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Creating an Index/Table of Contents Journal

This is something for new witches and old alike, and may or may not come in useful to many of you at some point in your practice. I work with a lot of herbs and oils in my practice, and scouring through my cabinets to see if I have a certain herb left, or shuffling through drawers to see if I still had moon oil left for a certain recipe was getting to be more time consuming then beneficial. So I made an index of everything I have in stock!

You can use whatever you like to do this, depending on what your practice is like, but I used an empty journal I had laying around. You can also really lay this out however you like, but I set this up as lists.

Things I Listed In My Index:

  • Herbs I have in stock
  • Different magical salts I have in stock
  • Different herb mixes I have in stock
  • Smoke cleansing herbs I have
  • Incense I keep in stock
  • Custom mixed oil blends
  • Different room sprays I have
  • Essential oils I have
  • Essential oil mixes I have (that I ordered directly from the company, not custom mixed)

Several of these sections take up several pages. I also left additional pages between each section to allow for growth. You can also include where each item is located, if you like. I am not quite that organized, but I might add it later.

Another thing you can add in here is an index of your journals, books of shadows, or grimoires. If you are like me, you have many of them. This is something I am planning on doing soon, because I have room in the index journal for this. I am planning a page where I basically list out all of the grimoires I have, and then on the consecutive pages I will have the name of the grimoire or a description of what it looks like, and then a basic table of contents of everything that is in that grimoire. 

For an example of what I have done so far, see below. This isn’t everything, just a few pages from my index journal!

Something to keep in mind for new witches: I have been doing this a long time. A lot of this is stuff I have collected over the years, or use on a regular basis in my own craft. None of this is needed. Only yourself and intent!

I hope this helps some of you!

Truth comes first ~P.1

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► Summary: 

Despite the fact that the reader is just a teenager, she has bigger problems, some of them unable to handle. 

Also when the Jason Blossom’s case starts to become an attractive mystery to her, she looks for someone else to help her which leads her to Jughead Jones. 

► Pair: Jughead Jones x Reader

►  Word Count: 1,668

► Warnings: none

► A/N: Hello and welcome to the first part of the new Jughead Jones’ series. I hope you like and enjoy it, if that’s the case, let me know! I will appreciate it a lot and also I would know if I should start working on the next part! Tags are opened! 

Riverdale high school. First class in the morning.

The students start to fill the classrooms. Some of them are sleepy, as if they still were on their beds. Some others were ready to keep learning another day more and the rest just hated to be there.

You couldn’t be put in none of the groups mentioned before. You were just there. Ready for the classes? Of course. Eager for them? Not that much, at least usually. First class on Mondays were always an exception. Your favorite subject; psychology.

You were sitting in the placed you always used to occupy since the very first day without a partner by your side. Not that you didn’t have friends at all, you just knew how to enjoy loneliness most of the times.

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[you can check out the companion video here]

First and foremost, I manage the time I have available for my test. I look at the days I have ahead and try to understand what is the best time to study and how many hours I will have available during those days. Dividing my studying sessions throughout one or two weeks makes studying a much less stressful task and it also guarantees that I am able to cover all of the material during that time.

Afterwards I like to make a numbered list of all the topics, questions and sub questions I need to learn to be a hundred percent prepared for that test. This list is very useful so you can keep track of your studying rhythm. You can tell yourself you need to study, for example, from point 15 to point 30 in a certain day, while also making sure that you don’t leave any small details behind. I like to take my time while developing this list, as it will serve as an index or table of contents for my test as well as future exams.

After I evaluated my time and I made my list, I like to make a final calendar, dividing all of those topics I have just numbered for my remaining days. Try to be as mindful as possible of your availability - I always like to take into account weekends, holidays and days when I am just going to be plain busy, and when I know it will be impossible to study. This is important so you can manage your workload – sometimes you are going to study more in a certain day and in other days you may only have half to one hour of productive time. Have this in mind as you make your calendar.

After I have decided all of that, I just do my best to study - study as in reading and trying to memorize. I normally incorporate all of my textbook notes into my main binder and by this time of the semester I already have the most condensed version of my notes already filed and put together. This helps a lot during revision time because you can count on a batch of notes instead of carrying your textbooks around all the time. Generally, before I start complying with my calendar, I will first skim through all of my material to get a general idea of the main issues that the test will focus on and afterwards I will study the dedicated topics during each day. I like to read slowly and take any notes on the margins if I have the need to.

