First of its kind in the world : Bharatanatyam (south Indian Classical Dance) on wheel Chairs
Innovation and revolution in the history of classical dances of India.

Yes! This is the time to arise and awake and see to believe - an innovation and revolution in the history of classical dances of India. Performing Bharatanatyam on wheel chairs and use of wheels in place of legs has taken years and hours of hard work and innovative methodology. In this unique performance, one can witness indomitable spirit of these differently abled artistes in each movement dance.

Today it is our privilege that the most respected classical dance form Bharatanatyam can be performed by disabled people on wheel chairs. The complete adavu (steps), jathi (combination of advus), thirmanams (sequence of pure rhythmic dance composed of adavu-jathis) are reinvented on wheels and these are performed with absolute precision. Wheel chairs have great advantage to perform many steps, to mention a few like rangakramana adavu (covering the stage), bhramari (spins), jaru adavu (sliding), with speed and precision. The spinning speed of a wheel chair is faster than an accomplished dancer’s spins! The speed on wheel chairs is about 100 kms/hr. They have excelled both in Nritta and Nritya.

- Ability Unlimited, a non-profit in India that teaches classical Indian dance adapted for wheelchair use as therapy. Besides Bharatanatyam they also have Bagwatgeeta, yoga, “miracle” (where the wheels spin up to 150-200 km/h), Sufi dance, martial arts, Durga, Ramayana, and a whole bunch of others.

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A woman dances at daybreak in Rajasthan, India. Photograph by Akash Das