indi flirts


          want me to read your future ? “ lips are curled into a smile, the sparks in the girl’s eyes serving as an invitation to come closer.  come one, i’ve been practicing ! you’ll be impressed.

Imagine: Batmom at the Mall with the Boys

     -One of the boys having the wise idea to play hide and go seek in the clothing racks in one of the department stores.

     -It (surprisingly enough) was Dick.

     -Pleasantly running into Barbs and Cassandra.

     -Alfred cringing so hard at their choices.

     -Trying on so many outfits in front of Bruce.

     -Him buying you whatever you want of course.

     -“Wow mom! You look nice In that dress!”

     -“It’s a romper, Tim.”


     -Taking Damien to the arcade because he’s never been before.

   -Bruce spooning you while he’s helping you play skeeball.

-Damien not leaving the arcade because he’ll be DAMNED if he let’s some dick with the name of “ASS” have first place on Guitar hero.

-Dick having 1st place on Guitar Hero.

-Jason is 2nd

-Tim never makes it onto the leader boards but that’s alright because he’s really good at Dig Dug.

-Jason flirting with girls he never intends to call or text back.

-Tim can almost always be found in the little indie bookstore/coffeeshop.

-Tim flirting with the Barista and intending to call her literally the second he gets home.

-“Where’s Alfred?”

-You guys find him in Sears in the home decor isle.

-The Media covering “The Waynes Big Day At The Mall”.

-Having a day to spend time with the boys.