Cabs as canvas in Mumbai

Mumbai’s taxis have been given a vibrant makeover thanks to Taxi Fabric, a design scheme that has seen young Indians produce new interiors ranging from colorful patterns to mock-classical art. The project also hopes to raise the profile of design as a profession in India, where it is still not widely recognized. To see more of these colorful taxis, visit The Guardian.
LGBT Indians pin hopes on court ruling on anti-gay law
India's Supreme Court will hold a hearing challenging Section 377, a law that criminalizes sex between consenting LGBT partners, raising activists' hopes.
By Huizhong Wu, for CNN

“On Tuesday, the court heard a challenge to Section 377, a colonial-era law that criminalizes sex between consenting lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) partners. The statute was ruled unconstitutional in 2009, but re-enacted in 2013 by the Supreme Court.

LGBT advocates immediately filed a petition for a review after that decision.

A panel of three judges has now referred the petition within the Supreme Court said Anand Grover, lawyer for the Naz Foundation Trust, one of the petitioners.

Since 2013, hundreds of individuals have reportedly been arrested under the law.

Most of those who are charged end up paying a fine, said Anjali Gopalan, founder of the Naz Foundation Trust. However, some also end up doing a short amount of jail time. 

In a statement, human-rights group Amnesty International described the Supreme Court move as a “positive development.”

“The Supreme Court has another chance to correct a grave error, which continues to put LGBT people under physical, mental and legal threat,” it said.”

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Bhai-O-Scope (2015) at Art Fair Delhi. Part of the project Medicine Corner. The artists known as BLOT (Basic Love of Things) investigated regional medicinal practices in India and compiled their discoveries into this “Travelling Museum.” Besides the graphics and samples the unit shows videos and dispenses a comic book about the project.  The work lives up to the artists’ reputation for creating “juxtapositions of trans-media content that seeks to connect the experiences of diverse cultures.” -jt

Bhutan’s Royal Couple Announce Birth Of Baby Prince 

Bhutan’s royal couple today announced the birth of their first child, a baby prince, delighting the remote Himalayan kingdom where the monarchy is revered.

The newest royal, the son of King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Queen Jetsun Pema, was safely delivered at Lingkana Palace in the Bhutanese capital Thimphu on February 5, the royal media office said.

“Their majesties and members of the royal family are filled with profound joy on the birth of His Royal Highness,” it said in a statement.

“With the blessings of the guardian deities of Bhutan and protectors of the dharma (divine truth), and the prayers of the Bhutanese people, Her Majesty and His Royal Highness The Gyalsey (prince) are both in perfect health.”

The prince’s birth was marked by sacred Bhutanese traditions with the Je Khenpo, the chief abbot and spiritual leader of the majority Buddhist nation, presiding over religious ceremonies, the office said.

The baby’s name has yet to be announced.


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