If I have the time, I also like to create study guides for individual topics or for the overall subject. Study guides are mainly developed topics in bullet form that comprehend all of the points you should cover in an answer. These are very useful so you can structure your answers in advance and take your time to understand how you should respond in your test, while also further reinforcing your knowledge on the subject and making you understand how ideas and concepts connect and work together. Of course that this mostly applies to essay-based questions instead of more direct or multiple choice questions; in that case, using flashcards is a more effective studying method because you are relying on definitions and concepts that you need to directly translate into your answers.

I do all of this while using the Pomodoro technique, this is, studying for twenty five minute blocks and making short breaks in between. You can use any timer for this as well as apps like the Pomodoro app or the Forest app, which makes the process a little bit more fun. 

Happy studying!


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Misc Prompt Fulfillments

Min Yoongi

Genre : Mafia AU

Title : Head over Heels

Characters : Min Yoongi, you (Y/N), the other Bangtan members

Synopsis : Min Yoongi. But people called him Suga a.k.a Agust D because he’s the leader of the biggest group of mafia. People feared him, people respect him, and people never disobey his command. Yoongi has many men to work for his dirty job especially cops and Government, he also have a lot of connections from outside the country. Once he got interest on something he wouldn’t let go. 

Including you. The innocent college student from Busan.

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k.hanbin -- what’s wrong?

cr. of the gif to the rightful owner(s)

Two sets of eyes glared at each other in the distance. The body of the owners were casually standing across from each other allowing the space between them to wrap the words into the ice cold argument they wanted to bring about. Not even the loud sigh that escaped another person’s lips broke the staring contest going on between the two of them.

‘’Uhm… sir… your order?’’ the waiter who was standing by the wooden table the group of three had sat on asked as politely as possible probably for the third time. If it wasn’t the third, then probably the fourth or fifth time but the waiter had decided to ignore that. The tension raising between the male and the female whose eyes seemed glued to each other got him uncomfortable; his eyes quickly switched to who seemed the only normal person standing there. He wished the male could get him out of that situation.

Upon noticing none of his friends would speak, Yunhyeong sighed quietly. Probably he had sighed as many times as the waiter asked for their order. ‘’A toast for me.‘’ the elder started, nodding his head just to notice how the waiter’s features immediately light up out of relief as his fingers held the pen that scratched the blank paper he held onto for the purpose of remembering exactly what the customers asked for. ‘’Hm… I’d like an americano as well.’’ he continued, watching the male nod his head slowly as he shortly wrote the words falling from Yunhyeong’s lips. ‘’The kids would like a strawberry smo-’’ before he could finish, Hanbin’s eyes ripped away from the female’s.

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Reign Supreme Chapter 2

Y’all ready for chapter 2? I know what y’all thinking “Why you giving us more Roman?” Because I can and I want you all to be addicted to my writing! Lol anyways here is chapter 2!

Synopsis: Shae decides she is better off moving on from her one sided affection towards roman… But is it really one sided. Does Roman really not know who she is or is he well aware? Does he want her the same way she wants him? All these questions and more will be answered on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z! LOL JUST KIDDING! 

Warnings: Light but INTENSE SMUT! Also Intense and dominate Ro ;). Naughty thoughts. 

Tag Squuuad: @starstar1012 @rocketgirl2410 @blumisty @lavitabella87 @ii-love-roman-reigns @roman-empire-will-reign-again @m-a-t-91 @builtonsin91 @thiickreigns @greatbreadwizard @x-fivefoot @pittiemommy22 @roman-reigns-empire-1996 @macfizzle @vivalavonvon @niazha16

Remember guys to SHARE SHARE AND SHARE!!!! Also let me know if you dont like or understand anything and please give me feedback! Tomorrow Part 3 will be posted and the final chapter will be posted Sunday before Payback airs! 


RAW was going live in less than 30 minutes. Everyone backstage was running around putting the finish touches on costumes and ring gear. Makeup was being fine tuned and props were being secured and placed.

