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I couldn’t help but think of Maggie smart today being national sea turtle day. from her sea turtle sheets in her Indian hut to her breathtaking final scene Maggie certainly loved her turtles and as a good friend said earlier today “I think Maggie would approve.” So do I, and I like to think she’s somewhere she can admire all a little sea turtles she wants anytime she likes. ❤️🐢🌴

You find I have taken a rout different from the one I intended, as my object was to take in my view the practicability also of a communication from Lake Erie down the Potowmack. But from this I was dissuaded by an accident which happen’d to some of the party, upon Lake Erie, with whom I came from fort Stanwix to Niagara. I had seperated from them by accident three days before the event. They landed near some Indian huts (a Mr. Teller from Schenactady with four men in a batteaux) and were fir’d on by those Indians, Mr. Teller and two men kill’d, and a 4th. wounded; the latter, with the 5th. made their escape.

To Thomas Jefferson from James Monroe, 1 November 1784

ft. the second time James Monroe nearly died

Please fire me, I deliver pizza and I just delivered to an old man who was only wearing a shirt while sitting Indian style on the floor. He was very intoxicated, but made sure to get his change. So I had to see old man junk and I didn’t even get a tip.

Indian Hut

Indian Hut, Bangkok, Thailand

For many years, I have looked at this little Indian restaurant every time I head home. The only thing that attracted my eyes was the name and its logo that clearly is very similar to pizza hut.  For a long time, I looked at this restaurant by the high way and wondered whether it is any good. Recently, somebody we knew tried the restaurant and had a positive feedback. I knew I at least had to try. So I did.

The restaurant did not give out the best impression at first as we were the only table there for lunch. The waiters were mostly Indian, so I had to order everything in English. With my limited knowledge of Indian food, I stuck with the basic stuff. I ordered the samosa as an appetizer, two curries for main with some naan and rice. I tried the chicken curry and the paneer dish. The food was definitely very authentic. The restaurant serves Northern Indian cuisine. The curry was definitely better than the one I had in the US, but again I have not been to India. I don’t know how well this can be compared with the one there. During the meal, I saw that there were a lot of people coming to order to go. Mostly, they were Indian people. This must be pretty authentic or at least a great substitution. Indian Hut is another good Indian restaurant. Comparing to other places, Indian Hut is definitely much cheaper. 

Rating: 8.5/10