india pale

Amorphia (Hudson Valley)

Brewery : Hudson Valley
Beer : Amorphia
Style : IPA / India Pale Ale / Sour / Sour IPA
Variance : Brewed with Raw Wheat, Malted Oat, Milk Sugars, Vanilla Beans, and Strawberry and Hopped with El Dorado and Mosaic Hops

9 / 10

Holy hell, what a fucking fantastic introduction to a brewery! I used to see these guys all over IG with people saying how great their draft beer was but then once they started canning I didn’t even recognize that the amazing artwork on their aluminum vessels of glory belonged to them so I kind of forgot about them. What a horrible shitty mistake that was. I can’t believe it took me this long to finally taste these guys and I actually feel worse than a female working in Hollywood that I hadn’t tasted them sooner but now that I have, it’s fucking go time. I feel like I should buy a replica of the A-Team van and just bust through the wall of their brewery and hijack all the cans with my friends because I am definitely going to need to dive way further into their lineup before I can truly be happy. Now I know you all probably think, I’m some nut job and I would probably make for a pretty good H.M. Murdock but I assure you that I am all John Hannibal Smith because I do love it when a plan comes together and I always try to guide my fellow bastards to victory… I mean good beer. This has a great floral IPA hop burst to start things off with a nice bittersweet mixture before those strawberries and cream mix in with swirls of hops and velvety goodness before ending with a juicy, creamy, milky, fruity, hop slushy to wrap things up. That’s a lot of “y”s but they were necessary so chill the hell out. This is a must try in the world of craft because it is pretty much the definition of what a sour IPA should be so do whatever you have to to get your hands on it and if you need help, just call the A-Team. Like, the actual A-Team because I’m way to lazy. Sorry.

Written by: Steve B.