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12 | Damn, already?


Damn, how the time has passed by. It’s already been two months, and it’s our last session together. Missing Tylia will be an understatement, we actually grown keen to one another. She treated me like a normal human, not for who my image was, and for that I’m thankful.

Y’all know that kiss a while back? Well let’s just say that’s our little secret, and we even sneak them during these sessions. It’s some high school shit forreal, but we had to work around it somehow.

It took a while for us both to actually admit that we liked each other. Actually, it took Tylia to admit that she did. I been feeling her since Shad’s opening, but kept the feelings at bay cause of that situation I was in. Anyways, I found out that Tylia’s been feeling me because of how she eyed me during these sessions, and her nervousness. I just kept quiet until she spoke on it, and she eventually did.

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CHAPTER 4.1 - My Afternoon Dream

Next Day


Laughter could be heard from downstairs as I walked down the spiral staircase.

Once to the bottom, I saw Xavier’s kids running around the living room.

“India! You can’t catch me!” Jasmine squealed as she ran around the couch before hiding behind one of the end side tables.

I smiled before I snuck up on her from behind, tickling her sides, making her laugh before she turned and faced me, a big smile forming on her face.

“Jhené!” She yelled, before jumping in my arms for a hug.

I smiled, kissing her hair as I pulled away.

“Hi beautiful. How are you? You’re getting so big.” I said as I moved her hair out her face.

“Good. You look so pretty.” She coo'ed before placing a small kiss on my cheek.

I smiled before I stood up, seeing Little Xavier hiding by the fireplace.

“Oh. Jesus, Jhené you scared me.” India said, holding her chest as she walked from out the kitchen.

I giggled, biting my bottom lip. “I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean it.”

She smiled, her face turning a bright red. “It’s fine.” She said before she looked off into the living room at the kids who were now sitting in front of the TV, playing with some toys that were laid out on the floor.

“Their beautiful aren’t they?” She mumbled, before looking over at me.

I smiled, nodding my head. “Yeah. They are.”

She smiled before looking down at the ground.

“Um, do you want to go to the beach with us today? It’s our like annual day for the month.” I questioned.

She smiled, nodding her head. “Yeah. Sure. I’d love to.”

I nodded before looking to the clock on the wall.

“We leave at 3.” I sang before I walked over and sat on the couch.

“Xae. Come here baby.” I said, extending my arms out to him. He looked up to me, smiling before he stood up and walked over to me.

“Hi Nené.” He said once I set him on my lap.

“How are you pumpkin?” I asked before I heard the front door open, and a yellin’ August came barging into the living room.

“Man Xae, you owe me that fuckin’ money brah. I deserve that shit fa'real nig..” He said before he stopped short once he saw me, a smile creeping upon his perfect face. I felt my face flush while I bit my bottom lip.

“Oh, uh. Wuzzam Nené.” He said stuttering, making me look down while I moved a strand of hair behind my ear.

I guess you could say Aug and I have had a little secret relationship going on for a few months now.. And I’m really startin’ to feel for this nigga. Like, never in a million years would I think that I would fall in love with a nigga like August..

“Hi Aug..” I said as I could feel my face get hot the longer I felt his glare upon me.

“AYE! Look who it is.” Xavier loud ass said, as he came into the living room, making Lil’ Xae jump off my lap before him and his sister ran over to where he was standing.



It’s been a couple months since me and Nené started fuckin’ ‘round wit’ one anotha’, and she still be having a nigga go all soft when she around. I'on know, she be makin’ ma’ heart skip beats when she smiles. Or when she laugh it’s like she the only one in tha’ room…

“AUGUST!” India yelled, makin’ me take my eyes off Nené ta’ look down at 'uh.

“Huh?” I questioned, lookin’ lost, as I heard Jhené laugh.

India smirked, makin’ me bite my bottom lip.

“Did you not hear me say Hi to you nigga?” She snapped making me laugh.

“Nah, ma’ bad Ma. Wuzzam?”

She side eyed me before shaking her head.


India ’

The tea Jhené and Aug was spillin’ right now.

But that’s none of my business…

I walked passed Aug in order to get to where Xavier was squatting down, talking to his kids.

“Ya’ll been good fa’ India?”

The two nodded, before he nodded himself and smiled. “Ya’ll ready ta’ go ta’ tha’ beach wit’ all of us today?”

They both yelled yes, making me smile while Xavier laughed before he turned and looked up at me.

“Hi baby.” He said smiling before he stood up.

I was lowkey mad that he didn’t tell me before that he had 2 kids, but shit I gotta take his baggage right?

“Hi ugly.” I joked as I pinched his cheeks makin’ him chuckle as he pulled me into a hug.

“I missed ya’.” He said before kissing my lips.

“I missed you to baby.”


2:45 pm


“Daddy?” Jasmine said as I was puttin’ ha’ hair in a bun.

“Yes Princess?” I asked turning her around so I could fix ha’ bathing suit.

“Is Indy you’re girlfriend?”

I inhaled, licking ova’ my bottom lip. “Yeah baby. She is. Why?”

She just shrugged before looking up at me. “I like her. Better than I do Mommy.”

I sighed, lookin’ into ha’ eyes. “Why you say that J?” I questioned before I stood up and picked ha’ up, placin’ ha’ on my hip.

“Mommy’s mean. She never wants to play with me or Xae. And her boyfriend doesn’t like us.”

I gritted my teeth at the thought of anotha’ random nigga 'round ma’ kids.

“How long ha’ boifrien’ been 'round J?” I asked lookin’ down at ha’ as I walked down the staircase.

“A couple months.” She said before she slid down my leg once we got to the bottom.

“Aight.” I said before watching her as she ran over to where India was standing talking to August.


XaeThomas - Babygirl you my Queen, Come get your crown. All I wanna do is tell the world, That’s my baby… You my first lady.


Jermaine (Trigga)

“JERMAINE YOU BITCH!” Nicole yelled afta’ I threw ha’ in tha’ water.

All I could is laugh fa’ I picked ha’ up out tha’ water, throwin’ ha’ big ass ova’ my shoulda’ be'fa I made my way back towards the sand where the crew was at.

“Nigga you betta’ put me the fuck down right now! You already fucked up my hair, let me go!” She whined, making me slap ha’ ass.

“Shut up Niko. I’m takin’ you back ta’ the shore. Chill out.”

“That hurt nigga.” She snapped, making me smile.

“Good. You’ll be gettin’ mo’ late'a, so be prepared.”

I heard her kiss her teeth before I set her down in the sand, watchin’ ha’ run back towards where the girls was sittin’.

All I could was smile.

That was my baby.


Dwayne (Kirko)

I was gettin’ my mack on wit’ this group of females that wasn’t too far from wea’ the crew had set up our shit, when I saw Aug fuckin’ 'round wit’ ma’ sista’.

I was disgusted ta’ be honest. The last nigga I wanted ta’ see wit’ Jhené was August. Nah, Aug wasn’t a bad dude, but he just wasn’t right fa’ ma’ sista’. Brotha’s intuition maine.

“ 'Cuse me ladies.” I said fa’ I walked back to wea’ Aug and Nené was at.

“Fuck you doin’ wit’ this clown Nené?” I snapped as I pushed Aug away from 'uh.

“Dwayne, don’t start.” She said, placin’ ha’ hand on ma’ chest.

“Nah, answa’ me Jhené. What the fuck you doin’ wit’ this clown?”

“Kirk, ya’ country ass should already know I ain’t the one.” Aug barked as he stood in front of Nené, pushin’ ha’ behind him.



And this is why me and Aug’s relationship was lowkey. I knew Dwayne was gon’ do this shit, that’s why I was so secretive of this.

I loved what Aug and I had, and I knew my brotha’ was gon’ ruin that.

“I'on give a fuck if ya’ was the one. I'on want you fuckin’ wit’ ma’ sista’ part'na.” Dwayne said, getting in Aug’s face.

I wrapped my arms around Aug’s torso, placing my cheek on his bare back, as I whispered over and over for him to drop this.

I could feel Aug’s body heat rise before I felt his hands wrap around my small wrist, pulling them from around him, before he brought me in front of him, and bent down to kiss my lips.


August ’

Our first kiss that was out in the open.. This was it. No mo’ hidin’. No mo’ secrets.

I placed my hands on Jhené low'a back, bringin’ ha’ close'a ta’ me as she cupped my face in ha’ hands.

When breath became an issue, I pulled back, bringin’ ha’ bottom lip wit’ me, hearin’ a small laugh escape ha’ lips as I looked inta’ ha’ eyes, before lookin’ up at ha’ brotha’.

“That’s mine nigga. You'on like it, to fuckin’ bad.” I snapped fa’ scoopin’ Nené up in ma’ arms and walkin’ ta’ the wata’.



“What was that all about?” I asked Xavier, addressing my attention to the little spat between August and Dwayne.

“I'on know. But I’m guessin’ Aug and Nené ta'getha.” He said chuckling as he rested his hands on my waist.

I smiled, knowing the tea I watched being spilled earlier was truth tea.

“They cute or whateva’.” I said as I flipped the bucket full of sand over before pulling it up, watching as Jasmine squealed and clapped her hands at her finished sand castle.

I smiled before I stood up, brushing the sand off of my dress before I went over to where Lil’ Xae was playing with Nicole and Diamond.

“INDY!” He yelled, throwing sand in the air, making me laugh as I sat next to Nicole.


Nicole (Nicki)

All I could do was smile at how excited Xavier got when India came and sat next to us. That lil’ boy was gon’ be all over her sooner or later.

“Hi munchkin. Nicole. Dia” She said smiling.

“Hi Indy.” Diamond said.

“Hi baby.” I said before I crossed my legs as I watched Xavier pat the sand with his hands.