I was currently heading back to the trainers room. Earlier I ended up meeting with Hunter again while wandering around backstage. I asked him if I can remain in the trainer’s room with the team instead of having my own work space. It made me feel apart of the team and plus that way I could help my team with things that needed to be done. He agreed and decided that he would get that part of the contract taken out before I signed it. He also let me know that tomorrow he would like for me to meet with him and Stephanie to sign my new contract. I agree and head back.

As I’m walking can’t help but feel a bit down. I’m still a bit hurt about the Roman situation. But how can I be upset over it? He doesn’t know me. And I don’t know him, ONLY of him. And I was expecting him to be happy for me?

That is so selfish. I can’t expect something like that from someone who doesn’t even know who I am. That’s like wanting the president to acknowledge you voting for them and you’re only one of billions who did so. I wasn’t his girl I was just an obsessive fan. Which I’m  quite sure he has plenty of.

When I return to the room I prep for the night and take inventory of the supplies and tools. Minutes later I hear the opening pyro go off and the crowd go crazy. It’s shaking the room I’m currently in. I smile to myself. Tonights crowd is going to be a crazy one.

The shows starting. As if on cue Seth Rollins walks in along with Enzo and Cass.

I smile and them and welcome them. Zo walks up and kisses my cheek and then Cass ruffles my hair. Seth squeezes my shoulder as he passes.

“Hi Seth. What’s up Zo? Cass stop messing up my hair. Just because you’re 7 feet doesn’t mean I won’t cripple your ass.”

Cass chuckles and sits on the table while Zo sits in the chair next to my table and puts his wrists out. I start to tape them while I ask him to flex his fingers and tell me if it was uncomfortable. I don’t wanna cut off circulation to his wrists.

Seth leans against the wall and looks at me. “So we heard you’re the new head trainer. Congrats.”

I smile up at him then go back to Zo’s wrists. “Thank you Seth. I wasn’t expecting it but I’m happy for it. I shows how hard I’ve been working is being noticed and appreciated.”

Cass chuckles and says something along the lines of “If my life has to be in your hands I don’t wanna be on your bad side.”

I pause what I’m doing and look up at cass with a smirk. “Don’t worry Cass. I won’t let you die… too quickly. I’ll make you suffer before I let you pass. Keep that mind the next time you mess with my hair.”

*****Later that night*****

I’m currently sitting in catering with Emma, Bayley and Finn talking about absolutely nothing and everything.

As we’re talking I notice Nia walking in with Roman. She finds me and winks. She turns and says something to Roman and he shrugs his shoulders. She says something once more then walks off towards me. My eyes linger on him for a few more seconds before I reluctantly turn my head and focus on Nia. She comes over to our table and sits down. She greets everyone. And turns towards me with a smile.

“Hi guys. What are y'all talking about?”

Finn answers while on his phone. “Were just talking ‘bout nothin’ at all.”

Nia looks at me and winks. “So Shae are you up for some fun tonight?”

I look at Nia warily. “What kind of fun?”

“So I was thinking of going out with some people and dancing. Plus we can celebrate your promotion.” She wiggles her eyebrows at me.

“I don’t know. I have to be up to meet Hunter early. I’m signing my contract tomorrow morning.”

“Oh well let’s plan it for this weekend instead. We’re going to be off the road for a few days and Naomi, Jon and Josh can come too.”

I perk up at this and beam at Nia. Naomi is my other best friend besides Nia. She’s married to Jimmy Uso. And Jimmy and Jay happen to be Nia and Romans cousins.

“YAY! Okay this weekend we will celebrate. I can’t wait to see my loves.” She smiles and shakes her head. She knows I’m a sucker for some Naomi.

“Good. I’ll let Roman know what the plan is.”

The smile immediately drops from my face.

Nia takes notice and places a hand on my shoulder. Emma looks at me and Bayley leans forward looking worried. Finn places his phone on the table and folds his arms over his chest. Looking at me as well.

I finally speak. “Uh well I don’t think I want him there. I won’t be able to handle him being there or anywhere near me right now.”

Nia looks appalled I said that. “WHAT!? Why? What happened? You were in love with him earlier today.”

I give Nia the death stare. I don’t know why I feel so defensive at that moment. Everyone at the table knows how I feel about him. I stare at them all for a moment before I lower my head and run my right index finger over the table making patterns.

