and right now, as I type this, I’m sitting in the living room of the house me and my uni friends have rented out for second year. I’m studying English Lit and Creative Writing - pursuing my passion of reading and writing. I just pigged out on Indian take out while a movie played, I’ve gone a whole year clean from self harm and I’m getting closer to the happiness I know I deserve. I still have a lot to work on but I’m getting there. I know I can be happy, I know I can be who I am and I know there’s a girl out there that I will find and unashamedly show off to the world and will love unconditionally. I’m 50 miles away from the toxicity that was my life a year ago and I’m surrounded by people who love and support me. I’ve got this. And if you’ve read this far, you’ve got this too. Just keep going, keep fighting and for fucks sake, be a little selfish and do things for yourself.

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kims favourite bollywood/hindi music gooo

Ok well I’m gonna assume that Kim is a sucker for Bollywood, even though Trini teases the everloving shit out of her because most (not all) Bollywood movies are hella cheesy and basically direct rip offs of famous Hollywood movies with worse special effects and even cheesier/utterly hilariously awful crying scenes.

Except for any Sanjay Leela Bhansali film. He’s the only exception.

I imagine Kim could sing these songs to Trini a lot:

  1. Re Kabira by Tochi Raina, Rekha Bhardwaj (Yeh Jeewani Hai Deewani).
  2. Jashn-E-Bahaara by Javed Ali (Jodha Akbar).
  3. Tere Bina by A.R. Rahman (Guru).
  4. Mitwa by Shankar Mahadevan (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna).
  5. Pehli Nazar Mein by Atif Aslam (Race).
  6. Ajab Si by Vishal-Shekar (Om Shanti Om).
  7. Tum Hi Ho by Arijit Singh (Aashiqui 2).
  8. Laal Ishq by Arijit Singh (Ram Leela).
  9. Koi Mil Gaya by Udit Narayan (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai).
  10. Agar Tum Saath Ho by Alka Yagnik, Arijit Singh (Tamasha).

As for jams? These are some of the songs they both love to listen/dance to:

Anyways I don’t really watch Bollywood movies anymore but these are the songs (off the top of my head) that I love the most/are the most fun to party to. 

If anyone wants to add to this list feel free. I am 100% in love with Kim being in touch with her Indian roots and I can totally picture her asking Trini to join her to Holi or Navratri, or to celebrate Diwali with her and her family. Also Kim has a massive family that welcomes Trini in as one of their own almost immediately. 

ANYWAYS. Indian (specifically Gujurati) Kim is my life and I love her so much.

ok i know there’s a solid chance we’re going to get hate for this, and for that i apologize to the other mods, but. i’m sick of this hellsite acting like the only kind of [racial] representation out there is black people. i’m not saying black people shouldn’t be represented in media at all, i’m saying they’re not the only kind of representation and when you people erase brown people, arab people, asians etc. in your diversity, it pisses me the hell off.

speaking as a brown muslim, the most common kind of representation i see for muslims in the media is terrorists and it makes me so angry. i’m so tired of getting excited to see a brown/arab person cast in a series or a movie only to find out that their role is Generic Terrorist #8204. i’m sick of seeing brown women cast as submissive girls who are oppressed by the men in their family, esp in diaspora communities where the overwhelming message seems to be ‘look how backwards these brown immigrants are and how white people are gonna Save this poor child from the oppressive clutches of her family’. i’m sick of seeing brown men cast as fanatical overly religious misogynists with a beard for miles and a skullcap glued to their heads. i’m sick of seeing brown families portrayed as ultra-conservative and suffocating.

also, where do people get the idea that desi means indian? india isn’t the only country in south asia, and it’s about time indians stop being portrayed as curry-smelling hyper-intelligent nerds with bad accents who can’t talk to the opposite sex without having a nervous breakdown. desi culture is not a joke, desi people are not one-dimensional stereotypes, desi families are not always oppressive and suffocating power structures where it’s about power and not love. i can literally count on my fingers the movies/shows i’ve seen where brown people aren’t portrayed as some ridiculous caricature based on a white/western perspective. it’s honestly just sad.

this website loves to preach about representation so much, why don’t you people talk about these issues, then? why do you talk over brown/arab people who want to challenge this? why do you act like representation is limited only to black people?


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what do you think of Something New (2006)? And what is your fav. film that features an interracial love story (doesn't have to be black and white)? PS: Your love for Agnes Varda is truly beautiful. Viva Varda!