Over these past couple weeks, I’ve grown to love India, really. She’s been thru a lot for only being 18. Kind of reminded me of myself when I was her age before I met Jermaine… But that’s another story for another day.

“Xavier, what are you doing?” India questioned, laughing.

“Building castle wike Jassy.” He said smiling.

“Do you want us to help you baby?” Diamond asked, as she reached behind her and grabbed the plastic shovel and bucket we had bought for the kids.

“No! I can do it myself.” The little boy snapped, making us all buss out laughing.

Just like his father.

I looked up towards the water, seeing Jermaine and August messing around with Jhené.

Smiling at Jermaine as he laughed along with August as they pushed Jhené into the water.

That was my baby. My super hero.

The one that’s changed my life for the better.



“Thank you Daddy!” My two kids yelled as we got inta’ ma’ Range Rover.

I chuckled, lookin’ back at 'em. “Ya’ll welcome. Ya’ll have fun ta'day?” I asked as I pulled out the parking space.

“Yes.” They said ta'getha. “But Daddy, I’m hungry..” I heard Jasmine say.

“I’ll cook when we get back home okay?” Lo’ said as she was on ha’ phone.

“Okay!” Jasmine replied, making me smile.

“Whatchu’ finna’ cook Ma?” I asked as I looked ova’ at Lo’.

She smirked before looking up at me. “Can’t tell. It’s a surprise.” She said before sticking her tongue out.

I chuckled be'fa I hit ha’ arm wit’ the back of ma’ hand.

“Ass play too fuckin’ much.” I joked, making her laugh before she hit me back.

“Stop cussin’ in front of the kids nigga!”

I made a straight face lookin’ ova’ at ha’ before busted out laughing.

“You not right Baby. I swea’.” I said shakin’ ma’ head.

She giggled before placing her phone in the cup holder.

“Well neitha’ is you. So I guess we perfect fa’ one anotha’.” She said before she kissed my cheek. 



_ilwright - @XaeThomas be sayin’ I'on smile. But what dat is? *Aug voice*

“You not right baby. I swea.” Xavier said making me laugh before I exited out of Instagram and set my phone in the cup holder.

“Well neitha’ is you. So I guess we perfect fa’ one anotha’.” I joked before I got up and kissed his cheek.

“I guess so huh?” He said smirkin’ before he looked ova’ at me, making my face flush.

I haven’t felt fa’ a nigga like this in so long.. I hope this shit last..


“So what’s the deal wit’ tha’ baby moms?” I asked Xae as I was cutting up chicken for the kids dinner.

We had been home for about an hour now, and the kids were bathed and ready to eat.

He just shrugged, looking down at his hands.

“Nothin’. We just'on talk. Only time we have a conversation is when she talm'bout droppin’ ma’ kids off. On God I can’t stand that bitch.” He snapped, slapping his fist against the island counter top, making me jump a little.

“Then why’d you have two kids wit’ her?” I asked, jokingly as I dropped the cut up chicken in the skillet I had sitting on the stove.

“We was young. Shit, I ain’t want Jas to be honest. But I ain’t have no say in that shit. And wit’ Lil’ Xae, I'on know 'bout that one. I still feel he ain’t mine, but it’s whateva’.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Then why is he named after you?” I asked, looking back at him.

He chuckled, runnin’ his hand down his face.

“Cause that bitch fuckin’ crazy. I know you ain’t 'pose to regret ya’ kids, but shit. I regret havin’ 'em wit’ that hoe right there.”

“We tried to tell ya’ yella’ ass that hoe was no good nigga.” August said, coming into the kitchen before hoping on the counter.

“Nigga I gotta place food right there.” I snapped, causing him to chuckle.

“All this counter space you got Ma. Fuck you blowin’ a nigga fa’?”

I held my hand up, shaking my head. “Hol’ up. Only nigga I’m blowin’ is ya’ brotha’. Pauz.. But forreal, move ya’ ass boi.” I said, hittin’ him with the wooden spoon I had in my hand.

“Yo Indy chill wit’ that shit.” He said, laughing as he got down and went to go sit next to Xavier.

“But forreal Xae. I love my niece and nephew. But you had 'em wit’ the wrong bitch bruh.”

“I know nigga. Ya’ ass been tellin’ me that fa’ years. I get it.”

I cackled at Aug’s dumb founded facial expression, as he held his hands up in defense.

“I’m just sayin’ man. No need to break a nigga heart and shit.” He said, sounding as if he was about to cry.

I can’t with this nigga, fa'real.

“Man nigga. Quit wit’ that gay shit.” Xavier said, pushing Aug, making him laugh and almost fall off the stool.

“Aight, I’m done. I swea’.” He said, holding his hand up like he was wavin’ a flag. “White flag nigga. White flag.”

I just shook my head, smiling as I stirred the chicken, making sure it was cookin’ evenly.

“But nah. On a real note. Wuzzam wit’ you and Nené son?” Xae asked, making me turn to look at the two of them. Cause shit, a bitch wanted to know too.

Aug smiled, looking away from me and Xavier’s glares.

“Nothin’ nigga. Don’t worry 'bout dat.”

“Uh huh April!” I joked, making Xavier buss out laughing as Aug looked at me with the straightest face. “Tell us what’s goin’ ons mane. Don’t do that.” I said before laughing myself.

“Man fuck ya’ll really. Shit wasn’t even that funny.”

“She called you April bruh. That shit is funny as fuck!” Xavier said between laughs. His clown ass was gon’ end up on the floor in a second, watch.

“Fuck you man. But nah, me and Nené cool tho.”

I rasied my eyebrows. “Cool in what context nigga? I know ya’ ass hit that. Don’t play me fa’ a foo’ nah.” I said, smirking as I raised an eyebrow.

And there went that smile again. “Aww, Auggie.” I said smiling myself.

“Shut up Indy.” He said as his smile only got wider as he looked away.

“Aye. Ma’ nigga in luuhh!” Xavier sang in Aug’s ear.

“I ain’ gon’ tell ya’ corny ass ta’ shut up again Xae. Fa'real. It ain’t all that serious.”

“Aug, yes it is. You really feelin’ Jhené ain’t you?” I asked, making him look to me before nodding his head.

“Aight then. Ain’t nothin’ ta’ be shy ova’ baby.”

“I guess you right. I mean I might luh this gurl ya’ know? Like even tho’ we been hiding from ya’ll or whateva’, I feel like now that ya’ll know, I could really like settle down wit’ ha’…”


Chapter 16 Part 1 (Merry Christmas to everyone, love yall!)


1 week later

“Nigga, you wrong as fuck. It’s about to be Christmas tomorrow too.” Ty said, letting out an ugly ass cackle. Ion see how I was wrong. 

“How am I wrong? And what does Christmas have to do with this?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest. 

“You just left her ass there to be confused, then yo ass still aint talked to her and it’s been a week! And cause what if she break up with ya ass on Christmas? You know if she did that to you then you would be mad as fuck." 

Alright, I guess I was wrong. I had just fucked and left like she was one of my hoes or something. I aint try to, but she caught me off guard saying “I love you”. I aint know how to feel about it. I didn’t wanna say the wrong thing, so I left. 

I been trying to talk to her at school, but she kept dodging my ass. So, the not talking to her for a week thing is kind of her fault, too. 

"Why you didn’t say it back, anyway?” Ty asked, breaking me out of my thoughts. Shrugging, I took my bucket hat off to scratch my head before putting it back on. 

“I was actually gone tell her before she told me, but I thought she was gone say it’s too early to be sayin’ I love you and shit." 

"No nigga, you just aint want to admit it. You gonna see her tonight though. She gone be looking bad.” He smirked.

“Keep playing, I’ma go upstairs and go fuck yo bitch. Pregnant or not.” I smirked back. 

“I heard pregant pussy was the best anyways.” I said, rubbing my hands like Birdman before licking over my lips. 

“You not funny.” Ty said,  mugging me as I busted out laughing. He looked pissed. 

“I’m the funniest mothafucka’ you know, dont lie.” Waving me off, he grabbed his keys from the coffee table and stood up. 

“I’m bout to go buy some shit for this party, go keep an eye on Nae.” He said, rushing out of the door before I could even respond. 

“Rude ass nigga.” I mumbled to myself, before jogging up the stairs to Ty’s room. It was cold as fuck, good thing I wore this hoodie cause my skinny ass was freezing.

“Who you on the phone with?” I asked Nae, plopping down next to her. Showing me her phone screen, it read ‘Raye’ and my eyes immdiately lit up. Grabbing the phone out of her hand, I put it on my ear.

“Babe.” Hearing her suck her teeth, the line beeped afterwards indicating that she hung up. Sighing, I handed Nae her phone back.

“Fuck her. I’m trying to apologize.” I mumbled, biting my bottom lip.

“Chris she’s tired of hearing your apologies.” Nae chuckled. Shrugging, I sat up in front of Nae. Wrapping her legs around my torso, I stared at her stomach. 

“You bout to explode and shit. Ya lil ass got fat.” I chuckled, rubbing her stomach. Everytime I see her, she gets bigger and bigger.

“Fuck you.” She said, mugging me. 

“Already did.” I shrugged, as she wore a salty expression on her face. 

“Out.” She said, poiting to the door.

“Ty told me to keep an ey-” She cut me off.

“Out, Chris.” She chuckled. Laughing as I got up, I grabbed my stuff. 

“Tell Ty you kicked me out!” I yelled, going down the stairs. 

Walking outside to my car, I noticed a scratch in the front. W=I know Raye did this bullshit. I knew it was her. I’m gonna fucking kill her, yo. 

Dialing her number on my phone, she didn’t answer until the 7th ring. She was probably deciding if she should answer or not. 

“What?” She answered with an attitude.

“Chill with the attitude. I know you did this bullshit to my car.” I said, putting my phone between my ear and shoulder as I got in the car. Starting it up and driving off, I heard her suck her teeth. 

