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Howdy! I’m collecting everything that I have written in one, easy to search post. I’ve got a couple reasons for this. One is so that you, dear reader, can use Ctrl-F to search up an article easily if you know  what you are looking for. I also find this way easier to read than Tumblr’s autogenerated archive, and I suspect I’m not the only one. On a more personal note, I also want to have all of my work collected in one location so that an prospective employers can browse through what I’ve written in one place. If you are or ever might be interested in freelancing as a writer of any type, I strongly encourage you to do the same. If you don’t think you’re writing is good enough, practice and you may surprise yourself. Your words can literally move mountains, so don’t sell yourself short!

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Chronicle of Darkness Articles

Lancea et Sanctum and Theology

Chronicles of Darkness Monsters









Unchained Demons



Eberron Articles

Cults of the Dragon Below and Mental Illness

Distinguishing the Planes of Eberron

Eberron Faiths with Pathfinder Domains

Gunpowerder in Eberron

House Vadalis, Pets and the Chimeras of Eberron

Planer Monsters of Eberron - Bestiary 1

Planer Monsters of Eberron - Iron Gods

Rebuilding Eberron

Shifters in Pathfinder

System Hack: Aspirations and Action Points

Eberron Classes

Mindsword (Paladin)

Occult Classes in Eberron


Redeemer (Paladin) 

Eberron Monsters 


Heralds and Demigods



Warforged in Pathfinder

Fiction - The Hogwarts Chronicles

Chapter 1: His Only Family

Chapter 2: The Serpents and the Shade

Planescape Articles

3.5 Demon Lords with Pathfinder Domains

3.5 Draconic Pantheon with Pathfinder Domains

Incorporating 4e: The Feywild

Modern Religion in Planescape

Planescape: Planets, Planes, Outsiders and Aliens

Yugoloths and Incarnum 

Planescape Classes

Tactician (Fighter)


Planescape Monsters



Abadar (Power)

Abaddon Gigas


Abaraxas (Demon Lord)


Abrikandula (Tanar’ri)

Abyssal Drake

Abyssal Eviscerator

Accomplice Devil (Baatezu)

Accuser Devil (Baatezu, Incomplete)

Achaierai (Incomplete)



Adherer (Incomplete)

Adhukait (Asura)


Advodaza (Baatezu) - Discussion 

Aeon (Type)

Agathion (Type, Celestial)

Aghash (Div)

Aghasura (Asura)


Air Drake

Air Elemental

Air Mephit

Air Weird


Akhana (Aeon)


Albino Cave & Giant Solifugids

Alchemical Golem

Aldinach (Demon Lord)

Alichino (Infernal Malebranche)



Allosaurus & Compsognathus (Dinosaur)

Aloer (Infernal Duke)


Amethyst Dragons

Amoeba Swarm and Giant Amoeba


Andirifkhu (Demon Lord)



Angazhan (Demon Lord)

Angel (Type, Celestial)

Animal Lord

Animate Dream


Ankylosaurus & Brachiosaurus (Dinosaur)

Annis Hag

Antelope & Elk (herd animals)

Apollyon (Daemon Horseman)

Apostasy Wraith

Apostate Devil (Baatezu)


Arbiter (Inevitable)

Arboreal Dragon (Dragon)

Archelon & Baluchitherium (megafauna)

Archon (Type, Celestial)

Ardad Lili (Infernal Iron Queen)

Areshkagal (Demon Lord)



Argus Wall

Armadillo and Platypus

Armadon Formian


Armanite Demon (Tanar’ri)

Army Ant Swarm & Giant Ant

Arsinoitherium & Glyptodon (megafauna)

Arqueros (Empyreal Lord) 

Arshea (Empyreal Lord)


Ashava (Empyreal Lord) 

Ash Giant

Ash Rat

Ashen Husk

Asmodeus (Baatezu, Power)

Awakened Plants and Animals






Emperor of Scales (Herald)


Fey (type)




Great Elder Iuu (Herald)




Ithaqua (Great Old One)

Ixion Worm




Kuribu Angel


Leng Ghoul



Mephistopheles (Archdevil)

Minderhal (Power)






Onwu Azu



Sensuret, the Tribe Eater (Mummy’s Mask NPC)


Serpentfolk Reclaimer

Slaadi (Type)

Spinosaurus (Dinosaur)

Stone Giant

Sun Falcon






Ydersius (Power)

You give me flowers resembling Chinese lanterns.

