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Staff Pick of the Week

My staff pick for this week is a southeast Asian manuscript with white markings on black handmade paper. It is an accordion book with content on both sides. I have always found this piece fascinating, which is part of the reason for my choice, but also problematic, which is my other reason for making this my staff pick. I’m hoping that someone in the Tumblrverse can help solve our little mystery. 

This book was donated to UWM Special Collections many years ago, but it’s never been cataloged, mainly because we have no idea what we have here. We don’t recognize the script or language; we don’t know where or when the manuscript was produced; and we know nothing about its content, purpose, and usage. None of our Indian friends and colleagues recognize it, but there’s a vague sense that it might be Burmese or Thai. A very vague sense.

So, I’m putting it out to y’all.  If you have any concrete idea about what we’re looking at, we’d surely appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!



Despite it raining all day today, I had an excellent, little Thursday, I did, indeed I did!

Work was busy, but I had no meetings today, which was glorrrrrrrious and needs to be noted (some days I’m at my desk for only about an hour because of meetings). Having no meetings allowed me to be super productive, get a lot accomplished, and also sneak away on my lunch hour to eat lunch with Lily, Catherine and their two pups who visited my apartment. Lily has started to smile, and when I’m lucky enough to get one of them, my hearts swells up three sizes.

After work I headed to dinner with a colleague, where we dined on delicious Indian food.  Hmmm Indian food, hmmm chicken korma. I’ve been eating really well lately, and as we all know Indian food is anything but healthy, but I ate a quarter of a naan, and half the chicken, felt full and put my knife & fork down.

Then I went to The Lion King!!! It was absolutely fantastic, and I see why (in my very unprofessional opinion) its won so many awards. I gave them a well deserved standing O, because it was visually stunning, and I had a huge smile on my face start to finish, and, well, yes - it was fantastic!

On the way home I got stuck on the subway for over an hour - that was no fun, but I’m home now, ready for bed, and ready to have a productive day at work tomorrow before the very busy, chaotic, friends, brunch, parties, riding, *long* weekend arrives.