indian butterfly

Original illustration: Indian Meal Moth metamorphosis

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Tattooed with tattoo ink and tattoo equipment on a pvc sheet.
Size is cm 30x42 (inches 11.8x16,5)
The work is sold unframed, rolled gently in a cardboard tube.


I’m always amazed by the pictures everyone posts about where they live, like @slothquisitor and @saibrarutherford.  I love that they’re just everyday life pictures, not some calendar or postcard.  They’re just some thing you’d drive around and see.

Anyhow, I wanted to share some of my own.  I’ve been doing some field work out in the hill country.  These are all private ranch roads, but the state owns some of the land due to environmental concerns.  We have to go out now and then to make sure no one is misusing the area during Golden-cheeked Warbler and Black-capped Vireo nesting season.  (They’re endangered.)  Also, we occasionally do mist-netting and counts to check on their viability.

Here are some pictures I took the other day.  The Bluebonnets are, unfortunately, on the wane, but the Indian Blankets and Butterfly Weed just make the entire roadsides red in some areas.

Also, cows.  The baby cows are at the prime age right now to just waltz right up to you.  The adults just stare in the most awkward way possible… like, they know you had a burger a few weeks ago.



“Dimanche Gras” takes place on the Sunday night before Ash Wednesday.

  • Here the Calypso Monarch is chosen (after competition) and prize money and a vehicle bestowed.
  • Also the King and Queen of the Bands are crowned, where each band to parade costumes for the next two days submits a king and queen, from which an overall winner is chosen. These usually involve huge, complex, beautiful costumes.




Aries: Bicolor Commodore – smoky. enticing. dramatic.
Taurus: Old World Swallowtail - stable. charming. radiant.
Gemini: Cramer’s Blue Morpho – sparkly. playful. fairylike.
Cancer: Indian Lead Butterfly – dreamy. classic. sublime.
Leo: Purple-Spotted Swallowtail – breathtaking. bold. picturesque.
Virgo: Schulze’s Agrias – commanding. audacious. fierce.
Libra: Gold Drop Helicopis - elegant. beautiful. ethereal.
Scorpio: Purple Mort Bleu - sharp. striking. alluring.
Sagittarius: Cephus Satyr - fearless. adventurous. intellectual.
Capricorn: Julia Butterfly - polished. sophisticated. refined.
Aquarius:  Common Green Birdwing – vivid. unique. otherworldly.
Pisces: Apollo – artistic. graceful. whimsical.
Like butterflies, all signs, all PEOPLE, are beautiful.
Send me your name and astrology sign for a personalized aesthetic.

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