“I didn’t do shit. Don’t come at me like that either. You thought.” She spat, before hanging up. Looking at my phone in disbelief, I shook my head and threw it in the backseat. How dare she? I told her about that disrespectful ass shit. When I see her in 2 hours, I’m fucking her up. 

Turning my radio up, I made sure that shit was on full blast cause I’m trying to forget about this shit. Instantly Milk Marie blared throughout my speakers, causing me to get hype. 

Singing along to the lyrics, I thought about what I should get to eat. I’ll probabaly get some chinese food, cause I’m trying to get food. 

“Baby its yourss..” I sang lowly  as the song changed.

Coming to a stop light, I pulled out my phone from the back seat. .Checking it to see if Raye called or anything, I was out of luck. Sighing, I decided to text her first. I never text people first unless I really want something. 

me: baby 

As the light turned green, I smacked my teeth and sat my phone in my lap. Turning into the parking lot of the mall, I quickly parked my car and checked my phone. Still no text back. 

Nodding my head, I got out my car and made sure I parked right.My shit was crooked. I aint feel like re-parking, so I just left it alone. Laughing at myself, I thought about all the stores Raye drags me to when we go to the mall. I already bought some shit for Christmas, but it wasn’t a lot. Well, it was but still.

The first store I went to was Victoria Secret. I’m bout to buy her the thinnest thongs in this bitch. Smirking to myself, I made my way to the big basket of thongs as people looked at me weirdly. Waving them off, I continued to shop for Raye. Act like they never seen a nigga shopping for his girlfriend. 

Thinking about getting her a bra, I busted out laughing. They probably dont even carry her size in here. Ion even know her bra size. I’ll just let her stick to buying that shit. 

Going next door to pink, I pulled out my phone to text Nae. Ion know if Raye wore a medium or large. 

me: what size raye wearin clothes?

lyin ass bitch: medium in pants, and u may wanna get a large in shirts cause you know.. 

Chuckling to myself as I saw her contact name, I forgot to change that shit. I’ll change it later. 

Grabbing a couple of sweaters and sweats, I looked everywhere else and didn’t see anything she wanted. She always bought sweaters and sweats here, so. Looking all around for something else, a onesie caught my eye and I immediately grabbed it before anybody else could. We were gonna be matching and shit, cause I already had a grey onesie at home that Raye begged me to buy. 

Going up to the cashier, I breathlessly layed everything out on the desk. “These are for your girlfriend?” The cashier asked. Looking at her nametag, it read ‘Bri’. 

“Yea, you think she’ll like em?” I laughed, scratching the back of my head.

“Oh yea, she’ll love them. Why you Christmas shopping so late anyways?” She chuckled, ringing the items up.

“I already went shopping for her but she mad at me and shit right now and she loves gifts so I’m hoping this wil kind of help.” Nodding, she started to smile as her dimples deepened. She was a lil’ cutie. She reminded me of Raye a lil’ bit. She was small wiith wild curly hair, freckles, that same cute lil smile, and the same complexion. 

“That’s sweet. I hope she forgives she you.”

“Thanks.” I said as she started bagging everything which took a while, because I got like a bussload of thongs. Almost the whole damn basket. 

“Your total is.. $167.95.” She said, smiling. I peeped that she smiles a lot. I saw her smiling when I got in here. 

Swiping my card, I pulled out my phone. “What’s your number?” I asked, shocking her. I needed a new girl friend since Nae got new responsibilties and shit, meaning that she aint gone be around as much. This girl seemed cool, so why not? 

Grabbing my gold iphone 6, she put her number in as I put my card back in my wallet. 

“Bri, right?” I asked, grabbing my bags.

“Yea,and your name isss?” She said, dragging out the word is, making me laugh. 

“Chris, let me see your phone.” Saving my number in her phone, I ntoiced that it was the same as mine except hers look like it was customized. She had a lot of niggas names in her contacts too. I guess she got hoes. Smirking at my thoughts, I saved my name in as ‘Chris’ as I handed her the phone back. I aint put no emoji’s cause we dont know each other like that. 

Thinking about the next store, my eyes landed on MAC. This was her favorite store. I’m just about to get a couple of lipsticks that I would like on her, cause ion’ know what she wants. She would look sexy as fuck in some dark lisptick, I never seen her her in any. She said she needed to go get some more foundation or whatever too. That Bri girl was the same color as Raye, so I could ask her what color. 

me: what kind of foundation do you get from mac? 

Growing impatient as she aint text me back right away, I waited 10 minutes until she finally text back. 

bri: nc37

Sticking my phone back in my pocket I went over to the foundation and the first one I saw was Nc37. It was only 1 left too, lucky me. I gotta thank Bri. 

Going over to the lipstick section, I stopped in front of the Rihanna collection. I heard from every bitch that her shit was fire. Looking at the one’s that had the most gone, there was only 1 left of ‘Talk That Talk’ so I grabbed that one. I would get more, but bitches were starting to stare too much so I was ready to get the fuck out of here. 

Paying for Raye’s stuff, I grabbed the small black bag and made my way out of the store. 

Going to a few other stores, I quickly bought everything before going to the food court. A nigga was tired, this party was bout’ to start, and the mall was bout’ to close. I’ma be late. I gotta go home, put this shit up and eat. Then, the party far cause it’s gone be in a masion. 

Getting my chinese food, I quickly made my way to the car. Putting everything in the backseat, I brought my food up the front with me. Quickly eating up my food, it took me bout 30 mins to finish everything. That shit was good as fuck, too. My fat ass was bout to go in there and get more, but it’s bout to close anyways. 

Starting up my car, I made my way home to put all this stuff under the tree that Raye and I put up. I asked Christina to help, but she don’t wanna talk to my ass for that shit I said to her. 

Ion’ feel sorry for saying that shit either. She needed to hear that. The truth hurts. She’s just so fucking frustarting. I should’ve never introduced her to August. She a cool kid, but she never fucking listens which pisses me off. I’m trying to look out for her little ass, but she wont listen so fuck it. I’ma let her do her. When something happens, that bitch better not come asking me for shit since she wanna be grown. I’m still low-key pissed about it, but I’ll get over it.

She told my momma she was staying over a “friends” house for a week which was August, but she still aint show up. Bet money that her little ass bout to be at this party with August. 

Sometimes I think about how me and that was like bestfriends. That was my fucking partner in crime. We did everything together. When he started looking after Christina and shit, that made me respec him even more cause he was taking care of my sister. I would’ve never thought that they’d start fucking around though. I lowkey feel like he turning her against me, too. We used to play with eachother all the damn time, and now? We barely talk. 

I always think about forgiving that nigga, but I be like nah what if he pulls some fake ass shit again. Ion need to be dealing with that shit, so I just be like oh well. 

 Getting out of the car, I left it on as I quickly went in the house to set everything under the tree. Running back out, I made sure to lock the door behind myself. 

Getting back in my car, I typed the address in the GPS system and drove off. This shit was like an hour and a half away. I’m bout to be bored as shit. I dont got nobody to turn up with me in the car. I’m bout to see what Bri doin’. 

me: wyd rn? 

bri: leaving 

me: where

bri: mansion party, u goin?

me: yea, let me pick u up, i’m bored.

bri: bout to send u my address. hope u aint a creep

Texting me her address, I typed it in the GPS and realized that it was in the same neighborhood I stayed in. Everybody stays over here. She stayed like 2 streets behind me. 

Making a U-turn, I turned back to where my house was. Driving through the 2 streets after mine, I stopped in front of her house which looked similar to mine. 

Not wanting to honk my horn, I texted her. 

me: come outside naps

Waiting for bout’ 3 minutes, I heard my car door open indicating that she had got in. Putting on her seat belt, she smiled at me. “Hi, again.” She said, causing me to chuckle. Driving off, I began to put on my seatbelt.

“Sup?” I asked, dapping her up. 

“Just ready to turn up tonight.” She said, dancing in her seat a little. I noticed that she was a little smaller than Raye.  

“You trying to get you a nut?” I asked with a straight face.

“Basically.” She shrugged, making me bust out laughing. 

“What?” She laughed a little. 

“I like you, I gotta introduce you to my girlfriend." 

"Can’t wait to meet her. Is she nice?”

“Too fucking nice.” I chuckled. 

“Oooh, I know someone like that..” She chuckled as I did the same. 

“Nah but she cool foreal. You gonna like her, I promise.” Nodding, she started to speak again. 

“Aw, she sounds cute. How did yall meet?” She asked, making me sigh. I might as well tell her the truth since I’m trying to make her my friend and shit. Telling her about everything from 9th grade up until now, she gasped once I was done. 

“Oh my gosh! When I meet her, I’m giving her a big hug. She needs one. You gotta stop doing her like that. She doesn’t deserve it.” Nodding, I blew air out of my mouth. 

“I know, I’m trying." 

"I wish y’all the best.” She smiled, patting me on the back. 

“You dont got no friends or nothing around here?” I asked changing the subject, as she typed the GPS in on her phone. 

“I’m from here, but I been in Texas for a really long time. So no.” She shrugged. 

“That’s wassup. You in school?" 

"Yea, college.” Nodding my head, I smiled as thoughts of her chillin with me and the crew filled my head. They would love her. We would be having all types of fun.

Turning up the radio, the song I made for way called “101” blared throughout the speakers causing me to quickly turn it down all the way. 

“Oh my gosh, is that you?” Bri asked, as I started turning red. Chuckling nervously, I nodded and her mouth formed in the shape of an O. 

“Restart it, please. I wanna hear it.” Sighing, I restarted the song and turned it up all the way. Raye haven’t heard this yet either. 

Bobbing her head slowly to the song, she smiled at me. Smiling back, I mentally did a happy dance cause she liked the song.

