Emerald-set Box, Mughal India circa 1635.

This sides and lid of this spectacular gold box are set with 103 emeralds, perfectly matched and fitted. They are carved in shallow relief to depict cypress trees within borders of repeated stylized leaves. The precious materials and the high quality of the design and craftsmanship suggest that the box was made at the highest level of Mughal court patronage.

At the apex of the lid is a diamond. It has an octagonal table surrounded by 24 visible facets within the girdle and appears to represent an early form of brilliant cutting. The underside of the box is covered with emerald-green enamel over engraved decoration. The pattern consists of a central rosette surrounded by two rows of stems with split acanthus leaves forming pairs of double scrolls. The ground is hatched and cut away so that the enamel is darker in the background and lighter over the rosette and scrolls.


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Delhi, India: United leftist protest hits government inaction on health care crisis for the poor, September 26, 2016.

Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) Delhi State Committee Member Comrade Ramesh Sharma addressing a protest demonstration organised by seven Left Parties (CPI, CPM, SUCI©, CPI-ML, RSP, FB, CGPI) at LG House on 26th Sept 2016 against the spread of dengue and chikungunia in Delhi and apathy of Centre & State Govt towards the plight of common people. Ramesh said scores of deaths due to totally preventable and curable diseases in capital city Delhi is a national SHAME while Prime Minister Modi is giving sermons to others to fight disease, hunger and poverty.

Photos and report by Ramesh Parasher


SN: India is a tragic case study in unchecked urban sprawl and poor city planning. Thankfully, there are many intelligent and motivated citizens working on solutions. Here is a snapshot.

Mindless city expansion hits quality of life hard

The urban sprawl around Kolkata has expanded at a pace faster than expected but has the development been inclusive and planned to a T? The answer is an obvious ‘No’.

Moreover, lack of ecological appreciation of urban landscapes plays havoc with biodiversity of the place. Sudden disappearance of greenery is causing an irreparable damage,“ said Sudipto Bhattacharya of Saviour and Friend of Environment.

The sudden metamorphosis of the area from being a mufassil to ultra-urban conurbation goes against the nature of the place. “The demand and supply scenario of these housings is such that there would be a natural tendency of creation of new slum areas, i.e., habitation in degraded environmental conditions,” town-planning expert Sourav Sen said on the effect of urban sprawl on human habitation on urban fringes.

This is a new societal imbalance happening around urban sprawl, said sociologist Pradip Chakraborty. “The mismatch gives rise to a mismatch of aspirations. The sudden rise in cost of living causes a hardship. So, a bad blood exists, which finds a vent in case of an accident or a mishap,” he added.

“If you watch the city’s urban sprawl, it is aggressively and steadily encroaching upon fertile, multi-crop agrarian land. Since Bengal lacks agro-based industry, agriculture for a farmer becomes unsustainable. The urban sprawl is far aggressive and far-reaching than land acquisitions, like it happened at Nandigram,” said agriculture expert Anupam Pal. If such urban sprawl cannot be stopped, there will be a food crisis, said experts.

We are about dig into this beautiful #tibetan dish while we’re surrounded by #himalayas at #fourseasonscafe
in #mcleodganj in #himachalpradesh.

#Chowmein #noodles with chicken in garlic and #mushroom sauce and other veggies. The noodles are crispy fried noodles which are left to be soaked with this warm #delicious #chicken gravy.

This tiny cafe run by a Tibetan family lies in the main Mcleodganj market. This place is known for its Tibetan dishes and also has small library that you can use and chill while at this cafe.
Service- Friendly and hospitable
Price- Rs. 170
Ambience - A tiny humble cozy cafe

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