“Well I think it’s selfish to want him to care about me when he doesn’t even know who I am. It’s selfish to want him so badly. It’s a pipe dream… Wanting him to want me. We’ve never spoken to each other before and I thought I’d get a reaction out of him when Hunter said I was being promoted and didn’t. It made me realize this is a one sided affection. And I can’t keep going on like this. So I’m going to move on. Focus on work for now.”

They just looked at me.

Finn speaks in a calm voice while looking at me. “Ya know dat isn’t gonna work. You’ll be right back to pining’ over him tomorrow, especially if he comes around you. You can’t just dismiss your feelings love.”

I look at Finn dead in his eyes. “I won’t know unless I try. I just feel selfish for wanting him to act like my man and he isn’t.” I stand up and stretch. I smile at everyone and start to walk away.

“I gotta get back to the trainer’s room. I’ll see you guys later.” And with that I walk off.

When I arrive at the trainer’s room I walk in and sit at my desk. I start to look through the inventory sheets I have. I need to add some things for next week’s shows. I have to make sure the crew has everything they need and then some since I’ll be off the road for 5 days. Also I need to send out a text to my team about the meeting we’re having tomorrow morning about my time off and my new position. I get up and turn to my bag to grab my phone and I immediately freeze at what I see in front of me.

Roman is sitting on the table with his bright grey eyes focused on me. I just stare at him for a few seconds before I remember I’m supposed to be moving on from this. I clear my throat and speak.

“Uh Roman I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you there. Is there something you need?”

He just stares at me for a few moments before slowly getting up and walking towards me. His eyes are trained squarely on me. I feel like a deer caught in headlights. I take a step back while my eyes are still locked on his. I can’t look away even if I wanted to. All I think about is how he’s looking at me finally. He takes step towards me and I take a step back each time he comes towards me.

Suddenly my butt hits my desk and I know I can’t go any farther. He smirks and closes the distance between us.

Its at this moment I take notice of our height difference. Hes 6’3 and im 5’4. I come right to his chest. I don’t know why but at this moment I picture him picking me up and pushing me against the nearest wall as he takes my lips in a heated kiss. His hands roaming over my ass squeezing and groping. My hands running from his broad and wide shoulders up to his thick neck and tracing his handsome face, and finally gripping those long and soft locks. Him breaking away and looking at me while breathing hard. Me looking at him with half lidded eyes and breathing hard. Him giving me that signature smirk and…

I’m snapped out of my trace by his husky chuckle. “Baby girl I can practically hear you thinking. And trust me I want to do more than just stand here. Maybe I should bend you over this desk and shove my cock into that pretty pussy. Would you like that? Hmm?”

His voice. It’s so deep and husky. It caresses my skin and makes me melt on the spot. I can feel my panties become soaked and it only turns me on more. I manage to nod my head since words have failed me at this moment. He places a finger under my chin and lifts my chin so that I have to look up at him.

When I look up I just stare. He’s so sexy. Staring down at me his hair is like veil around us. He smells so good. Like fresh rain and sweat. I wonder what he’d taste like. Maybe I should lick him to find out.

His lips are so full. They look so soft. I want them on me. Everywhere. I finally look into those eyes. I can feel myself get lost in them and I want that. I want to lose myself to him. To give him everything I am. I want to submit myself to him and then some.

I’ve never felt this way about anyone. But with him it feels so right. It feels good to just give. To submit my body and soul to him. I want him to claim me. I just want him on and inside of me.

He’s looking back at me with equal interest. If you can call it that. He’s looking back at me with the eyes of a man who’s found what he wants… Wants to fuck. To break. To claim.

He licks his lips and speaks in a husky voice. “So… You want to move on from caring about me? You want to forget me?” He chuckles at that and leans down so that were nose to nose. His hand goes from my chin to the back of my neck and he gives a firm squeeze.

“Babygirl you won’t ever forget me. Do you wanna know why?”

I take a sharp intake of air at his question. I move my eyes around frantically and try to move my lips in an attempt to speak but I can’t. I look down and close my eyes. I take deep breaths and calm myself. I look up when I feel calmer and speak.

“Why won’t I forget you?” I ask in a quiet voice. I smirks and moves his lips on top of mine. Not kissing me but just hovering. When he speaks it’s basically a growl and that’s when my legs become jelly. Roman notices this and braces his legs around mine helping to keep me upright. I can feel his cock poking my stomach. And it’s so warm even through his thick cargo pants.