“Man, that’s it?” She asked, as I nodded.

“It’s an interlude.” I told her as she nodded.

“Boy you got talent!” She yelled extra loud, making me jump. Nodding, she turned to another song causing me to suck my teeth. I just let her listen to them, because she was enjoying this shit right now. 

“Baby let’s get naked, just so we can make sweet love..” I sang, bobbing my head as Bri started wining her hips in the seat. She was over here dirty wining and shit. Biting my lips, I quickly looked away and just focused on driving. I’ma get myself in trouble.

This was a long as drive but it was cool. I would’ve been bored as fuck in here by myself. 

As the song finished, Migos’ Hannah Montana came on causing both of us to get hype as fuck. A nigga been waiting to listen to them all day. They get you turnt the fuck up.

Listening to more songs off of their mixtape, we finally arrived. Looking at my surroundings, I mumbled a ‘damn’. This shit was packed. 

Getting out of the car, I helped Bri’s short ass out since she had on heels. She probably would’ve fell flat on her pretty face. Holding her hand as we went inside, I smirked as I looked at everything. This shit was popping. Bitches were everywhere, niggas were turning up, balloons was all over the place, blunts were being passed, and I saw a few strippers. It was even grown people here and shit. 

“Wanna dance?” I asked Bri, as she nodded. On queue, French Montana’s Pop That came on. Grabbing my hand, her little ass led me to where there was space.

Backing me into the wall, she started twerking her ass on my dick like crazy causing me to get hard. I know she felt it too cause she started laughing. Slapping my hand on one of her ass cheeks, the pace I was going at matched the beat. Cheesing as she started to vibrate her shit, I put my hands on her waist to keep up with her ass. Baby girl had a lot of energy. Grabbing some of her hair, she started to dance harder causing me to bite my lip. 

As the song went off in a couple of more seconds, she turned around and smiled at me. “Girl you got talent!” I yelled in the same tone she yelled at me earlier. 

“Whatever, my hair better not have come out.” She laughed referring to how hard I was pulling her hair. I was pulling her shit hard as fuck though. 

“See you around, go get your nut. I’m bout to find my lady.” I laughed, before leaving. 

Going upstairs, I spotted Raye with the quickness. First thing I layed eyes on was the titties and I knew it was her. She was dancing. Looking at who she was dancing on, I sucked my teeth. This nigga Ty something else. 

Chuckling as I jogged up the stairs, I pushed my way through everybody and stopped once I ended up behind Ty. Smacking him in the back of his big ass head, he quickly turned around and was bout to beat my ass until he realized it was me.

“Nigga, you late.” He laughed. 

“Nigga dont change the subject, I saw you dancing with my bitch.” I chuckled.

“Yea bro, she was popping the pussy on me.” He said as Raye noticed us talking and rolled her eyes. Surpringly, she stood there. 

“See, that’s why I fucked Nae when you left.” I said, making him chuckle as he walked away. Putting my attention on Raye, she looked good as fuck tonight. I noticed that she cut her hair which made me frown, because I couldn’t pull her shit. It was cute on her though. Hopefully it’s a weave. 

“I’m sorry.” I whispered in her ear. Grabbing my hands, she started playfully swinging them back and forth. 

“Let’s go home so I can explain..” I said, grabbing her hands so she could stop. Snatching it away, she playfully mugged me.

“This party popping though.” She said, looking around. Shrugging, I looked around too. It was, but couldn’t nothing top me and Raye spending time with each other. 

“You’ll have more fun spending time with me.” I encouraged her, wiggling my eyebrows. 

“Fine. But you aint getting nothing from me so dont even expect a damn thing.” She warned.

“No pussy?!” I yelled, frowning.

“Nope,” She paused to laugh.  

“Should’ve never left me.” She shrugged. Looking over her outfit again, I liked it but these niggas was staring at her ass and shit. Why she wear this tight shit? We talked about this. She disrespecting me, again. 

“Why you wear that?” I asked, breaking her attention from the people that were taking body shots down stairs. Squinting my eyes a little, I realized that it was Bri causing me to chuckle and shake my head. Bri was probably a lil thot. 

“To make you mad.” Sucking my teeth, I knew she did it on purpose. I know she put that scratch on my car too but we’ll talk about that later. 

“Let’s go do that.” She said, pointing to where Bri was as people were still taking body shots off of her. Nodding, I held her hand tight as we walked down the stairs. 

As we got down there, Raye let go of my hand as she smirked. I wanted to do this shit too, but I know Raye wouldn’t let me. 

Pushing all the other people out the way, Raye grabbed the bottle that she was previusly holding and poured whatever it was on Bri’s stomach. Bending down to where she was face to face with her stomach, she closed her eyes. As her mouth came in contact with Bri’s belly button my dick twicthed in my pants. Everybody over here got hype too. 

When Raye started to tongue kiss her shit, I rose an eyebrow. Let me find out Raye’s into bitches. I’m bout to get a 3some poppin’. 

When Raye finally got up, Bri winked at her causing me to laugh. Grabbing Raye’s hand again, I led her outside to my car. Opening her door, I watched as she climbed in head first like me. Shaking my head, I shut the door behind her and got in on my side before leaving. 

“Can I just fuck you in the back? My dick so hard right now.” I pleaded, unzipping my pants so that I could pull my shit out and show her. Succeeding, her eyes landed on it as she smirked. 

“Please?” I groaned. 

“Nah..” She said, turning her head.

“Really?” Nodding, she turned up the radio. Rolling my eyes at her, I thought about how it would be the next time I get to fuck her. I’m fucking her shit up, foreal. She gonna regret this shit. 

Once we got closer to my house, I looked over at her, and she was sleeping like a baby. Thumb in her mouth, curled up in her seat and all. She aint even have her seatbelt. She looked so damn cute. I needed to get my shit together, cause I would hate to loose her ass. 

These 3 months been so damn good. I loved being around her. She’s posisitve about everything, and it’s great to have that energy around me. I need to quit playin’. 

Whipping up in my driveway, I snickered to myself. Whip game was on fucking fleek. Nobody could whip better than me. 

Getting out the car, I walked over to Raye’s side and carried her into the house. Laying her down in my bed, I stripped out everything except my socks. Finding some sweats to put on, I put them on before going back to my bed. Hovering over Raye, I took off her tight ass outfit and put one of my shirts on her. Trailing kisses down her neck, I tried to wake her up. 

“Babe, wake up.” I mumbled in her ear before kissing it,

“What is it?” She whined, tossing and turning. Chuckling, I lightly shook her so that she could wake the fuck up and stop playin’. Ion know why she so sleepy. 

“Get yo ass up, Raye!” I semi-yelled, smacking her thigh. Sucking her teeth, she opened her eyes but stayed in the same position. 

“What you want?" 

"You.” I said, causing her to blush. 

“I’m right here..” She chuckled. 

“Yo sleepy ass dont wanna wake up.” Sitting all the way up in the bed, she put all her attention on me as I did the same to her. Moving closer to her, I noticed that she had freckles on her face. I never noticed them.

“Since when did you have freckles?” Laughing, she put her hands over her cheeks and looked the other way.

“I been having them. I just never show them, because they’re ugly.” Smacking my lips, I looked at her like she was stupid.

“What? You say the same thing about your freckles so shutup!” Smiling, I didn’t say shit cause she was right. 

“But it’s cute on you. You’re a girl.” Shaking her head no, I just waved her off and continued to admire her beauty. She was trippin, them freckles made her look cute as fuck. 

“You woke me up to stare at me?" 

"No, it’s Christmas.” I said, grabbing her hands to help her up off of the bed. 

“Ion even kow why I’m talking to you right now.” She laughed. 

“Cause you love meee.” I sang, as she got quiet and looked away. Shit, I forgot. I fucked up the moment. 

“What did you get me?” She changed the subject as we went downstairs. Stopping in front of the tree, she tore a box open before I could even reply. I hope her spoiled ass likes everything. 

Sitting behind her, I wrapped my arms around her waist as she got the necklace that I got her out of the box. It was a rose gold necklace that said ‘Love You Too’ as part of my apology. 

“It’s beautiful..” She said, fanning her eyes so that she wouldn’t cry. Making her face me, she put the box down and put all her attention on me. 

“I’m sorry that it took me so long to say it back. I feel real bad, foreal. You just caught me off guard and I lowkey didn’t wanna admit it. I’ma work on that though. I love you too, baby.” I apologized, taking the necklace and putting it around her neck. 

“You’re gonna make me cry, Chris.” she laughed, sniffling. 

“Nah, dont do that.” Sitting her in my lap, I watched as she unwrapped the other thousands of presents I got her. She looked so excited after she opened each present. That was my goal. 

“How did you know I liked all this stuff, babe?" 

"This girl in the store helped me.. The one at the party." 

"She has good taste.” she said, shocking me. I thought she was gonna be mad and shit. 

“You like bitches?” I asked out of curiousity. 

“Why they gotta be bitches,” She paused as we both laughed. It was just a habit of me calling em bitches, so..

“But I dont know..” She shrugged. Smirking, I rubbed my hands and looked and around before looking back at her.

“So, we bout to get some 3somes poppin’?” I asked, and she looked at me like I was stupid. 

“NO. I want you to myself.. I don’t wanna share.” Sucking my teeth, I waved her off. Fuck that bullshit. 

“It’s happening one day. Trust." 

"Whatever, I’m going upstairs to play with my stuff.” She sais, putting all her things in her bags

“You not gone stay down here with me?” She shook her head no and headed for the stairs.

“No, you gotta learn your lesson!” She yelled before I heard the door upstairs close. Sucking my teeth, I looked around the house to see what I could do. Thought I was gonna get some booty tonight. Just like Raye said earlier, “I thought”.