It’s been a long time since I watched it but I remember thinking it was cheesy but pretty cute and that Simon Baker was hot. Also the one thing I REALLY remember from that movie is that I saw it with my sister and she was so annoyed that Sanaa Lathan’s character (who was a lawyer) ended up with a gardener. LOL

There are so many good movies with interracial love stories! Personal favourite is probably Bend It Like Beckham because that movie is just so sweet and perfect but I also love Mississippi Masala (this one doesn’t feature a black/white pairing but a black American/Ugandan of Indian descent pairing!), 35 Shots of Rum, Strange Days, and 2 Days in New York. The Edge of Seventeen and Belle are also really sweet.

And Viva Varda indeed!

i have decided where the australians go in wonder woman (2017) and also general ludendorff’s plan would have failed (though i feel that was already obvious so it is secondary)

so. i love wonder woman. i’ve seen it twice now, and spent hours ruminating on it, and thinking about the tanks (there are two tanks in the movie. one is german, one is british and a mark IV I believe, that’s the one diana holds over her head. this is irrelevant, even if it was cool).

loved it. loves it. more emotional truth than accuracy, a new look at ancient war. shows indians in the british army. shows POC in the british army. shows the young boys of the british and german armies. 

no Australians, Canadians or New Zealanders. technically part of the british army but by 1918 (when the film is set) there’s the separate Canadian Army Corps, the Australian Army Corps, and the New Zealanders are off hanging out with the Welsh, but they’re trying.  

so, John Monash, right. Homeboy. side-eye champ 1914 - 1919. 

Jewish. First Commander Australian Army Corps. First man knighted in the field since the last one, two hundred years beforehand. Had a mistress, loved his wife, that was okay, it was 1918. Hated war. “Fuck war,” Monash said, upon the war being over. Very creative, thorough, exacting planner. In a war where battles lasted months, he planned the Battle of Hamel - an intricate web of troop and tank and plane movements that was a thorough success, and only ran three minutes overtime. In July 1918. Nice. Not the city, like nice, in the sense of….good. As I said, Hamel. 

Smart dude. Sneaky guy. Encouraged initiative in his troops. Australian troops (and Kiwis, but idk much about them and they were, as stated above, chilling with the Welsh) were often more tightly knit and had stronger bonds as the men weren’t swapped and chopped and changed out of their battalions as much as they were in the British (that is, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh) army. 

October 1917, the Russkies have their second revolution and pull out of the war. The Germans (because Austro-Hungary is sort of just - 

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dead) decide to launch one last MASSIVE attack on the Allied forces, called the Spring Offensive. All the Germans who were on the Eastern front (fighting the-Empire-formerly-known-as-Russia) are shipped over to the Western front in preparation. The Spring Offensive offends greatly. They throw EVERYTHING they have at the Allies and force them back across every inch of land the Allies gained since 1914, and Haig (the main British General in the film) was like, “Shit’s fucked, we need to fight or we will LITERALLY DIE.” So they fought, and halted the German march. And then for most of summer, everyone just chilled in their trenches; the Germans running low on boots, food, supplies, and men, as unrest built back in Germany.

The line the Allies were holding was crooked. Now, Johnny-boy Monash hates a crooked line. He’s an engineer in real life. Hates a crooked line. He’s under orders to chill, to not do anything.

“Boys,” he said, or did not say. “We’re gonna straighten the line.”

“Sir,” they said. “We were told not to straighten it. We were told to chill.”

“Oh right,” said Monash, winking. “Don’t straighten it. Just….peacefully penetrate the Germans, and if that happens to fix the line up, so be it.”

“Ah right, sir, we see,” they said. “Wink.”

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So the Australians began, in platoons and small groups, to sneak over to the German side, capture the troops there and consolidate the position. They did it at night. They did it during the day. At one point, a couple of mates noticed that the German line was unusually quiet, snuck over, realised all the troops were asleep in the summer heat, and captured them as they snoozed. And lo, the line was fixed.

“Oh look,” said Monash. “The line is fixed. Now we can try my plan to capture Hamel, in the battle of Hamel. There’s going to be motorbikes and tanks with bells on them. It’s going to be sick.” (It was). 