You give me hale, for yellow. You give me vex.

You give me lemons softened in brine and you give me cuttlefish ink.
You give me all 463 stairs of Brunelleschi’s dome.

You give me seduction and you let me give it back to you.
You give me you.

You give me an apartment full of morning smells—toasted bagel and black
coffee and the freckled lilies in the vase on the windowsill.
You give me 24-across.

You give me flowers resembling moths’ wings.

You give me the first bird of morning alighting on a wire.
You give me the sidewalk café with plastic furniture and the boys
with their feet on the chairs.
You give me the swoop of homemade kites in the park on Sunday.
You give me afternoon-colored beer with lemons in it.

You give me D.H. Lawrence,
and he gives me pomegranates and sorb-apples.

You give me the loose tooth of California, the broken jaw of New York City.
You give me the blue sky of Wyoming, and the blue wind through it.

You give me an ancient city where the language is a secret
everyone is keeping.

You give me a t-shirt that says all you gave me was this t-shirt.
You give me pictures with yourself cut out.

You give me lime blossoms, but not for what they symbolize.

You give me yes. You give me no.

You give me midnight apples in a car with the windows down.
You give me the flashbulbs of an electrical storm.
You give me thunder and the suddenly green underbellies of clouds.

You give me the careening of trains.
You give me the scent of bruised mint.

You give me the smell of black hair, of blond hair.

You give me Apollo and Daphne, Pan and Syrinx.
You give me Echo.

You give me hyacinths and narcissus. You give me foxgloves
and soft fists of peony.

You give me the filthy carpet of an East Village apartment.
You give me seeming not to notice.

You give me an unfinished argument, begun on the Manhattan-bound F train.

You give me paintings of women with their eyes closed.
You give me grief, and how to grieve.

Rebecca Lindenberg, “Catalogue of Ephemera,” Love, an Index

anonymous asked:

Hiii =D , how were you able to convert cloths from the sims 3 to the sims 4 I wanna learn but all these tutorials are confusing me. Did you teach yourself or did you watch a tutorial? Thank you.

hi! hm well there wasn’t rly just one tutorial that showed me everything. i started with recoloring and then slowly worked my way up to converting and making meshes. one tip i can give you though is don’t waste time looking for a simple “click this button and you’re done” tutorial. you need to learn about diffuse, bump and specular maps, weights/bones, uv maps, the second uv aka the devil and all that stuff anyways.

there’s lots of information here, and this index is super helpful 

(im)patience is key.

➵ characters: seungri x reader
➵ genre: smut (right from the get go)
➵ wc: 2828
➵ summary: no matter where you are, seunghyun can’t keep his hands off you. and in the right circumstances, you can’t either.
➵ author’s note: seungri seems like the type to enjoy mutual masturbation, doesn’t he? this one has been completed for a week, i don’t know why i haven’t uploaded it yet. but it’s been on my mind for like a good year now. enjoy.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

“Seunghyun, you better stop,” you said in non-threatening and shaken voice. Your lips parted as your breathing became heavier, relishing in the kisses Seunghyun placed along the side of your neck.

“Stop what?” he smirked against your skin, pretending to not know what you were talking about. His hand found itself on your elevated knee, as your leg rested over the other, cupping it to part your legs open, but you now simply crossed the opposing leg over the other. He tutted. “[Y/N], baby, are you denying me?”

