indian make up

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i made these for personal use but i thought other cc artists might find them useful too 😭

I have this idea that Sombra may act aloof and joke a lot but when she actually has feelings for someone they’re genuine and she tries really hard to impress them? And is surprisingly romantic? So when Satya thinks she’s about to be taken to a Burger King for her first date and Sombra actually nervously pulls up to a really nice really expensive Indian restaurant and seems genuinely anxious about making a good impression she just is like *heart eyes motherfucker* 

hello my name is luca and i am a v sleepy boye™

crab-child  asked:

I reblogged your post *and* added a bunch of extra commentary, but another thing that bugs me: when people think of places like India as one solid bloc of cultural/ethnic cohesiveness. We’re not. The cultures and peoples of, say, Northeast India are very, VERY different from those in the Deep South. Not all Indians speak the same language or eat the same food or look the same. And we’re definitely not Middle Eastern (something else I’ve also heard).

Right. To add, the Indian population is over 1.3 BILLION people. And the world population is about 7.6 billion. So if my math is right, Indian folks make up about 17% of the ENTIRE human population. It doesn’t make sense to think of 1.3 billion people as being the same.

And the grouping of people from the Middle East and those from India (or South Asia) is another racist, monolithing tactic that erases everyone and their culture(s), language(s), and everything else.

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