“You won’t forget me because i’m going to imprint my essence into you. I’m going to fuck you into submission. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t remember where you end and I begin. I’m going to fuck you and break you. Then i’m going to rebuild you with only thoughts of me and what I did to you. And trust me you’ll enjoy every second of it. You’ll enjoy it so much you’ll soak the sheets. Drip down on my cock. Scream my name. And you’ll thank me for what I’m going to do to you.”

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I love how you make all the worlds seem so real and functional! I feel like im actually there 0-0 How do you decide what goes where and how it works? I know youve got the description to work off of but itd be nice to hear about your process as well! Have a nice day~ ^^

First of all, thank you for the compliment, it means a lot. 

I strive to make places which are consistent both within the setting of SBURB and with themselves. Fantastical things can appear but they pretty much always have an explanation which aligns with the rules of the game world.

After the break is a fairly detailed spread of stuff that goes on when I am designing a land picture:

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[07/06/2017] Sneak peak of what’s to come in my bullet journal come August!! Pictured above are: my bullet journal and the cover, the index and the table of contents, my icon page, and a burst of colorful flowers at the library where I volunteer-I felt that the photo-set was becoming too monochrome. What are your favorite flowers? 

Squabble - [EXO] Chanyeol!Au

[A/N] Been awhile since I’ve written the bae of all baes. This is how I talk to my 5′9″ BFF, he just texted me, awhile ago after one year of avoiding each other. LOL  /it’s complicated/ guess he missed me and finally snapped. /he will never admit that/

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There is a lot kinds of presentable Chanyeol. There’s the specks Chanyeol, the sleepy Chanyeol, the bad boy Chanyeol, and striped Chanyeol.

But the best Chanyeol of all Chanyeol, had to be the needy and astoundingly confused, Chanyeol–who is making his way to you. About an hour ago.

You slapped your phone to your ear and heard a dial tone. “Dude. Where are you?” You hisses, frowning at the passing cars, lorries and trucks. Some motorcyclist whistled at you and you took the que to back away from the main road. “To be honest with you…” he sighed heavily, “I’m not sure.”

You clenched your jaws and shut your eyes. “Have you ever been on a bus before?”

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Before a game ships, how extensively do teams like yours sweep for potentially "troublesome" text strings or textures or models either placed intentionally or only intended as a placeholder joke? Examples that come to mind include Halo 2's ASS error, the "Feminist Whore" strings in Dead Island, and nude textures for female characters in games like Max Payne 2? Have you ever been in a situation where someone got a wrist slap, or worse? Or where these assets/strings were discovered last-minute?

Something like that actually happened to me once. I put some placeholder strings into the database so that I had something to display for a feature I was working on in a MMOG. It wasn’t anything super offensive, but it was rougher language than strings normally are (e.g. “Are you sure you want to get your ass kicked?”) because I wanted to make sure that QA would flag them for change when they tested the feature. The placeholder strings went out with all the strings in a patch (though the feature wasn’t enabled yet, so the strings weren’t viewable in game at all) and data miners found them. It isn’t usually a big deal since it almost always requires data mining to find them (and very few people actually get into the data mined stuff), unless somebody put something potentially offensive in the string and the news media picks up on it.

Unless there’s some sort of public backlash, the team usually just says “whoops” and shrugs, since it doesn’t really affect anything. If there is some sort of public upsetting going on, the team leadership will issue some kind of public statement (almost always an apology), and the developer responsible will get a stern “you shouldn’t have done that” message from their lead, but actual consequences beyond that are pretty rare. It’s usually not even considered a real mistake, because it’s placeholder or canceled assets that were never meant to see the light of day anyway and somebody happened to decode that data. Heck, sometimes designers will troll the data miners on purpose by adding in strings that are never used in game, but will get picked up by the data miners.

Most of the time, it all stems from the fact that it’s almost always more dangerous to remove stuff from the game than to simply lock it off. The assets or content might be benign if left in there and not accessible, but removing them may cause other knock-on errors, such as code that assumes a certain numbered index in data tables and such, and that value being off by one at run time because something was removed and all the other assets shifted in number. Most of the time it’s totally fine because of how few people actually bother reading data mined stuff, but it might gain traction if it’s actually offensive to some group. 