“Of all places, here?” you whispered harshly. Seunghyun was usually well enough behaved to, if he was in the mood, either wait until you had arrived home or were in a place that you knew with absolute certainty that no one would see you. Tonight, however, the alcohol consumed in the bar was affecting him in another way, causing him to be brave enough to initiate a move inside the chauffeured car.

“What is it?” he peered up at you as you looked directly ahead, and Seunghyun’s eyes followed in the same direction. Uninterested by his surroundings he had forgotten that the partition was wide open and even though the driver was very much focused on the road, any curious human being would want a peak at the backseat in which Seunghyun was trying to loosen you up in.

Finally getting the hint, Seunghyun reached over your body and to the door which had the switch that controlled the partition, flicking it so that it would close completely. The divider moved upwards at a steady pace, but just before it was shut, the driver looked in the rear-view mirror, catching your gaze for half a second.

With the partition being finally closed with a light thud, Seunghyun’s hand returned to your knee. “Better?”

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bullet journal | organise your life

Imagine being cold and stranded in a new country, about to start a new job, only to realise… You forgot to buy and pack a planner.

And you’re a picky planner person. The lines can’t be too wide, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing, etc. What then?

This was me in 2014. And then I discovered the Bullet Journal. 

It was perfect.

I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now, even though my life has changed a lot. I was working as an intern for a magazine company in 2014 when I made my first BuJo. I adapted the system when I resumed my undergrad studies last August. When I started tutoring part time in April this year, I tweaked it again.

Now I’m graduating, I’m once again shifting things around.

That’s the beauty of the Bullet Journal: You can do whatever you want with it. 

Today’s prompt for the #planwithmechallenge is “My System”, so I’m going to show you how I set up my BuJo for December for me now as a Christmas nut, and fresh graduate who’s just moved home and needs to clean up a lot. 

(I also part-time tutor and am job-hunting but well. I haven’t worked out how to BuJo those yet!)

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Calculus I: Integrals are Gonna Carry that Weight

Calculus is the branch of mathematics that tells us how to break down mathematical objects and put them back together. Whether you credit Isaac Newton or Gottfried Leibniz with its invention, there’s no denying physics is built upon a foundation of calculus.

We frequently break calculus into two subfields:

  • The derivative calculus, which–like breaking a staircase into individual steps–tells us how to deconstruct wholes into constituents, and
  • The integral calculus, which does the reverse: given an assortment of steps, it manages to build a staircase. 

Today, we introduce the latter topic. We do so in the context of finding the area of a shape in the real plane, and then generalize this procedure to craft our real goal: the integral. The integral is a powerful machine, capable of feats akin to mathematical alchemy.

Are you ready? Okay, 3… 2… 1… Let’s jam!

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Poem Index--December, 2016

Collection of daily poems by first line and date. Poems not here can be found under not daily tag. 

December 1–My past self whispers in my ear

December 2–What relief to feel forgotten worries nudge

December 3–that personal, knife-sharp word

December 4–the world escapes me someday

December 5–I am not the first light

December 6–I woke to falling stars

December 7–I am something I no longer know

December 8–I must go? But

December 9–I cannot summon up fantastical creations

December 10–I like love poetry that can almost pretend it isn’t

December 11–I have to tell myself that I will fail

December 12–what have you forsaken

December 13–there are times when I work

December 14–How brave you are

December 15–Sometimes I’m so tired of being seen

December 16–Give me wings and I’ll fly

December 17–call the falling snow electric

December 18–Maybe we weren’t meant to burn

December 19–I live not so much deliberately

December 20–Why do I stay? well

December 21–My sacred memories

December 22–Go

December 23–cast out your false delusions

December 24–Well I am hollow you see

December 25–The old gods know the world has changed

December 26–I don’t understand you

December 27–I learned to talk


December 29–Sometimes I forget

December 30–why do I cling to dreams

December 31–I don’t know what the future will hold

Complete (Part 2)

Pairing: Reader/Calum Hood

Words: 2000+

Request: No

Rating: R

At about eight o’clock the wind picked up, and by nine it had turned into a gale. The tress in the park bowed their heads, and some branches broke off. Grey clouds scudded across the sky, making it seem as dark as night, and the wind howled like a wolf.