So, the Australians did show initiative. My point is

a) due to the pathetic, tragic condition of the German army following the Spring Offensive of 1918, film!Ludendorff was utterly delusional in his belief they could continue with the war even with a new poison gas. Because what happens if you drop a bunch of gas on London? You have to deal with the fresh American troops pouring through who want a piece of the action. 

b) In the scene where the Allies take the town of Velt, the trench troops show initiative and daring when they follow Diana, Steve and the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits ™ across No Man’s Land. They were not ordered by high command to do so. Ergo, to both further demonstrate the international nature of World War I (there’s a reason New Zealand memorials say “from the uttermost ends of the earth”), and reference some of the frontline initiative displayed by the AAC, I wish they’d had that trench full of Aussies. 

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Hello everyone! I’ve had a studyblr for a while now but I realized that I never really introduced myself to the studyblr community, so here’s my introduction post. :)

About Me:

- My name is Namita

- I’m 17 and a senior in high school at the moment

- I am Indian American (no not Native American -_-)

- I’m a Scorpio, ENFP, and a Ravenclaw :D

- I can understand a little bit of Hindi, and I’m learning/practicing Spanish, Japanese, and High Valyrian


- I love to dance, so much that I will dance in the middle of a grocery store

- Drawing, painting, and reading

- MUSIC: rap, hip hop, R&B, pop, indie, alternative, etc (so basically everything except for country, metal, and dubstep)

- Movies and TV shows (some of my favorite shows include but are not limited to: Game of Thrones, Avatar: the Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, Community, Master of None, and some anime)

- I love to learn, especially languages, mythology, and psychology

- I love things that make me organized and make it seem like my life is together when it’s really not  (i.e. bullet journaling, studyblr, stationary, and the Container Store)

- I recently learned to code which I find pretty cool

- I am a huge geek for Marvel and DC. Actually, I’m just a straight up geek in general. :D

- All things Spider-Man and Batman related

Current Classes:

AP Statistics

AP Psychology

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Literature and Composition

Anatomy and Physiology

Socratic Seminar


- to become a better and more hardworking student

- to become more organized

- to learn more tips on how to study well

- to inspire others with what I share

Studyblrs That Inspire Me:

@studykouffee @stvdybuddies @noodledesk @stillstudies @jackistudies @kaylareads @alimastudies


I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT, 2008, dir. Shamim Sarif

Okay so the title is pretty bad, and the acting is sometimes stilted, and not all the dialogue works AND it has my least favorite trope in queer cinema (the “out yourself immediately or i’m dumping you” trope) - BUT… there’s still a lot I love about this. And it’s not just that Lisa Ray is so so so gorgeous. (But…she is.) It’s beautifully shot. Fabulous costumes and scenery/set design. I love that this movie manages to feel very light even while showing the trouble these women have in bridging their worlds - Tala, the daughter of wealthy Palestinian Christians living in Jordan and Leyla, a British Indian from a working-class Muslim family living in London. The development of their relationship is charming and satisfying and all comes to a happy end in Sarif’s semi-autobiographical movie.

Why is it that I have yet to see dark skinned Indian women being the main character in an Indian movie or show and most of the background dancers in Indian movies are white… Why is that??? This is why so many brown people struggle with their self imagine.. Show more dark skinned desi people and stop trying to tell us that being light skin is the answer to all of our problems or being of darker skin complexion is ugly!! Beauty comes in every color!! Don’t try to tell us otherwise

ID #26057

Name: Nikhat
Age: 17
Country: India

Hey guys! Honestly the idea of pen pal has always interested me but I’ve haven’t had the opportunity to go through with it. I would love to get to know someone from a completely different country and culture just to learn more. I was born in and spent half my life in Dubai, UAE. I, later, moved to India. I am originally Indian. Well I have interesting story attached to that as well :)

I love music. It takes up a big part of my time. Some fav musicians are Arctic Monkeys, G eazy, The Neighborhood, The 1975 as well as a little bit of Bieber. My hobbies are singing, cycling, travelling, listening to music, watching a ton of tv shows and movies. I’m a big movie buff. Coming back to travelling- I love travelling and I travel pretty often. Last year I was able to go hiking in Himalayas and live in tents and stuff and it was pretty much the best experience of my life.

I’m a super open minded person. I don’t have a religion. I can’t decide whether I’m agnostic or atheist. I have quite an obsession with astrology too. I have an great understanding of Christianity, Islam Hinduism so feel free to start discussions and debates. Other than that I also love nature and the universe and all that jazz makes me really happy.
*Also my IQ is 132 (self promo 😂)

I’m excited to find some amazing people! x

Preferences: Age: 15 to 19
Gender: No preference
Country: Preferably other than India