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GL 63 AMG in India

Come with us on a #‎MBShootout through India and discover stunning landscapes through the lens of Nipun Srivastava. During his trip he also met Indian artis Amshu Chukki who will present his artwork for our One Million Instagram Followers milestone at the St. Moritz Art Masters. Stay tuned for more! #‎MBSAM

Photos courtesy of Nipun Srivastava |

Rey Jorge V del Reino Unido y Emperador de la India
Rex Georgius V Britanniarum Regni et Imperator Indiae
König Georg V. des Vereinigten Königreiches und Kaiser von Indien
King George V of the United Kingdom and Emperor of India
Roi George V du Royaume-Uni et Empereur des Indes

John St Helier Lander (1868-1944), 1934.

Recent College Grads Are Flocking To These Cities, According To LinkedIn

With their diplomas in hand, millions of college graduates around the globe are ready to jump into the work world that, for most, exists someplace other than where their alma mater is located.

Some global cities are hotter destinations than others for recent college grads, however, with roughly 40 percent of new residents comprising recent college grads in the most popular destinations. Over the past year, LinkedIn analyzed the migration patterns of members 0-3 years out of college, studying moves greater than 100 miles (from starting city to destination city) that included more than 100 members. Also included (for those who still may be on the job hunt) are the biggest employers of freshly-minted grads in each city.

Below are the 10 cities worldwide to where recent graduates are headed in droves:

10) Sao Paulo, Brazil
9) Bangalore
8) San Francisco Bay Area
7) London
6) Chicago
5) New York City
4) Madrid
3) Minneapolis-St. Paul
40 percent of new residents in 2013 were recent college grads. The major companies hiring new grads: Target, 3M, General Mills, Wells Fargo, Cargil
2) Washington, D.C.
1) Paris


Galit Seligmann: Pilgrimage

Artist Statement: The intention of the series Pilgrimage, has been to invert the tourist gaze at two of the most visited sites In the Eastern and Western world: The Taj Mahal in India, and St Peter’s Basilica in Italy. The buildings are described not by their material structure, but rather by the tourists visiting them, and all identifying context has been excluded from these two endlessly reproduced landmarks. As a result of the ease of travel, tourist sites across the world have acquired a sameness about them, and this neutral backdrops symbolise the ubiquity of the modern day tourist trail.

Rom [1978] by Roswitha Hecke

Roswitha Hecke was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1944. In 1963 she finished her apprenticeship as a photographer and started to document several theatre and film productions. In the 1970s she travelled through the world, including trips to Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, India, Egypt, Nepal and St. Petersburg. Temporarily, she also lived in Paris, Mexico, Barcelona, Morocco and America. In 2002 she taught the master class of photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. Roswitha Hecke now lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.