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We got my country, Pakistan trending at number 1 for their awesome win against India then 3rd is one of my favorite YouTubers, the Game Grumps and then Paul McCartney at 7th cause he’s survived another year of this world’s bs
Today is a fucking great day


‘Sega Mega Drive - ‘Shaw Wallace’’


  • Uploaded by Rohan Padiyar, via YouTube
  • Would you believe that in order to circumvent India’s tariff on imports, Sega distributed the Megadrive though a liquor manufacturer? 

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The Musical Touken Ranbu at the India Gaming Show 2017 - Posing in front of the Nelke booth (Day 2)

This vid though xD I’m torn between being horrified (because that is some really loose security O.o After all, the boys are professional actors surrounded by really excitable people), envious (because OMG being that close and being able to steal a selfie!) and really amused. I find it kind of adorbs that the first person anyone approached to even try for a selfie was Sato Ryuji (the fan actually had to catch his attention because he was turned away), and it was a guy! xD Then, when she noticed what was going on, how cute was the girl being all excited about wanting a selfie with Ryuji too and rushing over to try and grab one (with Torigoe Yuki joining in ♥). And the free-for-all after that. LOL!

The staff stepped in immediately before things got more chaotic, so it was all good. The boys were really nice to go along with the fans ♥ (although Ryuji, seriously, you really should be more careful about being too nice xD).


“Touken Ranbu” performed by Team Shinsengumi with Hachisuka Kotetsu at the India Gaming Show (Day 1)

Video Credits: rakshita Singh