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Pluto’s Skintone

Since you people like to whine about how “whitewashed” Pluto is and that she should be way darker, here’s a comparison of Sailor Pluto’s skintone throughout the years.

This is the Materials Collection. It’s a compilation of Naoko’s sketches and ideas for the Sailor Moon manga. As you can see, she was trying to figure out how to illustrate Sailor Pluto’s skintone in black and white, and how to translate it to color.

This is the manga, examples from each arc. As you can see, her skintone is inconsistent. Naoko uses the darkest screentone for her skin in The Lover of Princess Kaguya.

These are some of the color illustrations Naoko created for her artbooks. As you may notice, Setsuna’s skintone changes a lot. She’s always darker than the other sailor soldiers, however.

And these are from her most recent artwork, which are from the shinsoban and the kanzenban covers. Yukie Sako based her character designs off the kanzenban color illustrations.

And here we have Sailor Pluto in Sailor Moon Crystal, based on the kanzenban artwork.

The rule Naoko goes by is that Pluto is always darker than the rest of the cast

Sailor Moon Crystal follows this rule, both in the anime, and for official artwork. For the new BluRay cover, Yukie Sako uses a darker tone for the skin for Pluto than for the rest of the girls.

In other words, Sailor Moon Crystal is faithful to Naoko’s decision of how Sailor Pluto should look like in a colored illustration.

So please stop trying to create an issue when there is none.

I do not like JB at all but I think this is worth to be mentioned.

So this kid along with Skrillex and Diplo released a new music video and it looks like that a lot of artists were given frames to draw whatever they want to.

It is really hard to spot but at the 1:48 mark someone turned Justin into Sailor Moon!!!

A shoutout to the fan(s) that made this possible!

Better than Crystal tbh.