I stood on the balcony watching as the clouds ski past me and over the land. It began to rain. The first drops fell, big heavy drops that splash one by one on my bare arms. I stepped back a pace before turning around and shutting the glass door and stepping onto the warm heavy carpeting. I could hear the rain hitting the gravel- softly at first, but then ever louder, ever faster. I heard the pebbles grinding together under the weight of the water, and saw the drops jumping up again through the sheer force of the impact, as if they wanted to fly back into the clouds. It was the most powerful, most wonderful downpour I had ever seen. I stayed at the glass door to watch and listen before a voice interrupts my thoughts.

“Y/N” I hear Mrs. Markas voice call, I turn my head just in time to see her head pop in. “Dinner is ready,” Mrs. Markas specks while a smile forms across her lips. I nod my head before draping my Egyptian cotton robe over me and following Mrs. Markas. My bare feet made practically no noise on the marble floor of the corridor before Mrs. Markas opened the door to the banquet hall. Again, Mrs. Markas and I toke are seat in the vacant spots once again today.

The tall French doors opened and in walked the chefs and the servants. The man and women made a deep curtsy before they begin walking towards the mahogany craved table and setting down plates and rose coloured porcelain with gold edges, like the ones we had at breakfast. A light weight pot covered is reviled and roast meat is filled in front of Mrs. Markas, Calum, Christopher, and my Fathers eyes. All sorts of spices are welcomed in the air before the chef begins to cut the roast and place it on the season rice that was on our plates.

“Thank for this delicious meal that you kind and generous people have created,” I state while a stout woman wearing a cook’s hat with a few reddish curls peeping out from underneath fills our glasses with red wine. The women nods before smiling a happy smile and then bowing and leaving with the rest of the chefs and servants. I take my wine glass between my finger tips and sip a generous amount before sending a wink towards Calum’s deadly stare at my hollowed cheeks. A smile is etched across my lips before I begin to cut into the amazing mouth watering roast.

Dinner goes by smoothly. Small conversation and jokes are shared before my Father asks Calum to go to his office after dinner. From there I tense up and barley finish the bits and pieces of my roast and season rice. “I gonna head to my room now. I’m getting tired,” I speck. My Father nods his head before running his hand over his slick brown hair. I walk towards him and place a gentle kiss on his forehead before uttering out a ‘goodnight’ to everyone and heading to my room.

I lay in my four-poster bed and stare at the canopy above my head. Why did my father ask to talk to Calum. Officially it has to do with something that I’ve done. Calum doesn’t do anything. From what I know Calum is kind, generous, hilarious and remarkably adorable I don’t see how he can even get in trouble.

Duh? I thought. Officially my father has found out about us?! Us! Oh my god this is terrible. My father can’t find out about us, he would put a restraining order on Calum and fire him from being my body guard. I pulled the duvet up to my chin. Shit, I’m so fucking scared. This shouldn’t be happening. How did my father even find out about us? Could one of the servants have seen me kissing Calum while he left my one night. Shit this is terrible.

Before can even let warm tears cascade down my cheeks, there is a knock at the door. I quickly remove the Ambra bed sheets and shuffle out of my bed and make my way towards the door. I clench onto the cold gold handle of my door and open it to reveal Calum. I quickly grip his prominent broad shoulders and tug him into my room before slamming my door shut.

“What happened!” I exclaim while staring into Calum’s chocolate orbs. Calum stiffles a laugh before gripping my hips in his hand. “Nothing, he just wanted to talk,” Calum says while drawing slow circles on my hips, I roll my eyes before taking his hands off my hips. “No shit Sherlock! I mean what did you guys talk about?” I state before walking towards the expensive Ambra sheets and falling back into its comfy confines.

