indian hut

Indian Hut

Indian Hut, Bangkok, Thailand

For many years, I have looked at this little Indian restaurant every time I head home. The only thing that attracted my eyes was the name and its logo that clearly is very similar to pizza hut.  For a long time, I looked at this restaurant by the high way and wondered whether it is any good. Recently, somebody we knew tried the restaurant and had a positive feedback. I knew I at least had to try. So I did.

The restaurant did not give out the best impression at first as we were the only table there for lunch. The waiters were mostly Indian, so I had to order everything in English. With my limited knowledge of Indian food, I stuck with the basic stuff. I ordered the samosa as an appetizer, two curries for main with some naan and rice. I tried the chicken curry and the paneer dish. The food was definitely very authentic. The restaurant serves Northern Indian cuisine. The curry was definitely better than the one I had in the US, but again I have not been to India. I don’t know how well this can be compared with the one there. During the meal, I saw that there were a lot of people coming to order to go. Mostly, they were Indian people. This must be pretty authentic or at least a great substitution. Indian Hut is another good Indian restaurant. Comparing to other places, Indian Hut is definitely much cheaper. 

Rating: 8.5/10