Atleast she liked everything though. That’s all that mat matters. My baby’s happiness.

I thought everything that I could possibly do right now and nothing was coming to mind. Let me clean up the house real quick before my momma see this and start yelling and shit. 

Connectiong myMac to the tv, I turned on the speakers so that I could play some music while I was cleaning up. This was a lot of shit to clean up and I aint wanna be bored. 

After almost 2 hours, I was done with cleaning and I wanted to lay down and cuddle with my baby. 

“I hope Raye’s bitch ass ain’t lock the door.” I mumbled to myself, going up the stairs. Stopping in front of my door, I twisted the gold door knob and surprisingly, it opened. Thought she would be smart enough to lock it.

Closing the door behind me, I cursed to myself for having dark ass colors in here. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t only hear her light snores.

Standing at the end of the bed, I smirked once the light on the side of the house came on. I guess Raye took a shower and fell asleep cause she got on a pair of the red panties and bra I bought her from VS. She looked so damn sexy right now.

Rising the blanket up a little more, I slid under it quietly. Feeling around for her legs, I spread them and made my way in between them. Pulling her panties off, I sucked my teeth because I couldn’t see that pretty pussy of hers. Licking my lips anyway, I wrapped my arms around her legs and came face to face with her shit.

“Chris move..” She mumbled in a sleepy tone, closing her legs.

“What the fuck Raye?” I mumbled, as I began to hear her light snores again. Spreading her legs again, I was hoping that her ass would stay sleep. Ion’ need her interrupting me.


“This shit nasty as fuck!” I heard Chris yell downstairs, causing me to wake up. Groaning and throwing a mini tantrum in the bed, I lifted the covers off of me. Chris is freaking aggy. I was having a good dream.

“What happened to my panties?” I mumbled to myself, looking around on the bed. I had on a bra, but no panties. That doesn’t make sense. I might as well should’ve slept naked.

Looking at the dark brown hardwood floor, I spotted them next to the nightstand. Laughing to myself, I slid off of the bed and slipped them back on. I know Chris had something to do with this. I could’ve sworn I locked the door last night, but I guess I didn’t.

Opening the door to Chris’ spacious bathroom, I went in the closet to grab me an outfit. I told yall my room was like Chris’ room also.

Laughing at my thoughts, I grabbed everything that I needed. Doing my daily hygiene routine, it took about an hour and a half to finish.

Turning off the light, I skipped down stairs like the happiest person in the world. I kept thinking about my presents.I couldn’t help, but smile like a big ass kid. Chris was so annoying, but then he had moments like these where he was corny, and it made me happy.

Stepping foot in the kitchen, I looked at Nae who was sitting on the counter and Chris who had a mad expression on his face. This nigga always mad.

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked Nae, scrunching up my face.

“This fool wanted some nachos and there wasn’t no cheese so he asked me could I go buy some and I’m like no, the fuck. So his basic ass gone melt some shredded cheese and now he’s mad cause it’s nasty.” Nae giggled while telling the story.

“You’re mad for no reason, Chris.”

Shaking my head slowly, I looked back at Chris and the first thing I laid eyes on was the print in his sweatpants. Averting his eyes towards me, he noticed what I was looking at, so he made a toothy grin.

“Just ask.” He mouthed, so that Nae wouldn’t know what we were talking about.

“I didn’t even ask last night, you forced yourself on me and I couldn’t do anything cause I was half sleep.” I said out loud, not caring if Nae was here or not. There’s nothing to hide.

“How you know I did that? You was sleep most of the time.” He asked, shocked. Nae looked at us like we were disgusting, but we both ignored her.

“You’re nasty, Chris.” I mumbled lowly, completely avoiding his question.

When he didn’t respond, I just shrugged it off and went to the refrigerator to make some breakfast. It’s probably super late, but who cares. Quickly checking my phone, I had a lot of Merry ?Christmas texts’ but I would have to respond later.

Getting out some biscuits, bacon, and eggs, I listened to Nae and Chris’ stupid little argument. They’re always arguing over some so little.

“Oh shit Raye, you finally up.” I heard Ty say, then I felt his arm wrapped around my shoulder. Kissing each other on the cheek, I went back to cooking as they started talking again.

Waiting about 20 more minutes, the bacon and the biscuits were done so now I could make the eggs. My mouth watered just looking at this. To say I was hungry was an understatement.

Halfway into making the eggs, I felt Chris’ big ass lips on my neck. “So you not gone talk to me today?” He whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around my waist. Smirking at him as a response, he sucked his teeth and went back to the table.

Done with making the eggs, I made everybody’s plate and sat it at the table where they were. Grabbing 3 large glasses, I poured Apple juice in it because I hated orange juice. It made my throat hurt, and it tastes like alcohol.

“What the fuck? Where’s my plate?” Chris asked looking at me like I was crazy as Ty and Nae were dying.

“Oh babe, I’m sorry I f–” he cut me off my putting his hand up, causing me to let out a small giggle.

“Yeen’ forget shit. How you gonna give these 2 bitches something but not me? This shit is unbelievable. I’m thinking that you was cooking for me and you this whole time, but plot-fucking-twist,” he paused to give me one of his infamous mugs. Giving him a small smile, he still wore a mug on his face.

“How you gonna give these 2 ignorant bitches a plate and not me? What kind of shit is that?” He groaned like Smokey, making the situation even funnier.

“Aye, I ain’t no bitch. My bm ain’t either. You the bitch, over here whining and shit.” Ty said, as we continued to laugh at Chris. I swear I forgot.

“You shut the fuck u– matter of fact…” Getting up from his seat, he walked over to Ty and grabbed his plate before coughing all over it so that Ty wouldn’t take it back. Looking over at Ty, his face was priceless.

“Maaaaan, we leaving.” He said, helping Nae out of her seat. She was so into the food that she brought the plate with her.

“You still mad at me?”

“Yes.” I said plain and simple.

“Man, I’m sorry. But you can’t even put all the blame on me cause I tried to talk to you, and you ain’t wanna hear it.” Looking down at my dainty feet, I shook my head because he was right.

“Come on babe, it’s Christmas. You should be spending it with me.” He said, making me sigh.

Running my hands through the short bob that I had just got done, he smiled at me as I stuck my tongue out at him.

“I’m only doing this, because it’s Christmas. After this, I ain’t kissing you or nothing for a week.” I warned as he paid no mind to me. He thought I was joking.

“Come with me to come put on my clothes, my fam should be here in any minute.” He said, dragging me up the stairs.

“You didn’t tell me your family was coming..” I panicked. I’m not a people person. 

“Don’t worry about it, they’re going to love you..” he said.

“Chris! I’m nervous!” I whined.

“For what? My momma already loves you, and I love you so ain’t shit to worry about.” he said making me smile.

“Don’t try to be all cute now.” I joked as we headed into his room.This is the second time he’s said it, and I swear my heart has done backflips both times.

We walked into his room, and he shut the door behind us. I climbed on the bed and watched him as he stripped. It has been a week since I’ve seen him in all his naked glory, and believe me I’m taking it in.

“You see something you like?” He asked smirking at me as I bit my lip.

Well I was putting him on punishment after today right? So I might as well live in the now, “Come here.”

I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he walked in front of me leaning forward. He put both hands on the either side of me and placed his lips inches from mine, “Kiss me beautiful.” he said.

I blushed and grabbed his face attaching my lips to his. He pushed us back on the bed and I broke the kiss. “Babe isn’t your family coming?”

“Yeah. We got time though, so you gonna let me get some loving?” He asked unbuttoning my shorts and slipping his hands into my underwear rubbing on my clit.

I gasped and nodded my head yes, but of course that wasn’t enough “No I need you to use your words baby.”

“Y-ye-yes..” I gasped.

He smiled, and worked me over. You try denying a nigga this sexy the kitty.


I was rushing to get ready because Chris wanted to take longer than he should’ve in bed. He was so aggy.

“You ready babe? They pulling up outside.” Chris said coming into the room as I put on my shoes.

“Yeah I am, let’s go..” I said following him outside the bedroom.

When we got downstairs I was nervous as hell. Until I saw the one bitch that irked my nerves walk in with Mama J and Chris’s cousins.

“Alisha what you doing here?” Chris asked real irritated.

Well there goes my Christmas.

07 | Let It All Out


“So mommy actually told you?” I asked, looking at Brianna, lifting my sunglasses in the process.

“She told me that you were raped, that was all. She didn’t go into full detail, she said it wasn’t her place to do so.” She croaked, wiping at her eyes.

Nodding my head, I released a breath, knowing that I would have to relive this moment in less than one month. “I was sixteen, it was that night when Shad, Coco and I went to that summer party.” I started off, soon going into depth from the spilling of the drinks, to going up to his room so he could give me the change of clothes. Pausing, taking a gulp. I looked at Bri, she had watery eyes, holding back her tears, whereas I was ashamed to even look at my younger sister right now as I confessed this shit to her.

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Chapter Thirteen.

- c h r i s 

      I placed a fresh cigarette between my lips and made some room for myself on my living room couch by moving some dirty clothes that sat there to the other side. I fell back onto the couch and let out a loud sigh. I reached in my pocket for a lighter, but had no luck. Remembering I had a spare one in the bathroom drawer I groaned before standing up and walking down the hall to the room Jaida used to stay in, I sighed as I gripped the doorknob slowly turning it and pushing the door open, I hadn’t been in here since she left, so everything was the way she left it. I walked further into the room, the smell of her perfume still roamed in the air and  filled my nostrils, bringing back so many memories of her.

