Pixar‘s  Sanjay’s Super Team 

“For the first time, Pixar has two original films that will be released this year. The Good Dinosaur will follow Inside Out in November, and with it, a brand new short.

‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ will be the first Pixar film starring a character of color. Director Sanjay Patel drew on his childhood experiences to create the 7 minute short, which chronicles a Hindu prayer ritual with his father.

It’s also the first time religion is the subject in a Pixar film. The short concerns Sanjay daydreaming about the Hindu gods as ancient superheroes, not unlike Marvel’s The Avengers…

Patel is the third Asian American director at Pixar, joining Ronnie del Carmen, co director of Inside Out, and Pete Sohn, director of The Good Dinosaur. He was candid in describing the difficulties of embracing his Indian heritage as a boy and even into adulthood…”

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Krishna in Cosmic Form. Nathdwara, India. 1700s. 

Krishna is depicted here in his cosmic form as Vishnu, centering the Universe with his serpent Sheshnaga beneath. The Pandava and Kaurava armies gather on each side of his feet. The seven oceans of the earth encircle his body and at their center is Krishna dancing in his rasalila or cosmic cycle of ecstacy. Brahma sits within the crown on his head while Shiva pays obeisance from his abode in Mount Kailasa on the upper right. Above, Krishna is seen dancing the divine rasalila in his heavenly abode as the four Vedas, the fountain of all knowledge stand respectfuly on either side. Opaque watercolor heightened with gold on paper. 

INDIA, Orchha : An Indian women offers early-morning prayers or a ‘puja’ at a ghat early in the morning on the banks of the Betawa River in Orchha in the state of Madhya Pradesh on July 5, 2015. AFP PHOTO / Rebecca Conway                        

5 Misconceptions About India

1. Indians do not speak Indian. Sort of like how Chinese is not an actual language (shocker right?). There are many languages in India, with Hindi being the most popular.

2. Saying the word ‘desi’. Desi usually refers to Southern India but overtime it has grown to refer to India as a whole. It is easier than saying Indian because then people get confused with Native Americans. Desi is also associated with countries that share the same cultural values as India, like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc.

3. Not everyone in India lives in poverty. Yes there is poverty in India, but there are also some filthy rich people.

4. Bindi’s are not tattoos. The amount of people who have come up to me and asked me if they are tattoos is somewhat insane. Why would you get a red dot tattooed on your forehead? They are actually sort of like a sticker that you put on your forehead. Also bindi’s are not only red dots, they come in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

5. Curry in general. What most western people think is curry is actually what is known as sabzi (sub-gee). Sabzi is a mixture of vegetables. It is usually known as curry when there is meat involved. ex. Chicken Curry, Fish Curry. The actual curry is the sort of gravy portion of the dish.