indian chiefs

Friends don’t let friends wear redface.

Portrait of Ojibwe chief Hole in the Day, c. 1860′s. By Mathew Brady.

Source: National Archives and Records Administration.

Chief Joseph, Nez Perce, when young

Series: Photographic Negatives of Native American Delegations and Archaeology of the Southwestern United States, 1879 - 1907Record Group 106: Records of the Smithsonian Institution, 1871 - 1952

Following the Battle of Bear Paw, “non-treaty” groups of the Nez Perce surrendered to the United States Army on October 5, 1877, ending the Nez Perce War.  While not the sole leader of the Nez Perce, Chief Joseph emerged as one of the more outspoken and compelling figures in the conflict and during the Nez Perce’s later struggles following their removal from their ancestral lands in the Pacific Northwest.

More photos of Chief Joseph in the National Archives Catalog

Spook Hill, located in Lake Wales, Florida, is said to be a haunted hill which defies gravity. Cars are reported to roll up the hill, when in neutral. Legend says that an Indian chief had an almighty battle with an alligator that had been terrorising the area. Both the alligator and Indian chief were said to have died at the top of the hill and now haunt the area. However, in reality, it’s just an optical illusion.

Story time!

 When David was pretending to be the Indian chief Squatting Bear, Neil asked if Max was offended. Has anyone else ever wondered if Indians took offense?

 I used to always wonder this; that was until I had an embarrassing run in with a native Indian.

 My family and I stayed at an Indian reserve campground that had large Tipis (teepees) for staying in. We were able to fit inside a queen sized blow up bed and still have leg room.

 One of the mornings, I came outside through the flaps to the door and was making the mock Indian sound, similar to David in the gif, when one of the men from the reserve paused to glare at me. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed.

 So do they take offense? Yes! Definitely not all of them, but still be cautious and aware. That is the moral of the story. XD

1.) Standing Bull, 2.) Bear Who Looks Back Running [Stands and Looks Back], 3.) Has the Big White Horse, 4.) White Tail, 5. Liver [Living] Bear, 6.) Little Thunder, 7.) Bull Dog, 8.) High Hawk, 9.) Lame, 10.) Eagle Pipe.

Lakota (Sioux) Chiefs attending Gen. Miles “council” during the American ‘Indian Wars.’ [Group portrait]; on or near Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 1891.