Got a burning question you want answered?

Character Spotlight: Noah (Greed)

Name: Noah, Icon of Greed

Alias: Eibon

Race: Sorcerer

Affiliation: Noah’s Group & controlled by the Table of Contents( also known as the Index). Formerly of Arachnophobia.

Appearance: Soul Eater (manga)


Noah is an enigma compared to other villains in Soul Eater. He’s also one of the few sorcerers seen too.

While he introduced himself early on as “Eibon”, in reality, he is an impostor. His real identity is Noah, or rather an icon, a personification of a chapter from the Book of Eibon modeled after the seven deadly sins. He personifies greed. While created by Eibon, he was called forth by the Book of Eibon’s intelligence and former ally of Eibon, the Table of Contents (also the Index). The Table of Contents was a fanatic of his creator and envision spreading his “wisdom”, wanting to combine “BREW” with Asura’s madness to usher in a new madness. With this in mind, he called forth this version of Noah due to his greedy nature serving as a natural catalyst to collect “BREW” and later Asura.

When Noah came to being, his greedy personality had him conspire to not only obtain “BREW” but capture all the Great Old Ones to become the “Cosmic Ruler of All” for the simple fact that this would mean he “owns” everything, owing this to his greedy personification. To this end, he succeeded in catching the Great Old One of Power and Excalibur. He later allied himself with Arachnophobia, placing a wedge between Arachne and her two top henchmen (Mosquito and Giriko) as he help develop her Spiderweb magic and gave way to create artificial soldiers known as “Demon Tool Soldiers”. He also created his own in the form of his assistant, Gopher, who seeks to please his creator and master in every shape and form.

Throughout his tenure as the villain, he betrays Arachnophobia as he achieves his actual goal, collects Death the Kid within the Book of Eibon, forms a group and plots to assassinate Maka Albarn to harness her soul, in which he can then modify to use her acute soul perception abilities to track down the Kishin.


Noah doesn’t showcase much offensive abilities on his own, his independent magic only allowing him to create worm-like material on the ground to snare his enemies and fire a curved laser from his eye. Much of his skill revolves around his intelligence, capable of making various Demon Tools of his own and the Book of Eibon’s own Demon Tools. His most prestigious skill seems to creating Demon Tool Soldiers like Gopher, who’s capability comes from Noah’s modifying of the soul with magical power and combining it with the artificial making from a Demon Tool Soldier.

Most of Noah’s capabilities are centered around the Book of Eibon. Being a personification of a chapter from said book, he exhibits some unique connection to it in which he can tell if foreign bodies enter the book. He often uses this book for summoning purposes, housing demons and powerful monsters he’s collected, and summoning giant worms provided by the book. His most strongest monster he’s captured and later summoned is the Horror Dragon. With the Book of Eibon, he can also use the Madness of Knowledge, in which exposes people to absolute knowledge and drives them insane by shutting off their ability to think.

Fun Facts

  • Noah’s design comes from the Grimoire character from the video game, Soul Eater: Monotone Princess. The Book of Eibon’s design also orginates from there. Ohkubo, having liked the design, incorporated it into the manga with a separate character.
  •  He is a reference to the Noah from the Noah’s Ark story.
  • The demons he’s captured with the Book of Eibon are actually derived directly from various mythological creatures.
  • He has some sort of rivalry with Medusa, despite having not been shown to meet her on panel.

(Note: There are some things to reveal concerning this character. The idea that there was a romance between the him and Medusa is entirely made-up, someone on the wiki having claimed that and people believing it. Most likely owing up the fact there’s some sort o rival relationship between the two.

Some of the detail here is painted crystal clear in Yen Press but I remember once upon a time using scanlation, this information was completely omitted. There’s even a panel that hinted the Book of Eibon’s Madness of Knowledge that was cut. Namely, the Salvage arc had some crucial information about the character cut. I feel it contributes to the poorer reception the character does get from fans.)

One Step Ahead, Chapter 6: Border Edges Pt. 1

Read from the beginning here!

Rowan saw Celaena’s hand inching closer and he struck out, “Ow!” She cried, pulling her hand back to cradle it against her chest. “What was that for?”

