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Relationship: Professor!Sebastian x reader

Summary: A one night stand turns into more of a problem when you realise that your professor is your one night stand.

Warnings: Smut (18+), unprotected sex, professor/student dynamics, age gap (10 years), fluff

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: okay this wasn’t supposed to be a smutty part but what can i say things happen when i think of professor sebastian (i do not own the gif!)

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You give me flowers resembling Chinese lanterns.

You give me hale, for yellow. You give me vex.

You give me lemons softened in brine and you give me cuttlefish ink.
You give me all 463 stairs of Brunelleschi’s dome.

You give me seduction and you let me give it back to you.
You give me you.

You give me an apartment full of morning smells—toasted bagel and black
coffee and the freckled lilies in the vase on the windowsill.
You give me 24-across.

You give me flowers resembling moths’ wings.

You give me the first bird of morning alighting on a wire.
You give me the sidewalk café with plastic furniture and the boys
with their feet on the chairs.
You give me the swoop of homemade kites in the park on Sunday.
You give me afternoon-colored beer with lemons in it.

You give me D.H. Lawrence,
and he gives me pomegranates and sorb-apples.

You give me the loose tooth of California, the broken jaw of New York City.
You give me the blue sky of Wyoming, and the blue wind through it.

You give me an ancient city where the language is a secret
everyone is keeping.

You give me a t-shirt that says all you gave me was this t-shirt.
You give me pictures with yourself cut out.

You give me lime blossoms, but not for what they symbolize.

You give me yes. You give me no.

You give me midnight apples in a car with the windows down.
You give me the flashbulbs of an electrical storm.
You give me thunder and the suddenly green underbellies of clouds.

You give me the careening of trains.
You give me the scent of bruised mint.

You give me the smell of black hair, of blond hair.

You give me Apollo and Daphne, Pan and Syrinx.
You give me Echo.

You give me hyacinths and narcissus. You give me foxgloves
and soft fists of peony.

You give me the filthy carpet of an East Village apartment.
You give me seeming not to notice.

You give me an unfinished argument, begun on the Manhattan-bound F train.

You give me paintings of women with their eyes closed.
You give me grief, and how to grieve.

Rebecca Lindenberg, “Catalogue of Ephemera,” Love, an Index


The Two Knights of Sol. Once iconic beings from their own dimension, they soon turned to a life of servitude to the Heirs of Fate, in hopes of finding a solution to stopping an ancient demon from devouring the land which they walk upon


(im)patience is key. | m

➵ characters: seungri x reader
➵ genre: smut (right from the get go)
➵ wc: 2828
➵ summary: no matter where you are, seunghyun can’t keep his hands off you. and in the right circumstances, you can’t either.
➵ author’s note: seungri seems like the type to enjoy mutual masturbation, doesn’t he? this one has been completed for a week, i don’t know why i haven’t uploaded it yet. but it’s been on my mind for like a good year now. enjoy.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

“Seunghyun, you better stop,” you said in non-threatening and shaken voice. Your lips parted as your breathing became heavier, relishing in the kisses Seunghyun placed along the side of your neck.

“Stop what?” he smirked against your skin, pretending to not know what you were talking about. His hand found itself on your elevated knee, as your leg rested over the other, cupping it to part your legs open, but you now simply crossed the opposing leg over the other. He tutted. “[Y/N], baby, are you denying me?”

“Of all places, here?” you whispered harshly. Seunghyun was usually well enough behaved to, if he was in the mood, either wait until you had arrived home or were in a place that you knew with absolute certainty that no one would see you. Tonight, however, the alcohol consumed in the bar was affecting him in another way, causing him to be brave enough to initiate a move inside the chauffeured car.

“What is it?” he peered up at you as you looked directly ahead, and Seunghyun’s eyes followed in the same direction. Uninterested by his surroundings he had forgotten that the partition was wide open and even though the driver was very much focused on the road, any curious human being would want a peak at the backseat in which Seunghyun was trying to loosen you up in.

Finally getting the hint, Seunghyun reached over your body and to the door which had the switch that controlled the partition, flicking it so that it would close completely. The divider moved upwards at a steady pace, but just before it was shut, the driver looked in the rear-view mirror, catching your gaze for half a second.

With the partition being finally closed with a light thud, Seunghyun’s hand returned to your knee. “Better?”

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EA & Rationalist Skills Repository

I was reading through a list of things the rationalist and EA communities seem to currently be lacking that might be useful, and decided to tackle one of the listed problems: Creating a repository of skills community members have.

