For India - January 26th, 2016
I am so proud to be Indian -
To submerge myself in a vast ocean of history,
In deep, rich, mesmerizing waters
That twinkle like the eyes of village children
And smell of marigolds and sandalwood
And of the spice that coats my mother’s fingers.

I am so proud to be Indian -
To press my palms to the warm, soft earth:
Land as dark and lovely as the woman who sings
Like a nightingale into vermilion sunsets
Until her voice has melted into the chorus of a billion,
A billion fireflies glowing like embers that cannot be tamed.

I am so proud to be Indian -
To feel the caress of gentle, light winds
That dance with their bells to the beat of my heart;
To inhale the music and magic and majesty
That swirl before my eyes like the white skirts of a dervish,
To exhale in sweet relief as I memorize the beauty
Of this, of me, of you, of us.

© Trisha / @trishathebrown