11-year-old Teriya Magar’s audition for Dance India Dance

this nepali girl > ur faves 

let’s be real

HFH’s Asia Week 2017!

From the 23rd to the 29th of July, we’ll be hosting our very own Asia week! If you’d like to participate, check out the prompts and instructions below!


Each prompt consists of a character and two themes for them! You can just stick to one theme if you like, but for an extra challenge, you can try to involve the other theme as well!

  • 23rd: India (dancing/education)
  • 24th: Thailand (animals/rain)
  • 25th: Osaka (kitchen/excitement)
  • 26th: Taiwan (fashion/sport)
  • 27th: South Korea (gaming/fame)
  • 28th: Macau (business/ocean)
  • 29th:  Vietnam (farm/happiness)


Any type of creation is acceptable, as long as it fits the day’s character and one of the themes! Creations for a character or theme must not be posted before the associated day (e.g. don’t post a Taiwan drawing before the 26th), but they can be posted at any time afterwards!

Tag all creations for this event with ‘#hub asia week’ in the first five tags of the post! Please do NOT use the tag #hetaliafandomhub! While we will try to reblog all creations for this event, we will stick to the usual blog restrictions (pairing-neutral, no sensitive content, and no copyrighted material), so please bear that in mind!

If you think we’ve missed your creation by accident, you should contact us off-anon and let us know! If you have any other questions or comments, please get in touch!