indian carpet

Indian/Hindu James Potter headcanons

• The Potters gave James his very boring, British name because they were worried he’d be teased if they gave him an Indian name
• James worked hard to be good at quidditch, mostly because he enjoyed it, but partly to defy the stereotypes that Indian people weren’t very good at it (what with the popularity of flying carpets in the Eastern hemisphere and the Indian team’s appalling performance in the World Cup)
• The boys celebrate Diwali every year by decorating their dorm and the common room with hundreds of lanterns and after the first year the house elves help out, Mrs Potter always sends them all sweets and gifts
• One year, James set off fireworks in the great hall at dinner, McGonagall made sure it didn’t happen again
• As Holi always falls on the day of a full moon and Remus is too ill to take part, Sirius suggested bringing the powder paint with them to the shrieking shack and celebrating in their animagus forms
•The powder always clumps in their fur and sticks to the damp walls of the shack, making it actually quite a cheery place in other circumstances
• As James is bilingual in Hindi and English, he will not only swear or insult people in Hindi, but also makes most exclamations of excitement or affection in his mother tongue too
• Lily thinks this is extremely cool, James starts speaking in Hindi more often
•James is also a vegetarian Hindu and greatly missed his dad’s Mughlai cooking when confronted with the somewhat limited and flavourless vegetarian options at Hogwarts
• That is until Peter had a word with the kitchen elves and brilliant Delhi dishes like vegetable biryani and mattar paneer started appearing on the Gryffindor table

Malecweek Day 3 AU settings


#19 the one where Alec is a fire demon that Magnus keep around the house for safety reasons:

- Alec has issues because of his blue eyes because with him being a fire demon everybody expects him to have red or brown eyes

“Wait, your eyes … are they … blue?”
Alec rolle his eyes and threw his hands up in the air. A gesture Magnus found oddly endearing. “Yes, they are blue. It’s always the same with you people.” He began walking up and down in the pentagramm in Magnus’ living room. 
“Oh no, you can’t have blue eyes, you have to have red eyes. No, you can’t be a real fire demon, I summoned the wrong one. Do you know how exhausting it is to convince people from the fact that I am indeed a FIRE demon? And how much it shatters your confidence when you are just being sent back to hell after they only saw your eyes. It’s so frustrating and-”

“I like them,” Magnus said with a smile on his lips and the demon stopped dead in his tracks staring at the warlock with big eyes, the mouth still hanging open ready to keep ranting about the injustice of the world. 

“You what?”

“I like it. It’s different.”

Magnus would have never thought he’d live to see a demon blushing, but it happened right there in front of him. The demon awkwardly cleared his throat and straightened faded sweater. “Well then,” he began trying to look as intimidating as possible with his teenage appearance, the bare feet and the torn pants. “Then I shall have mercy on your soul, puny human …”

Magnus raised one eyebrow and couldn’t help but straighten up himself which made the few inches he had on the demon even more apparent. Alec crossed is his arms in front of his chest and pouted a bit. “No need to rub it in, okay?,” he muttered while the blush deepened.

- Alec loves dancing through the loft with loud music playing, two of his favorites are ‘Shut up and Dance’ (WtM) and ‘My songs know what you did in the dark’ (FOB)

- after an unfortunate incident Magnus has to tighten the seal Alec wears on his back which makes him more human and also able to get wet by rain for example, Alec is not amused about this

Magnus opened the door and found Alec standing there both hands pressed against the door frame, drenched in water and with the most pissed off look on his face Magnus had ever seen him with.

“I am wet,” he growled and Magnus couldn’t help but nod slowly.
“Yes, you are … you’re sharp sense of deduction is amazing as always.”

Alec threw him a dirty look and shouldered his way into the loft. Magnus closed the door and turned around to see the demon standing next to the pinky furry couch looking like he was ready to burst into flames … if that had been an option at the moment.

“I. AM. WET. Magnus!” He spread his arms and countless water drops where sprinkled all over the floor, the indian carpet and said couch though Magnus couldn’t find it in himself to be angry because that demon looked damn good with his black hair plastered against his forehead and his shirt clinging to his chest. “Like seriously is this how it’s always for you? This is so disgusting, I mean, I even thinking that I’m feeling cold, Magnus, I am a fire demon and I am feeling cold! That’s just plain wrong - and that water stuff sticks to my skin and it’s icky and ewwww.”

His stopped the ranting for a moment and looked down at himself then looked back up at Magnus with a pleading expression on his face. “Please tell me how I get dry again? I really don’t like this.”

Magnus bit lis lower lip and made a decision. He walked towards the demon until they were only inches apart. Confused blue eyes kept watching his hands as he raised them to the hem of Alec’s wet shirt pushing it up to put his own warm palms against the pale, surprisingly cold skin. Magnus hadn’t expected that even fire demons could cool down like that. 

“Magnus?” Alec’s voice became breathier the higher the warlock’s hands wandered. “Are you sure that this-”
“Trust me,” Magnus whispered agains cold, wet lips determined to warm them up as fast as possible. 
“What are you doing?” Alec’s eyelids dropped and his own hands found Magnus shoulders. The first kiss was calm and sensual, lips getting to know each other, breathy sighs caressing each other’s tongue.  
“Something I should have done since the day I saw you dancing to Fall out Boy.” Alec went tense in Magnus’ embrace, a blush heating up his face.
“By Lilith, you saw that?” But soon his embarrassment about that was completely forgotten.

“You know,” Alec said with his head leaning against Magnus’ shoulder while the warlock lazily combed through the damp black locks. They had made it into the warlock’s bedroom somewhere along the way and where now cuddled together under the yellow comforter. ”Not that I didn’t enjoy this.” Alec awkwardly motioned forth and back between them. Then he looked up at Magnus as good as it was possible in his current position. 

“But there have to be faster ways to get dry, right?”