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Fighting for Native Student’s Right to Wear Eagle Feather at Graduation

On June 1, a Native American graduating senior at Clovis High School in California, filed a notice of intent to file an emergency lawsuit to challenge the school district’s refusal to allow him to wear and display a small eagle feather during the graduation ceremony on Thursday, June 4.

The Signs as (Generic) Accents!

Aries: German

Taurus: Swedish

Gemini: Spanish

Cancer: Italian

Leo: Australian

Virgo: British (Generic)

Libra: French

Scorpio: Indian (India)

Sagittarius: Irish

Capricorn: American (Northern)

Aquarius: Brazilian

Pisces:American (Southern Belle)

Today I pray for my Mother and all of the other Residential School Survivors who are not with us anymore

May you find peace and tranquility in the next spirit world that you could never find here on earth.  Your pain and suffering is no longer.  We live now with peace in our hearts, knowing that your abuse and inhumane treatment has been recognized as one of the most horrific crimes committed in Canadian History.

You suffered so no one else will ever suffer like that again.  You survived when so many Native youth didn’t.  I wish you lived to see this day, to read this report.

Until we meet again…….  I will always remember.

Student from Pit River Tribe sues for eagle feather at graduation

A young member of the Pit River Tribe filed a lawsuit against a public school district in California today after being told he can’t wear an eagle feather on his graduation cap.Christian Titman, 18, was given the feather by his father and grandfather. But Clovis Unified School District denied his requests to wear it to graduation this Thursday, The Fresno Bee reported.


The racist response to the Spelling Bee is further proof America isn’t ready to talk about minority success

On May 29, they became co-champions of an especially hard-fought Scripps National Spelling Bee.

In the past few years, the 89-year-old competition has seen a striking pattern in which Indian-American contestants have lifted the winner’s trophy eight consecutive times and in 13 of the past 17 outings. Their streak feeds into years of conversation around race, achievement and immigrant success — all tied to problematic notions of what it means to be “American.”

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6,000 Kids Died in Residential Schools: Canada Truth and Reconciliation Commission

As nearly 10,000 walkers thronged through the streets of Ottawa on May 31 to recognize the suffering of residential school students, it was acknowledged that the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which received testimony from hundreds of former students who survived sometimes brutal treatment, was just the beginning.

Empowering Indigenous Women: ‘I Am a Life’ Video by Sundance Filmmaker

Kiowa filmmaker Jeffrey Palmer wowed the judges of the Sundance Short Film Challenge earlier this year with his short film “Isabelle’s Garden.” The portrait of a young Native girl doing her part to fight poverty and hunger in her community was selected as one of nine contest winners. He’s back with another short that addresses an issue that is sadly familiar in Indian country: violence toward Indigenous women.

Cultural Appropriation Print #1 via Native Realities Press

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