Eye twitching, Rowan glared at her out of the corner of his eye and said, “You’ve changed the radio five times in the last five minutes, Celaena. Just choose an channel and stick with it, please,” he grounded out the last word. It was ridiculous, but true. The assassin had been fiddling with the damn radio ever since they’d gotten into the car just over two hours ago. At first he thought it was to avoid commercials—which was fine—but then she’d just change the channel mid song. During songs Rowan actually liked, too! He didn’t know if Celaena had an ADHD problem when it came to listening to songs, but if she did she needed to get a handle on it. Rowan’s patience couldn’t take it.

“So?” The blonde challenged, leaning back in her seat and crossing her arms over her chest. She looked out to window, taking in the scenery. Not that there was much to take in. Just open fields and the occasional cow now that they were well and far away from Rifthold.

“Just knock it off,” Rowan’s hands tightened around the steering wheel. He needed to cool down, relax. Easier said than done, however, when one was sitting next to the underworld’s best killer in a four door sedan. He didn’t even know where they were going. ‘North,’ she had said, 'We’re heading north.’ His knuckles had turned white so with much mental effort, he forced himself to loosen his grip.

Raising a foot to rest on the dash, Celaena pouted, “I’m hungry.”

“You should’ve brought something to eat.”

“Oh look,” she pointed to a home made banner hanging from the back of a decrepit looking barn, “Ma and Pa’s Diner. That’s cute. Let’s check it out.”

Rowan’s green eyes flitted to the sign, then back to the empty road before him, “No,” he said.

“No? What do you mean 'no’?”

“Surely this isn’t the first time you’ve heard that word.”

“Oh, come on! It’s just off the next exit. We’re gonna have to stop somewhere anyway—we’ve got a long drive ahead.”

“What?” Rowan turned to look fully at her. “How far north are we going?”

Blinking slowly at him, a Cheshire grin stretched over her lips and she purred, “Take the next exit and I’ll tell you.”

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a tale of the faithful 

ao3 // 

fandom: narnia // words: 1,353

a/n: finished “writing experiment!” thanks to all of you for your kind words; it surprised me so much and I was so pleased to see that you liked it. 

takes place during & post-prince caspian


There is a story passed down through the generations, a story of two boys and two girls who came and freed a land with the help of a lion and who disappear, later, when everything had been shiny and bright.

They are a story.

It’s a lovely story, told by rabbits to their litters and horses to their foals. Even children are meant for mighty things, mothers tell their children as they drift away into sleep. And we must be faithful, like they were faithful, and wait.


The details are lost along the way.

There is just High King Peter and Queen Susan the Gentle and King Edmund and Queen Lucy.

Just distant names reminiscent of a golden time, of openness and freedom and joy, of war and struggle and victory. There are no faces to the names.

There never were those Kings and Queens, the Telmarines later say. They abandoned us, the angry later accuse (and there is such truth in the anger that the faithful cannot argue except in silence.) There are just names.

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Sweet As Honey 1

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6  AO3

Alya had been so careful with her money, she swore she had. Write an article here for her paper, put some it away for emergencies, even cut down on groceries by grabbing some enough leftovers from her mother’s workplace to last a week or so. She had been managing it so closely and so efficiently that her friends joked she could start a class on financing. The idea had been ridiculous at the time and yet…

It wasn’t that she was scrapped for cash but it wasn’t like her job paid her that much for her talents either. What Alya needed was a boost to her wallet. She had made a list and checked it twice but none of them seemed viable at 23. That’s how she ended up sitting in a large booth with her friends from lycée. To her left sat her best friend, the girl she most likely considered her soulmate, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. To her right sat Alix Kubdel, followed by Juleka and Rose Couffaine-Lavilliant, Myléne Bruel-Harpele, and Lila Rossi.  

“Why not just move in with Nino?” Marinette asked innocently enough. Alya caught the hesitation in her voice though.

“We can’t all live with our high school sweethearts,” She teased as she threw mock glare at Marinette’s direction. She then turned it on Myléne (who looked away sheepishly) as well as Juleka and Rose (who both merely smiled a little smugly).“Besides, as much as I adore the guy, things would just be too weird.”

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meEEEEEL! I love Mel!

