Manganoan adamite

Much prized by collectors, this mineral was first discovered in Chile’s Atacama desert in 1866, and named after a French mineralogist. The colour varies from yellow, through green to blue, into purple and pink, depending on which metal impurity is present within the crystal structure (iron, copper and manganese respectively). Despite its softness (3.5 on the Mohs scale) it has been faceted for collectors, but its main impact comes from these stunning mineral specimens. It glows yellow-green in UV light, a phenomenon known as fluorescence (see our past post explaining this at It also phosphoresces, meaning that it carries on glowing for some time after the UV light is switched off. Copper inhibits the fluorescence if present.

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Okay so here is day one of the #innerwitchoctober challenge I’m doing with @amberwharsh! (Go to @gypsyarts or @ethony to learn more) Day one is about our sacred altar, which you’ve all seen already lol I felt kinda bad posting another photo of it so I tried a different angle? But anyway this is my sacred altar, my sacred space. I guess a little history on me and my altars?
I’ve never had an altar this big before. I’ve always had my altars on table ends or bedside tables where I would have to shift things around all the time to make room for spellwork or my readings. That’s exactly why now, with this altar, I’ve made it a point to leave a good amount of space in the center. I just recently rearranged my altar for the autumn season and I really couldn’t be more proud! 🍂🎃✨🕯🌑

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Haunter Invisibility Glamour 😈

For those who like to be mysterious and arcane in public, but really don’t want people know who they are.

Items needed:

- Something to cover your face (hood, mask, hat, bandana, face paint, whatever makes you feel unidentifiable. For me, I choose to use a hood and a simple black eye mask).
- A censer + charcoal
- Poppy seeds –> Invisibility
- Bay Leaf –> Psychic Ability, Protection
- Clear Quartz, able to be worn around the neck –> To be “translucent”
- Essential Oil of your choice
- “I Am Invisible” Sigil
- All black clothing –> Symbolic of the cover of night and darkness


First, you’re going to want to start up your Poppy Seed and Bay Leaf incense. Make sure you have a little more than enough.

Change into your all-black outfit.

Pass your mask through the incense smoke thoroughly; as you do this, charge it with your intent to not be recognized while doing your witchcraft while the public eye looks on.

Do the same to the Crystal Quartz pendant.

Take a drop or two of your Essential Oil and trace the “I Am Invisible” Sigil onto your stomach.

Allow yourself to be covered in as much of the incense smoke as possible until you are satisfied.

Then, go out and conduct your witchy business in public! I wrote this spell specifically because Samhain and All Hallow’s Eve is coming round, and I for one take great delight in turning heads during this time… But I’d rather stay anonymous, because reasons.

Feeling Lost & Hitting Rock Bottom: How Do I find my way Back?

Since I’ve awakened last year I’ve felt like I found peace of mind. I felt at one w/ everything, despite anything that happened. Through stressful times I felt secure, like nothing could hurt me but me. I was in control. I felt love/ light & my faith was strong. But the negative things in my life slowly started to add up, until I felt like I had lost it. I woke up one day & wasn’t at peace anymore. I felt normal, nothing. It saddened me because I always woke up in gratitude no matter what.

I feel like I hit rock bottom. I know certain things shouldn’t affect my spirituality, for if I know the truth I should be free. But, things got so bad that it did. I’ve lost my job in the beginning of the year & have been unemployed since, family probs got so bad that I want to move out, & I’ve withdrawn myself from relationships/ people so I could work on myself, figure things out, find a new job etc. I can’t find the joy in doing the things I love bc I feel like I am doing nothing with my life.
I feel lost & empty again after being strong for so long. It is as if my heart is tired of accepting, and just trying to keep up now. I feel like I’m in a spot where I have to start all over again & I never thought I could fall so hard knowing what I know now, and have overcome. I’m suffering and just want to find my way back. Any tips? Much love. xo ~ Anonymous

What you are basically experiencing is known as the Dark Night of the Soul. You’ve woken up but now you’re starting to put the puzzle pieces together. In this way we have to redevelop the balance between the negative and the positive. 

It’s really important to see that awakening is not a strictly positive experience, there are a lot of negative emotions that surface because the body is recreating itself by dismantling the old identity. This is why we’re going to feel a TON of paradigm shifts where our world is changing from the inside out because your old world is breaking. Your old identity is breaking because of that, you’re going to feel darkness, negative emotions and “resistance” towards change in your current reality. This is the body’s way of letting go, but what happens is we don’t want to let go. We CLING and DRAG ourselves, because this is new to us, this is a new world and a new identity. 

The resistance is caused from the old shelling dying and needing to be reborn. Birth isn’t pretty, it’s painful and requires a lot of pushing to get to the other side. Your consciousness is being reborn by dismantling the old structures of your old identity and rebuilding the new into your life. These feelings will NOT last forever. This is merely the healing stage, the process of resistance you need to see about yourself. The more we’re able to let go of the old and start surrendering to the new reality. The easier the shift will be for you. 

For instance many come to me and say that the symptoms are running their reality and they have a hard time living. However this doesn’t happen to me as much anymore because I stopped resisting the changes. I stopped feeding the negative emotion which allows me to transmute that energy into a higher place. The body needs to go through this process to get to the other side. Until we’re ready to let go, we will feel as if we’re being dragged. Find forgiveness, these feelings won’t last forever, all you need to do is learn to start changing yourself to change your reality. 

Start going beyond your resistance by letting go of what isn’t serving you. Keep going deeper and pushing through. This will help you find yourself again. 

I have a great series I wrote called Symptoms of Awakening that goes much further into the process.

Sending love and divine guidance to you <3