indian flags

Flag Boy

There are images that you fight for, and others that give themselves to you as a gift. When I saw him I immediately knew I had the signature image of my entire collection of nearly 600 photographs. I remember the feeling of perfect satisfaction when capturing this shot. He was so peaceful and self-assured, and gave me just enough time to capture him before moving along. I wish I knew who he was so I could send him a copy. 

Oh. And I just wanna say this. At smackdown I was sat a few seats away from a little Indian girl that had a Jinder sign, Indian flag and fiercely chanted for him with absolutely no shame inbetween every single AJ Styles chant. She made her little voice heard. Jinder might have been a terrible champ but representation sure as hell matters.

Wayne Eagleboy (Onondaga)
We The People, 1971

Acrylic paint & barbed wire on buffalo hide.

American Wayne Eagleboy’s version of the flag of the United States depicts a portrait of two Indigenous men behind a screen of barbed-wire. The frame of the painting is made from Buffalo Hide.