india ink wash


There is no front or back to the artist statement that I included - since my handwriting in white sharpie is wildly shitty and hard to read, here is the translation:

Side 1:

Going with the flow…a Sketchbook (subject to grow more)

Handmade book – archival boards + India Ink

Rag paper - hand torn – brush – Ink wash-

Rubbings on wet to dry paper (often sheets

used as blotter paper made interesting marks.)

Random mark making – these are the

things I have no words for- 4/23/2017 Laura J. Wellner

Side 2:

There is a lot of energy while

making art – raw experimentation

looking, waiting to see what will

happen – impulsive – there is no

right or wrong – no up or down –

no top or bottom – no right or left.

Inspiration asks no questions it just

is –

Huge thanks to @thenimbus for providing photo reference.

So I maaaaaaay have been working on this for two weeks and I ended up botching it a little trying to fix it but once I get it scanned and tweaked in GIMP I can make a master print. (Adam, you will definitely be getting a print if you want! Thank you so much for humoring a weird lady who wanted to paint a portrait of a weird rogue time demon!) Apologies for the shit quality of my webcam.

The specs:

FIREBRAND (semper vigilo)

16x20 cold press Canson illustration board

black india ink wash


Inktober 13: Scared

They have a bonding moment afterwards about being I-almost-died-because-I-was-ejected-out-of-an-airlock-into-space buddies.

Used India ink and wash with like two paintbrushes because I’m too lazy to keep washing pen nibs, though I regretted it when I had to ink the lion without a ruler…  Random wip pics under cut if you’re interested smh.

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Sailing and steamers  , Emil Nolde

German 1867-1956

-  Sailing in the Wind, in 1910; 

   Oil on canvas; 94 x 109 cm

   © Hamburger Kunsthalle

-  Small Steamer, Hamburg, 1910 

   India ink drawings, watercolors; 35.6 x 46.5 cm

   Nolde Stiftung Seebüll; © Nolde Stiftung Seebüll

-  Steamer, Hamburg, 1910 

   India ink drawing, partially gray wash; 33.1 x 31.3 cm

   © Nolde Stiftung Seebüll

-  Small steamer, Hamburg, 1910

   India ink drawing, watercolor, 38 x 27.2 cm; Nolde Stiftung Seebüll; 

   © Nolde Stiftung Seebüll