To do so, I created a survey that should allow me to collect and index the skill sets people have, the projects they’re working on, and the ways they can help one another. If you are at all interested in coordinating with people on projects in the EA or rationalist communities, even if you’re only tenuously adjacent yourself, I encourage you to take this survey. Hopefully, we can build a mapping of what people can contribute to each other, which will help us build other, cooler stuff.

The primary focus of this is connecting people with similar interests who need each other’s skills together so they can work on projects together. If I find people with common interests, I will try to put them in contact with each other.

Additionally, I intend to create a spreadsheet that lists the countries and skillsets of respondents, without giving any identifying information such as email addresses or businesses. That spreadsheet will then be available to rationalist and EA organisations such as Project Hufflepuff, the Kernel Project, the Centre for Effective Altruism, and 80000 Hours. If they want to get in contact with someone with the skills they need, I will then do the contact information exchange manually.

This meta-project is only as good as the number of people who respond. Due to network effects, every additional response is good for all the other people who respond, since there’s a greater chance of them finding common projects. As such, if you’re interested enough in this to fill it out, you might also be interested in spreading it around.

Please check it out here!

{ outofmagic } So the lovely and wonderful @weightofmyshield got this for me for my birthday and just gave it to me recently because we haven’t gotten to see one another much lately. Omg, look at him! LOOK HOW CUTE AND ANGRY HE IS OMG. He is a giant bobblehead. Holy shit.

I updated the fiction indexes and added the link back to the mobile sidebar. I have no idea why it keeps disappearing. I’m doing a lot of housekeeping, so bear with me!

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Title: ‘Mr. Wrong’
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: KuroDai (Tetsurou Kuroo x Sawamura Daichi) 
Word Count: 2310
Rating: General (Tooth-rotting Fluff)

Prompt: Blind Date

Summary: Daichi is tired of going on blind dates from hell. But he decides to go on one more, thanks to the encouragement of his roommate.

A/N: Here is my contribution for day 4 of KuroDaiWeek2k17! Please enjoy!

“I can’t do this.” Daichi looks at his reflection, debating on changing his outfit for the fifth time since Kōshi had shown up in his room. “This is ridiculous. Why are you making me do this?”

“You need to get out and date people.” Kōshi reminds him, coming up to stand behind him. “You look great. Don’t you dare change again, Daichi.”

He stops mid-reach for one of the shirts he had put on before. “I can’t help it. This isn’t going to look good. I look dumb. I feel dumb.”

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Calculus I: Integrals are Gonna Carry that Weight

Calculus is the branch of mathematics that tells us how to break down mathematical objects and put them back together. Whether you credit Isaac Newton or Gottfried Leibniz with its invention, there’s no denying physics is built upon a foundation of calculus.

We frequently break calculus into two subfields:

  • The derivative calculus, which–like breaking a staircase into individual steps–tells us how to deconstruct wholes into constituents, and
  • The integral calculus, which does the reverse: given an assortment of steps, it manages to build a staircase. 

Today, we introduce the latter topic. We do so in the context of finding the area of a shape in the real plane, and then generalize this procedure to craft our real goal: the integral. The integral is a powerful machine, capable of feats akin to mathematical alchemy.

Are you ready? Okay, 3… 2… 1… Let’s jam!

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Vibe ; Kim Taehyung (M)

Sweet summer vibes.

Word Count: 1.4K

Warning: Rated M for Sexual content.

(a/n): oh my god you guys i did it, it’s my first smut EVER…. boy oh boy anon who requested this, you’re in for a damn treat. this is so not fitting since it’s winter right now but FUCK IT i like this story dammit. read to your own digression since its raunchy as FUCK. but if u dig it, then enjoy and tell me how i did ;)

1. summer

You suck at arcade games. So does Taehyung. So, it makes it harder for him to give you a summer full of movie-esque moments where he wins you a giant stuffed bear from a carnival booth like a movie-esque boyfriend should. Not that you were asking for a summer like that anyway. You knew you weren’t in a movie and so did he, but whenever he looks at you he thinks that he should at least try to be that type of boyfriend.

Because you deserved that much.

2. wind

Something that made Taehyung Taehyung was his knack for being unpredictable. Like how you never predicted him to ask you out in the first place. Or how he showed up at your house at two in the morning with a burger and fries that he picked up for you spontaneously. Or even how he kept a raunchy bucket list of all things he’s wanted to do in terms of sex in the back of his boy-ish mind.

Luckily for you, being with someone unpredictable was something you really looked for anyway - the raunchy bucket list included.

It didn’t take much for him to convince you to come up to a little secluded area he knew of because though he was unpredictable, there was a part of you that knew what you were getting into.

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