Hm, where to start with Mel?… Well he’s a super caring and supportive guy, provided you don’t act like an asshole to him (like *cough*s o m e people*coughcough*). He’s very open to new people and helping them with things big or small, just don’t abuse that kindness. Cause that’s a jerk thing to do.

From an RP and character standpoint, this is a discussion we’ve had before but he is probably one of the single-fastest improving individuals I’ve ever seen. He’s had Volt’s blog for… less than a year? And just look how much not only the character has grown, but the writing and drawing skills of the mun!

And if I can get gushy here for just half a second, he’s helped me personally with some really hard stuff, even when he doesn’t always feel too hot himself. And for me even opening up about things like that is just… really really hard. He’s never pressured me to do it, either, he just waited patiently until I trusted him enough to choose to do it on my own.

So yeah. gREAT guy, honestly I don’t think he’s ever intentionally hurt a soul. So if you lose a relationship with him after you start it, the only answer I can give you is karma.


Collectaneia’s 2016 Bullet Journal Masterpost

Hi!!! Okay so I haven’t been too too active the past week but I promise I will. This is my first masterpost so bare with me here.

What One Needs to Bullet Journal:
1. A notebook/journal of your choice (usually small, I believe some countries use the term A5?)
2. A pen/pencil
3. Additional accessories, eg. pens of different colours, highlighters, sticky notes, etc.

Things I forgot to include in the pictures:

Index/Table of Contents

It’s very self explanatory. The basic form is to just write out the heading ‘Index’ or 'Table of Contents’. Underneath you will write the titles of the logs and their corresponding page numbers.


A legend is basically a visual dictionary. It keeps track of the meaning of a certain type of bullet point. For instance, a circle means a standard task, an apple means a pomodoro session, a triangle means a due date or deadline and a square means a minor task.
It also keeps track of how you keep track of your progress. This could be a filled in icon to mean complete, an arrow for migrated (moved to another day), slash for started and a horizontal like for cancelled.
Another key that can be used is a colour code key. Mine is still developing but a general one in trying to stick with is:
Light green-science fair
Purple-game board project
Blue-events (personal/social,of the like)
Neon pink-study (sessions/plan)/homework
Pink-peer tutoring
Light blue-school events/stuff

Yearly Overview/Log

Now this is as simple as it gets. What I do is write down the title (2016 Yearly Log or something of the like) and differentiate it in some form. Personally, I draw banners but you can do whatever works for you best!
For example:
>italics (someone pls italicize this I am a smol mobile user w/o italics)
>colour coding
>sketches are super nice
Underneath, I write the name of the month and the letters each day begins with underneath horizontally. I write down the days of the month in their corresponding days. I continue with this format in a horizontal manner until I’m done.
*some people begin colour coding at this point and certain certain dates to remind them of an event taking place at that point in time (this is v good idea but not vital to the layout [iow lazy ppl like me have less work to do 🙄])
I consider myself a minimalist at times so I settled with writing down only be resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. This can be drawn by writing a subheading in colouredish flags. To make myself feel extra organized, I wrote it in to-do list format to create a visual representation of my progress throughout the year.

Monthly Log

A generic format for the monthly log is to draw or print out a small sized calendar and fill it up like one. In the original bullet journal they put down the date and the beginning letter of the day it falls on. I did mine like a calendar for the sheer aesthetic pleasure of it, but the original layout is pretty effective as well.

Weekly Log

Mine is basically a mini calendar. I don’t bother colour coding here due to the fact that it’s main purpose is to know if I’m booked on a day or not and when I can squeeze stuff in. Thus I just use a black pen and a blue highlighter to highlight anything important.
It’s also in bullet format (but I forgot to fill them oh well) which helps multiply the sense of satisfaction when completing a task. In this section, I only put down the more major or really just non-minor occurrences during that day. This doesn’t include do laundry or go to grocery store, but that can change depending on circumstances. Like if you haven’t taken a shower in five days and everywhere is itchy then you should probably write that down (pls friend pls).

Daily Log

I was inspired by @recycledpaperstars daily log because it was so pretty with the leaves and everything. So I did mine similarly but in lowercase because my caps suck. It’s in a todo list format mentioned above in the legend. I included a motivational quote in blue pen (because I wanted a colour theme this month) so I feel not so grumpy all the time.

Well that’s it!!! I hope I did a decent job at this thing and ily all.