I spotted a pile in the corner, it was a few clothing items and some ripped up pieces of paper. I placed the cigarette behind my ear and walked over the the pile, squatting down to get a better look at what the ripped up pieces of paper were. After studying them for awhile I realized it was a picture of us kissing. I sighed before throwing the pieces back down into the corner and walking over to the bathroom. I searched the drawers, finally finding the lighter in the bottom drawer. I grabbed it and stood back up, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I ran my hand down my face and stared at my reflection. I looked like shit. My eyes were bloodshot red from the insomnia I was experiencing, my face burned and itched from my lack of shaving and my clothes looked dingy, wrinkled and old. Being without Jaida was like hell on earth for me, from what I can remember from last night, I went off on her and apparently made her cry, at least that’s what my friend Darrion had told me. My life has just gone downhill, shit with the shop is going down, I’m behind on my rent and my social life is dead, every time I go out I end up getting pissy drunk and make a fool out of myself. I needed Jaida back, she was the only one to keep me grounded and helped me keep my head on my shoulders, being with her made me want to be a better man and forget all the shit about my past. If she was moving on from all her shit in life I wanted to be the one right there with her. To say I miss her is an understatement, I fucked up and the one chance I got to explain shit to her I was faded as fuck and cussed her out and called her a hoe. I need to make things right. The ringing of the doorbell brought me out of my thoughts. I took one last look at myself before walking out of the room and walking to the front door. Pulling it open I was met with Marcus, damn just seeing this nigga bought on memories of Jaida. I had never really noticed that they looked a little bit alike.

“Damn homie, the fuck happened to you?” he asked, a chuckle emitting from his lips.

“Stress from missing your damn sister.” I replied, sliding to the side to let him walk in.

“Let me get you and Jai back together asap, your place is a fuckin’ disaster." 

"Shut up nigga, what you want?” I asked, returning to my seat on the couch, I lit the cigarette that was behind my ear and took a long drag. I blew the air out of my nose, then my mouth, feeling myself relax. 

“I’m just checking on your ass nigga, you been M.I.A. for a minute.” he said, taking a seat on the corner of the coffee table, the only place that seemed to be cleaned off. 

I shrugged, “Man, I never knew what depression felt like until now.”

“Damn, Jai’s pussy was that good? Got your ass depressed?” he chuckled.

I smacked my teeth at him, “I don’t feel comfortable talking to you about your sister’s pussy.”

I watched as he laughed, “You must ain’t never get any, huh?”

When I talk to Marcus I swear it’s like I’m transparent and he can see the truth in anything I tell him.

“Nah, but she got me going crazy like I did, now she with some other nigga.”

He shook his head, “Trust me that shit ain’t gonna last long.”

“What makes you think that? They were all over each other last night.”

“That nigga August ha-” he was interrupted by his phone ringing, he pulled it from his pocket before answering it, “Hello?”

He stood up quickly a panicked expression rose on his face , “Right now? I’m on my way.” he said, before hanging up the phone.

“You good man?” I asked, placing the bud of my cigarette into the ashtray that sat infront of me.

“Chloe just went into labor.” he said, grabbing his keys from the table.

“Is she at the hospital?” I asked, standing up.

“Kelsey and Jai are taking her. You coming with me?” he asked, nodding, I went and grabbed my Adidas sliders by the front door and slid them on before both of us left. 


      It had been about two hours since we got to the hospital, Marcus went into the room with Chloe, while Jaida, her sisters and I sat in the waiting room. I sat about five seats away from Jaida and her sisters, I kept stealing glances at Jaida hoping she would see that I wanted to talk, but instead all of her attention was being placed upon Ty. I stood up and walked over to her. I cleared my throat gaining the attention of Jaida, her sisters and even Ty, who babbled some baby talk and reached his arms out towards me. I took him from Jaida and smiled at him, tossing him in the air.

“What’s up lil man?” I asked, a smile rising on my own face. Ty was my little nigga, he always liked me and every time I came around he would be attached to me, he actually made me want a son of my own. He smiled, gripping the chain that hung from my neck. 

“Hey, can we talk?” I asked, looking directly into Jaida’s eyes.

“Chris, not rig -" 

"Please?” I pleaded, I hated how desperate I felt trying to get her to talk to me, but right now I was willing to do anything, just to get her to let me explain.

Sighing, she stood up. I handed Ty to Kelsey and we walked outside the entrance of the hospital, the cold November air met us and I watched as Jaida shivered as she rubbed her bare arms. Pulling the jacket from my body I placed it around her shoulders. Ignoring my nice gesture, she turned to face me an angry expression on her face.

“You know, you have a lot of nerve to try and talk to me after what happened last night.” She spat, folding her arms across her chest, I watched as a red tone rose in her cheeks. 

I sighed, stuffing my hands into the pockets, “I’m sorry, but I want you to hear me out.”

“Chris, right now, there’s nothing you can say to me. Ever heard the saying a drunk mind speaks sober thoughts?" 

"Jaida, I know what I did was wrong, but why are you giving me the cold shoulder when I’m trying to be a hundred with you?”

“Because you deserve the cold shoulder Chris, I gave my all to you and you just fucked me over by cheating on me. It’s like you didn’t give a fuck about my feelings.”

“I do care about you Jaida, more than anything right now, I’ve been going crazy without you.” I said, grabbing her hand. 

“Chris, I just can -" 

The sound of the sliding doors opening gained our attention, causing us to turn around, Kelsey stood there, smiling.

"Chloe, just had the baby, you guys can come see her.” she said, a warm smile plastered across her face.

Jaida shrugged my jacket off of her shoulders before handing it to me and walking into the hospital. I stood there frozen, feeling my heart break a little more.

“Are you coming Chris?” Kelsey asked.

“Yeah, in a minute.” I spoke, reaching in my pocket for the only source to calm my nerves.

I lit the cigarette and bought it to my lips. “Chris, just give her some time.” Kelsey said, rubbing my shoulder.

“It’s like she doesn’t even want to hear what I have to say.”

“Just keep trying Chris, she’ll come around.” Kelsey said, before turning around and walking into the hospital.

I’ll give her some more time, but I don’t know how much longer I can wait. The more I see her, the more I realize that I lost the best thing that had happened to me in a long time.


Your parents are sent to care for you, protect you from danger, to love you.

 Not to send you towards the danger, to have some stranger care for you, while they tell you the only reason was because they loved you.

 When you’re young, you don’t see bad people, or harmful substances that could tear your family apart.

 You just see the good things in life.

 The things that make you happy, make you smile.

 But when you get older, and start to learn about those harmful substances and the side effects of them, and start running into those bad people, you think to yourself that your childhood was practically a lie.

 The more you look into those harmful substances, you notice they’re the reason your parents act so different.

 The drugs.



 All the alcohol.

 You start to realize, that because of those things, you’ll probably never be the same little girl you were when you were 6 or 7.

 You’ll never be at peace again.

 When you’re young, you think the worst thing your parents could do was hit you with a belt because you acted out in public.

 And after your whooping, you’d go back to your room and plot how you were going to run away.

 But now, you realize that drugs are by far the worst things your parents could ever do.

And then you realize that whooping’s weren’t so bad.

Them yelling at you because you didn’t do something right is.

 And with that.

 Your plot to run away isn’t just a plot anymore.

 It’s something you really want to do.

 I tried.

 Many times.

 But it never worked.

 I had nowhere to go..

 But my last attempt is what broke the camel’s back.

Well it was a part of it.

 I get you all are probably lost as to where I am going with this.

 It’ll all make sense tho.

 Sooner or later.


I looked at myself in the mirror.

I was slowly falling apart.

Running my hands under the running water before runnin’ them down my face.

‘Nobody knows, what I go through.’

Lookin’ down at the bottle of pills fa’ lettin’ out a dark chuckle.

Pickin’ up the bottle, I read the label out loud.

“Xavier Aiden Thomas”


I shook my head as I took the cap off the bottle, pouring all 60 pills into my hand.

As I was contemplating my next move, all I could hear in the back of my head was my Mama voice.

“Xae, you’re better than this baby. Don’t do this.”

I chuckled, closing my eyes, before dropping them in.

One by One.

Once I felt that last pill drop, I opened my eyes before pushing the handle down, watching the one thing that made me calm but triggered my anger at the same being washed away.


CHAPTER 22 - No Good Deed

Few days later - December 20th

Anonymous POV

I was waitin’ fa’ this day to come. I just knew it was gon’ be soon'a than later. 

Once I got the word that Jay was dead, I knew it was my time to step in and put an end to his sons and their little crew. 

I’ve been plottin’ on the small group for awhile, and was just waiting for the right time to strike.

I was planning on how I was gonna take them out. Should I do it one by one? Or just get rid of ‘em all at the same time? Should I do the girls first, and then the guys. Or guys, then the girls?

So many options, so little time…


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Chapter 20 Part 1


My sister was giving birth so I had to put all my marital issues aside, and be there for her. I was actually kind of happy because I could get my mind off of the negative. There was an addition to the family, and I was excited. After 29 hours of labor Mercedeh finally had my nephew.

She named him Anthony Micah Williams

“Can I hold my baby? Y’all hogging up my child” Mercedeh said holding my arms out her arms to take him from me.

“Girl please this is my baby, you can borrow him though” I said smiling as I handed him back to her.

“I’m going to come stay over a few days with you, so you can get some rest” our mom said to Mercedeh.

“Good, I’m so tired. I am seriously never having another one of August’s kids again. That was too much work” she said blowing kisses at the baby.

“You know damn well we having more kids, stop trying to front, in front of company” August said walking back into the hospital room making us all laugh.

She smacked her teeth, and he gave her that keep talking look. Those two were something else. August was a really amazing guy. He’s so patient and nurturing. Breaking up with him was hard all those years ago, but I’m glad I introduced him to my sister. She couldn’t be happier, that and I would’ve died if August was Kevin.


“Mommy?” Christian said running up to couch.

“Yes, baby?” I asked helping him up.

“Um, I want a baby browder” he said smiling cutely at me.

