I hate him with every fibre of my being. Indian athletes do not have the privilege of high tech equipment and they are not given funding or support the way athletes in the west do (unless they’re cricketers). Sakshi Malik is the daughter of a bus conductor and had to literally fight her way to the top because she faced opposition from people in her village for taking up sports because she was a girl. She has a 9 to 5 job to support herself when most athletes dedicate their lives to their sport. PV Sindhu had to travel 56 kilometres every day to practice her badminton. And for the first time in my life i saw this country care about something that wasn’t cricket, it was so heartwarming to see everyone cheer on these two girls and be proud of them for their bronze and silver medals. And Piers Morgan’s response to someone sharing India’s celebrations with him is that it is ‘embarrassing’? How can someone be so vile.


Andaman Islands, India
India plans surrogacy ban for foreigners and gay couples
Single parents would also be banned under a proposed law intended to protect poor women from exploitation.

The Indian government plans to ban foreigners, single parents and gay couples from using India‘s surrogacy services under a proposed law intended to protect poor women from exploitation. Only infertile couples who have been married for at least five years could seek a surrogate, who must be a close relative, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said Wednesday.

“There will be a complete ban on commercial surrogacy. Childless couples, who are medically unfit to have children, can take help from a close relative, in what is an altruistic surrogacy,” Swaraj said at a news conference in New Delhi.

The bill does not say which relatives are close enough to be considered as potential surrogates. The proposed law will soon be introduced in Parliament, where the governing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party commands a majority in the lower house. Gay couples, single parents and foreigners would not be allowed to hire Indian women as surrogates under the proposed law, which would have to be passed by both houses of parliament to become law.

Over the past few years, India has become a popular destination for people wanting to have children using surrogate mothers, partly because its doctors and clinics broker the service at relatively low cost. But many of the women are paid a pittance of the money that is paid to clinics by anxious couples yearning to have a child.

In 2001, India legalized commercial surrogacy, in which a surrogate mother can carry another’s genetic child through a process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer for a payment. Although there are no official figures available, a 2012 U.N. report counted around 3,000 fertility clinics in India. India’s surrogacy business was estimated at around $1 billion a year and growing, but it had few regulations governing it.

In November, the government had instructed Indian embassies not to grant visas to foreigners who planned to come to India to engage a surrogate mother. The home ministry said a child born through surrogacy to foreigners would not be allowed to leave the country.


Man has 40 knives removed from stomach

The man, 42, had swallowed the knives over a period of three months.

A Doctor said that the man met him last week after suffering severe pain in his stomach.

He said the man did not tell doctors that he had been swallowing knives. “We found out that he had been literally eating knives after conducting diagnostic tests,” he said.

The operation involved a team of five doctors and it took them five hours to finish the surgical process to remove the knives.


Jaggery. Mysore, India

INDIA. Indian-controlled Kashmir. Srinagar. August 17, 2016. An Indian paramilitary soldier is reflected in a pool of water on a road strewn with stones thrown during earlier protests as curfew continues in Srinagar. Curfew and protests have continued across the valley amidst outrage over the killing of a top rebel leader by Indian troops in early July, 2016.

Photograph: Dar Yasin/AP





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