I hear Calum let out a breath before slipping off his shoes and walking towards the front of the bed frame while looking at me. I entwine my arms together over my chest while giving Calum a stern looking before I hear him speck. “Fine all tell you. Your Father told me that he went in my room earlier on this week and he found the- the condoms and he wanted to know what I was doing with them,” Calum states while rubbing the back of his neck, tousling a little bit of his raven locks. My eyes blow wide as I hear the information, while my cheeks turn a rosy shade.

“So what did you say?” I ask a hint of worry in my question. “I told him that I had a girlfriend and I would leave here so she didn’t know were I live and that we we’re at that stage in our relationship,” Calum says while giving me a hopeful smile. I shake my head while a smile stretches across my lips. I quickly undo my arms and gesture for Calum to come to me. I watch as he pads across the short space between him and I and sets himself right in front of me with his hands on my waist. “I didn’t want to let what we had go. I mean, I don’t have another girlfriend. I only have you, and your the only one that I will ever want.” Calum breaths while his eyes meet mine. I smile before gripping his face between my fingertips and pressing a slow teasing kiss to his lips.

“Don’t tease,” Calum voice breaths against my lips as we pull away. “Or what?” I say and smirk while he chuckles and tightens his hold on my hips, “Or you will be punished,” Calum states while I already feel wetness already beginning to drip down my thighs from his voice. “I really want to be punished. Daddy,” I speck my voice sounding small as a smile welcome itself on its lips. I hear Calum growl before roughly pulling e onto his lap, his lips by my ear while moans slips past my lips while Calum rocks my clothed heat against his nearly hard member.

“What do you want me to do to you? Mhm? You want me to hold your head down while you choke around my cock. You want my to spank you until I leave my hand print on your perky arse. You want me to choke you while I slam my cock into you repeatedly until you come all over my cock.” Calum’s husky voice whispers into my ear while I whimper in vulnerability. I feel Calum smirk against my ear before placing a kiss behind my ear and gently pushing me off him. “Get on your knees for me princess,” Calum orders, I quickly shuffle around before I’m on my knees and look up at Calum while I see him unblocking his belt while winking down at me.

I suck in a breath when Calum thick throbbing member is met before my eyes. I rise my hand and begin to stoke Calum for a few moments before I place the tip on my mouth before slipping it past my lips. Calum is huge, which is no surprise when I feel Calum’s girth stretching my mouth and it’s only the tip. Calum’s breath comes unsteady when I begin to give small kitten licks to the head of his member while Calum reaches out and begins to thread his fingers threw my hair.

It doesn’t take long before Calum can’t wait any longer and pushes more of his member into my mouth. I breath out threw my nose before I hollow my cheeks in the most sinful way and begin to bob my head. I alternate from taking Calum deep and swirling my tongue along the head, licking up the sensitive underside of Calum’s member when I come up for a breath. “Such a good girl, princess your doing so well,” Calum praises before gripping tightly on to my hair and begins fucking my throat. Calum guides my head while he snaps his hips which makes me lightly gag around Calum. Calum thrusts a few more times before tears spring from my eyes and trickle down my warm cheeks.

Calum pulls away before kneeling down and placing a kisses on my wet cheeks, sometimes capturing a tear. “You okay baby?” Calum questions, while rubbing slow circles on my neck, I nod my head and giving Calum a reassuring smile before pecking his lips and roughly tugging off his black t-shirt. Calum shakes his head while chuckling while he slips out of his shirt, he presses kisses down my neck to my collar bones. “Turn around for me princess,” Calum hums against my skin. I let out sigh before turning around, my perky ass set high in the air. I hear Calum suck in a breath before I feel his raven hair tickle down my backside.