I laughed. I could always count on him to lighten my mood. He’s been badgering me all day about another baby now that Mercedeh had Anthony.

“Really? I thought you liked being mommy’s baby?” I said poking his tummy.

He giggled “no, I’m big boy. We need new mommy baby!”

I fell out laughing, and he joined in “well can you keep a secret?”

He smiled wide and nodded “mommy might be having another baby. The doctor has to check me. We can’t say anything yet ok.”

It was true. I was beginning to feel like I did when I was pregnant with Christian. This happening was bittersweet literally. Bitter because Chris and I have been slowly falling apart these past few months, and sweet because it’s what he’s been wanting for the past year now. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure yet. I scheduled a doctor’s appointment to be sure though today at the hospital, so we’ll know next week.

Even though Chris, and I are fighting I wish he was here so I wouldn’t have to go alone. I planned on telling him the news when he was here for Thanksgiving , but things got real out of hand. Then to top it off we haven’t spoken since he walked out, and left so I didn’t know what was going on with him. I had to wait until he called me, and it was stressing me out.

“So if doctwor say yes, me be big browder?” He asked climbing onto my lap.

I nodded “you sure will be a big brother if the doctor says yes.”

He smiled and hugged me “yay, I wove you mommy!”

I felt my heart flutter with joy. Something about when your baby said they loved you made everything that was wrong at the moment better. I hugged him tight “I love you too Christian.”

*One Week Later*


“Ok, I’m here now what do you keep blowing up my phone about Chris?” I asked him as I walked into his sitting area at the rehab.

“I wanted to talk to you about us” he said ushering that I sit down.

The past week has been good. Chris and I are back to normal. I’m trying to decipher what exactly this means because I in no shape or form want to break up his marriage. That shit is or never was my intention. When we slept together it was so good, it was damn good, but I made sure it didn’t happen again. Chris knows how I feel, he always has, and loved to play the fiddle with my heart.

“Ok, what about us?” I said bobbing my head jokingly.

He laughed and shook his head “you know I love your friendship, and your company right?”

I nodded and smiled “I do, I’ve never had to question that. You just don’t love me more than you do her, and I get that.”

“Good, so please tell me you understand what I mean when I say we should be friends from a distance for a while. At least until I could convince her to start over with you clean slate, and all” he said genuinely.

“Um, I guess if that’s what you want then I’ll do that for you” I said truthfully.

Aside from the fact that I love Chris he truly is my friend. I just want him to be happy. He’s a good guy often misjudged by little things that happen in his life. So, if pulling away did that for him no matter how much it affected me it didn’t matter.

“Come here” he said to me.

I got up, and he pulled me onto his lap. He pushed my hair out my face, and I blushed as I looked him in the eyes. I think God gave him the perfect dose of perfection.

“I care about you I do, and I love you to death, but if I’m ever gonna to as much as get my wife to let me hug her again then I gotta let you go” he said uneasiness in his voice.

“Hey, your not hurting me like you think you are so you don’t have to be uneasy. I understand, and I’m granting your wish. I think this’ll be good. I could use the time to work on getting over you” I said making him smile.

“Thank you” he said before hugging me.

“Anything for you” I said before grabbing his face and softly pecking his lips.

It was a goodbye, and a thank you kiss. Chris did a lot of shit for me, so it was my turn to do something for him. I got up off his lap, and when we turned around Robin was standing there leaning against the wall. I don’t know how much she heard or what she saw, but Chris went pale real quick.

“That was so cute you guys” she said smiling wickedly, and clapping.

Oh shit!


These past few days haven’t really been normal. I think Trey’s upset about this whole Kevin thing and he isn’t saying anything to me. I’ve been trying to give him his space, but I can’t take the cold shoulder from my man anymore.

I got up and, headed downstairs to him. We needed to address things, I absolutely hate when we have issues. They make me crazy.

“Trey?” I called out walking downstairs

“I’m in the gym!” I heard him call out.

I walked to the other side of the house, and walked in before leaning against the arm extension machine. Trey grabbed his towel wiping his face, and chest before looking up at me.

“Damn why you coming in here like that? You tryna be the second half of my workout or nah?” He asked walking up on me smirking.

I pushed him back, and he frowned “you gotta talk to me.”

He mushed his eyebrows together, but nodded before sitting back on the leg extension machine “shoot.”

“We still haven’t talked about Kevin. You keep avoiding me, and the subject” I said crossing my arms.

“Man, what we got to talk about? My ideal conversation with my girl isn’t talking about how she fucked my brother. On top of that, you know that whole embarrassing your friends shit I never approved of” he said clearly frustrated.

“Trey I didn’t fucking know! Maybe if back then I was more involved in your life that would’ve never happened! YOU SHOULD’VE NEVER LEFT ME!” I said raising my voice.

I don’t cry, I hate crying, crying is something bitches do, but I was beginning to have a bitch moment. He was make making this my fault. He’s trying to say if I never went dark then he wouldn’t have to deal with
the fact that I slept with Kevin.

“How many times I got to explain to your dumbass, that if I didn’t handle shit the way I did this right here, me standing in front of you wouldn’t be happening. You think I wanted to leave? Back then I was running the streets with Kevin, and I got my ass set up. What’s done is done, but don’t make it seem like my being mad you was busting it open for my half brother is a problem! This nigga acting like he got one up on me, and I don’t appreciate feeling small India” he said standing up walking farther away from me.

“Ok, fine I fucked him. Hell I fucked Michael too, but that never bothered you. Fuck Kevin! You know I want nobody else’s hands on me except yours! I fucked Kevin because the motherfucker blackmailed me! Bet he didn’t tell you that part though” I said tears streaming down my face.

“What?” He said walking back over to me grabbing my chin so I could look in his eyes.

“He blackmailed me! He said that he’d make sure bad things happened to me if I didn’t do what he said, so I complied. At first I was scared so I did it until I got some information about him he didn’t want anyone to know” I said pushing his hands away from me.

He tried to grab me close, but I slapped his hands away. The last thing I wanted was to be touched. I was fuming, and when I was mad there wasn’t any telling what I’d do. I’m a crazy ass Latina bitch I own that.

“What the fuck! What was the news India? I swear I’m going to gut the motherfucker alive and feed his organs to the wolves!” He spat viciously.

I didn’t give a shit anymore so I just spilled the beans “he has a kid. Never seen or met the kid, but I would always hear him on the phone with some woman. I told him if he didn’t do what I said the kid he’s hiding for whatever he was planning would be brought to light so he fell back.”

Trey stood there for a second like he was thinking long, and hard. I said nothing I just waited because I was curious as to what he was thinking.

He grabbed his shirt and walked off “I’ll be back later. Don’t wait up, and don’t call me.”

“Trey where are you going?” I asked running after him as he grabbed his keys and slammed the door storming off.

“Trey, are we going to be ok?” I whispered to myself as my tears began to blur my vision completely.

Chapter Eighteen (Part One)

Six months later …



I was wondering why all of a sudden India has just up and disappeared. She hadn’t said anything to any of us, except Chris of course. I asked him what happened to her, and he wouldn’t talk about anything dealing with the situation. I tried calling and texting her. No answer. I even tried going to her house but when I arrived all I saw was a huge ‘FOR LEASE’ sign. I also tried to talk to the girls but none of them knew anything, not Crystal, not Heather, not even her own sister. I love India with all my heart. She is a real friend and a sweetheart. I don’t understand how she could not care this much about us to let us know something. I hope that wherever she is that she is safe and happy.



I missed Indie so much. She was literally my little sister. I trusted her with my everything. I could be totally open with her and it hurt me that she would just up and leave like this. She had everyone depressed. Especially Chris. He was dealing with this emotional stress really hard. He talked about her and how he loved and missed her. When I was going through with my weight problem, she helped me get into shape and lose the weight. I had a bond with her but Chris’s personality changed after she left. He told me that she told him that she would maybe never come back. He also told us that Rih was pregnant. I hated the fact that she knew that Chris and Indie were together but as always she fucks everything up for him. I believe – No, I KNOW she got pregnant on purpose just to make his life a living hell hole. They’re together now but Chris isn’t as happy as he once was with Indie. Chyna even missed her and King always cries when he hears her name. She left us all so fucked up.

I was scrolling through my phone and found some pictures of us and uploaded it to instagram;


@Hotyella @IndiaLove

I miss my little bitch soo much :’(              

I never thought that she would’ve left us like that. No calls, no texts, nothing. We all tried to reach her but to no avail, we failed each time. She doesn’t even live in the same place. Knowing her she probably isn’t even in the same state. I just want to see her again and know that she is safe.



I wanted to die. I couldn’t believe that India would run off like this. She knew that if she needed anything that she could come to me. We been bestfriends for almost our whole lives and this is what she does?, runs off with no warning or pieces left behind. I tried everything; calling, texting, visiting her house, Asia’s house, Chris’s house, Heather’s house, Sevyn’s house, even Chyna’s house but I got nothing. The girls were just as confused as I was. I love India with everything in me. She was literally my half, I was nothing without her. I hate the fact that she just ran from me … from US. I know I may sound like her man and all but me and her are inseparable. Nothing was gonna break us apart. So I thought.

I looked on Instagram to see that Heather had put pictures of her and India up, so I decided to do the same;


@ShutupJayla @Hotyella @IndiaLove

I miss my other half, my sister, damn near my blood. Through the years we spent with each other, we were made inseparable. But I guess I was wrong.

I just wish that she hadn’t left … US.



Every since lil bit left, everybody been down. Chris especially. He knows that he fucked up with Rih, but we had already told him to stop fucking with her. Rihanna aint shit but trouble, When she comes up, bad things happen. She a cool chick when she aint tryna be evil and shit. I’m not gonna say I don’t like her because I do, she just evil as hell. She walking around here like she aint did nothing wrong, but deep down she feels guilty and she should. Its been six months since we heard from Lil Bit but I know this wont be the end.

