(via Lone Knight game focus)

This is a great breakdown of a simple yet effective means to create day/night cycles using indexed colour palette-shifting techniques.

The final result can be experienced here.

I adore the fact that Giovanni Ariutti and Nicola Ariutti outline their process in such detail, visually describing the techniques employed. Please read their full article whilst I add some of the more telling images to this post.

Shout-out to Mark Ferrari whom pioneered these techniques during the 8-bit revolution back in the 90s whilst working as a background artist for LucasArts during the development of Loom and The Secret of Monkey Island. Thanks to Joseph Huckley you can view Mark’s masterpieces in HTML5, and read all about it here. As a child, I used to love playing around with Deluxe Paint on my Amiga 500.

[ By the way, I’m working on transferring my druid to Alliance side, so I’m hoping to raise around $35 on my PayPal. I’ll do little notecard pictures in exchange for $7, which means I’m down to draw 5 small full-color busts like the one below! I’d love to do WoW art specifically, but other stuff would be fine as well, though furries and mecha are currently a bit out of my comfort zone at the moment! If you send in a donation, please send me an ask letting me know who you are and what you would like, though I’d prefer talking it out beforehand. ]