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Devī Kāmeśwarī

Devī Kāmeśwari – Goddess of Love – is a form of the mother goddess representing her infinite love and compassion for humanity. Interestingly her principal seats of worship are at Śrinagar in Kaśmīra and Kāñchipuram in Tamil Nadu.

The painting depicts a tāñtrika form of the Devī Kāmeśwarī

Kāñgrā circa 1860 CE

Two Princesses in a fond Embrace - Jodhpur - 1780


The two women, inscribed on the back as Nur Basi and Tilottama, are seen in a fond embrace. Pouring from a flask and sharing a cup, they gaze at each other with arms intertwined. The figure on the right wears a turban resembling a Muslim hat and “it is possible that even Hindu members of a raja’s household occasionally wore Muslim fashions.” (Archer, Indian Miniatures)

A similar miniature painting is in the National Museum in New Delhi. Commenting on it, Archer writes, “This picture, under Lucknow influence, portrays two ladies whose fond embrace mimics those of lovers…Large scale studies of women were a feature of Jaipur painting under Raja Pratap Singh (1779-1803), simplicity of form being joined to sensuousness of posture.” (Archer, Indian Miniatures)