“God, your dripping princess, do even need me to eat you out? Or do you just want my cock,” Calum chuckles while I feel his index and middle finger collect my wetness and raises it to my lips. I gently suck on them, swirling my tongue around his fingers before releasing his fingers with a ‘pop’. “No Daddy, just want your cock” I moan when I feel Calum’s  member run up in down my heat. “What do you want princess?” Calum ask in a questioning tone, my legs nearly shake when Calum rubs his member on my clit.

“Your cock Daddy, I want your cock!” I exclaim while Calum pushes in. We both moan at the same time as as my warm heat wraps around Calum’s throbbing member. Once I get use to Calum size and I tell Calum to move, his thrust are deep and rough. I moan as I feel Calum cool hand and come down on my arse repeatedly that it feels numb. “Fuck Daddy,” I moan when I feel Calum’s finger come down and begin to rub figure eights on my clit, my legs nearly shaking from the sensation. “God your beautiful,” Calum moans while he runs his hand down the curves of my body. I could feel the vein around his throbbing cock against my walls as I knew that Calum was close. We knew each others body perfectly, like we have sculptured each other.

I rise one of my hands and entwine it with Calum and with that small gesture I come while I feel Calum spill into the condom, I moan while Calum grunts while he rides out our highs. My shaking legs finally calm down when Calum slips himself out of me and walks over to the garbage and ties the condom and throws it away before making his way back to the bed. “Are you okay baby?” Calum ask in concern as he examines the red hand prints on my perky arse and and his fingertip leaving bruises on my hips. I nod my head while smiling, Calum shakes his head before gripping the Ambra sheets in his hand and pulling it over our body’s.

“Goodnight beautiful,” I hear Calum’s voice speck before I feel his soft lips press a kiss to the back of my neck. A smile is left on my lips while I entwine my fingers with Calum’s.

“Goodnight handsome.”

( If you want to request any imagines, one shots, or blubs. Or if you want to tell me how you felt about my recent work feel free to ask, I don’t bite!)

fantasygeek  asked:

I'm not sure which one of you lovely folks to ask but is there a listing somewhere of all the fuckpig fics in order, like from Jensen's perspective, not necessarily published order? I've read the first few and they're amazing!!!! I just have a weird thing about reading things in order. Thank you!!!

I’m sorry this took me so long to answer, doll.

I just reblogged a chronological post I made a while back but it’s really out of date. I’ll try to do a new one soon!!

I’m planning on adding a chronological fic index to the fuckpig collected blog once I get it going. It’s still being set up but check back for updates.

Vibe ; Kim Taehyung (M)

Sweet summer vibes.

Word Count: 1.4K

Warning: Rated M for Sexual content.

(a/n): oh my god you guys i did it, it’s my first smut EVER…. boy oh boy anon who requested this, you’re in for a damn treat. this is so not fitting since it’s winter right now but FUCK IT i like this story dammit. read to your own digression since its raunchy as FUCK. but if u dig it, then enjoy and tell me how i did ;)

1. summer

You suck at arcade games. So does Taehyung. So, it makes it harder for him to give you a summer full of movie-esque moments where he wins you a giant stuffed bear from a carnival booth like a movie-esque boyfriend should. Not that you were asking for a summer like that anyway. You knew you weren’t in a movie and so did he, but whenever he looks at you he thinks that he should at least try to be that type of boyfriend.

Because you deserved that much.

2. wind

Something that made Taehyung Taehyung was his knack for being unpredictable. Like how you never predicted him to ask you out in the first place. Or how he showed up at your house at two in the morning with a burger and fries that he picked up for you spontaneously. Or even how he kept a raunchy bucket list of all things he’s wanted to do in terms of sex in the back of his boy-ish mind.

Luckily for you, being with someone unpredictable was something you really looked for anyway - the raunchy bucket list included.

It didn’t take much for him to convince you to come up to a little secluded area he knew of because though he was unpredictable, there was a part of you that knew what you were getting into.

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