That thing where you do a make-up test and it turns into a mini photoshoot in your living room.

Colonel J. H. Irvin is the main character of a spy thing I’m writing called The Mind Thief, set in England in the late 1940s. He first turns up in the 1860s as a British major with the Indian Army where he unknowingly and completely unwillingly creates a tulpa, whose form he assumes after an untimely death on the polo field. Being a product of the mind, the tulpa can only exist by feeding on (or stealing) other people’s minds, so he is seconded to British military intelligence by the 1940s.

The first two photos here are just some vintage tomfoolery but the last image shows the true colour. Kryolan’s Aquacolour Gray reads quite blue once it’s on and I need something lighter, almost the colour of concrete, so it’s back to the makeup shop this week to see what else there is. Next round I’ll add some highlights since it still looks too flat.

My hair is just long enough to fake some good 1940s men’s hair at the front but we’ll have to man-bun it in the back. Plussss, he has black hair but I couldn’t be arsed to get the spray out last night.

Lastly, man, am I pumped for my nerdy 1940s glasses. I combed the internet high and low for these. Still going to see about replacing the lenses since the prescription is way off.

Have to carry on with his dress uniform today and tomorrow. Rocking it cavalry-style at Edmonton Expo at the end of the month!

In other news, so many people are going to think this is from Homestuck.