I saw that Heather and Jayla had posted on IG so I figured why not;


@KingTrell @ShutupJayla @Hotyella @IndiaLove

Fugly asses but I miss my lil niglet. She literally was my homie. Come back Lil Bit.

I hope that she comes back. Everyone will be pissed at her but we’ll get over it.




I fucked up. I know I should be happy because I have a child on the way, but it doesn’t feel right. I should have a family with INDIA not Rih. I love Robyn with my heart but India has my heart even though she has vanished from my life. I cant let her go, she’s all I ever think about. I cant think straight, I don’t tweet anymore, nothing. I haven’t even talked to my mother. She had been calling me everyday for 2 months now. I’m surprised she didn’t come out here. I was gonna call her eventually, but not now. I have to get my head straight before I could hold a conversation with her. Robyn was carrying my child, but for some reason, I didn’t want her to be. I refuse to make her get an abortion, that’s what pussy niggas do, I want my seed, no matter who its coming from. I just miss her so much. I cant sleep, eat, I haven’t been anywhere besides the bathroom.

I saw on IG that the crew were posting pictures of their memories of India so I posted some;

@Fuckyopictures @KingTrell @ShutupJayla @Hotyella @IndiaLove

I miss my baby. She’s my breath that I breathe, my life, my love, my everything, my ride or die and I was stupid enough to left her go.

I just want her to come back to me. I want to hold and kiss her one more time. I want her to know how sorry and stupid I am. I want to love her and NEVER hurt or let her go again. I want HER to have my children.

Chapter Seventeen (Short)



Being a single mom is some tough work. I can’t say I’m not happy though, my son is a true blessing. Every since the day I gave birth to him, he has made my world a better place. He makes my whole mood change, no matter how I’m feeling when I lay down to sleep, by the morning I’m totally relieved to know that I have another human being besides myself to worry about. He is my sunshine, my rainbow, my second half (besides Indie) , he’s anything that I could ever hope for. The only thing that bothers me is that every time I look into his face, all I see is my lost love … Jacob.

The memory of Jacob sits in my mind and I always find myself crying because I can’t help but feel like it was my fault that Jacob gave his life for me … for US. The last of his words have been stuck in my head every since the shooting.

“Take care of our son …” That’s all I can think of. I feel so guilty knowing that if I would’ve just did as India said none of this would have happened. I’m always being hard-headed.

Right now, Gabe was in the hands of Skylar and they were at my condo doing whatever while I was out with the ladies; Heather, Jay, Sevyn, and Indie. We decided since we had nothing to do until later on tonight, that we would have a girls day.

“So, Asia, How is your son?” Heather asked and watched as I blushed. Just hearing those words put into a sentence together made my heart flutter.

“He absolutely gorgeous. Healthy too.” I said beaming.

“Good to hear.” Sevyn said as we walked into Urban Outfitters to try on some jeans. Thankfully my baby pounds have shredded due to my vigorous fitness plan.

“Damn Asia, you getting a lil booty!” Indie yelled slapping my ass.

“Eww. Speaking of ass, why you walking like that?” I asked making her laughter halt and me and the girls busted out laughing.

“Whatever. Just know that Chris knows how to do it right.” She said blushing.

“Yo. I hear that club LIV is gonna be popping forreal tonight, yall wanna roll through?” Sevyn asked as we all made our way to a food joint.

“I’m down with it, plus I need some alcohol in my system.” Jay said.

“After what happened last night, you wanna go back in a club?” Indie asked as she turned to Jay in confusion.

“Hell yeah, I gotta get my drink on guhl!” She yelled slightly twerking on Indie.

“Okay I’m down too.” Heather said then they turned towards me.

“I dunno. I just had a baby and I also might not have a sitter because he is too young so I just might stay at home. Maybe next time.” I said letting them down easy.

“Its cool. We understand you have a child to worry about.” Sevyn said.

After we all ate and did a little more shopping, we headed to Indie’s shop to get our hair and nails done.

I just can’t be without my son.



None of us had anything to do other than sit around the house and play games all day. The girls had been out doing whatever while we were stuck at home. I didn’t plan on anything today or tonight so I guess you could say we were having a chill day.

My phone began to ring and I picked it up without looking at the caller I.D.

“Chris?” A females voice said. One voice that I knew all too well.

“Yes?” I sighed

“Meet me at Starbucks in about 20 minutes.” She requested.

“Why? For What?” I asked

“Just do it.” She said before hanging up the phone leaving me sitting here listening to the dial tone.

Curious as to what she wants with me I quickly got up to make an entrance to my room to find something to wear. I had showered this morning so I could skip that part in my routine. I dressed in a Black Pyramid sweat-suit then put on my white Air Forces then walked back downstairs and grabbed my keys to my blue Lambo, then walked towards the living room.

“Nigga, where you going?” Keeis asked being the only one to speak.

“Out. Mind ya bidness Patna.” I said letting the country accent slip through my voice.

“Whatever. Bring us some food.” Mijo said and I then looked at him like he had six heads.

“Nigga you a grown ass man, get yo own damn food.” I said back making the rest of the crew laugh.

“You aint shit.” He mumbled. I shook my head then made my way over to Starbucks.


“Wassup? Why you got me here?” I asked her.

“I cant get a Hello or How you been?” She asked slightly offended.

“You aint say none of that shit when you called my phone outta nowhere so I’m asking you what do you want?” I said cutting straight to the chase.

“Look I don’t want it to seem like I’m trying to trap you or anything but I just thought that it would be best for you to know.” She spoke shaking slightly.

“What do you mean?” I asked

“I didn’t plan this, I don’t want it to seem that way either.” She said

“Hold up. Stop, you’re talking in circles. Tell me what exactly are you trying to say?” I said, my palms sweating slightly.

“I’m pregnant.” She spoke and from then my heart dropped to the floor.

She cant be pregnant … Please don’t let her be pregnant



We were all having a good time until Asia said that Gabe needed her so she left. We all went back to Sevyn’s house to get ready for tonight which was gonna take us at least three hours, literally.

I called Chris to let him know that I was going out tonight and he said its okay. Not that I was under his rule but ‘okay’ as in his agreement. He doesn’t control me, and I won’t let him. I remember him saying he had something to tell me but by his tone of voice , it didn’t sound good.

“Yo, you okay cause you looking kinda off tonight?” Heather asked as we sat at the bar sipping our drinks.

“Yea, um I’m good.” I said brushing the look she gave me to the side.

“Okay, whatever you say.” She said then joined Jay and Sevyn on the dance floor. For some reason I was off tonight. I just didn’t feel like being here anymore. My mind kept wandering to what Chris said about having something to tell me. I couldn’t get the thought of what he might say out of my head. I was clearly losing it. I had to go home just to see what he had to tell me.

“Yo Sev, I’m out!” I yelled over the music.

“What? No we just got here!” She yelled back.

“I’m sorry but Asia needs help with the baby and I promised her to be there when she called me soo-“ I lied trailing off.

“Whatever but remember you owe me a night!” She said as I nodded then we side-hugged then kissed each other on the cheek and the same actions were repeated with Jay and Heather.

I rushed to the house just to see that Chris was sitting in the living room on his laptop. When he saw me, a different look splashed across his face. As if he was nervous.

“Hey baby” I said throwing my arms around his neck as I sat in his lap. He kissed my neck and looked me in the eyes.

“She’s pregnant.” He said more to himself than me.

“What?” I said in disbelief.

“Babe, look I-“ he started.

“Christopher are you telling me you cheated on me and didn’t have the nerves to tell me?” I asked now off of his lap and standing infront of him with my hands on my hips.

“I just found out today. India I swear, we hooked up before me and you even got serious.” I could tell he was lying because he wouldn’t look me in my eyes.

“You fucking cheated on me Chris.” I said with tears at the brim of my eyes. He reached out to wipe them but I turned my head.

“Don’t be like that Indie.” He spoke softly.

“What the fuck you expect me to do huh? My boyfriend got another bitch pregnant while he was fucking me too. How the fuck am I supposed to act then Chris?!” I yelled

“Calm that attitude shit down. I’m not saying you don’t have a right ot feel the way that you do because you do, I’m saying that we can at least try to work this out India.” He said semi-yelling.

“There is no working out, you fucking cheated on me after everything I told you , I fucking trusted you and you go and do some fucked up shit like this?!” I yelled back.

“You don’t think I realize that? I have to deal with this shit too India its not just you. I have to read this on the blogs, I have be harassed with the questions everyday, I am the one who’s always being judged, I am a fucking human India, I make mistakes too. But excuse me if I thought my girl would respect the face that I owned up to her and told her.” He said getting in my face. He had a point but he aint right.

“Chris I get that, I do its just, I cant deal with this right now. I just cant.” I said going upstairs to grab my things. Once I came back down, he looked at me confused.

“Where you going?” He asked grabbing my arm.

“I’m done Chris. You have a child to think about and you certainly don’t need me in your way. I’m leaving.” I said wiping tears from my eyes.

“No baby you cant leave. I’m sorry okay I’m so sorry India. Just please don’t go babe please.” He begged. The sound of his voice cracking made it even harder.

“I can’t handle this right now. You have to let me go Chris. You gotta try and make this work for you and your child. I’ll just be left behind like before. Let me go.” I said

“No!” He yelled holding on to my waist but magically I wiggled free.

“I love you Christopher. Goodbye.” I said as I kissed him one more time.

“I love you even more than I love myself and this child. I wont say goodbye because I WILL see you again.” He said as tears fell from his eyes.

“I don’t think so.” I said backing away from him returning his car keys, and grabbing my own. I turned towards the door and just as I was about to twist the knob, he spoke.

“Goodbye India.” And with that, I left.